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Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub 175ml

4.6 of 41 reviews


4 instalments of $8.74


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4 instalments of $8.74


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Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

Eco Tan Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub

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4.6 of 41 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lovely product, lovely brand!
Scrubs absolutely all the dead skin off and really helped with acne. Great product and this brand is very very good!

Most Helpful Criticism

This product is super gentle and smells incredible!
I use this as a prep before I fake tan and find my skin is so smooth and hydrated.
Just a little pricey for me.
  1. Lovely product, lovely brand!

    Scrubs absolutely all the dead skin off and really helped with acne. Great product and this brand is very very good!
  2. Massive fan

    Feels amazing on my skin and leaves me feeling refreshed, nourished and thoroughly cleansed. I always use before applying fake tan for a smooth application!
  3. lovely and hydrating scrub!

    Usually scrubs dry out my skin, however this one kept my body nice and moisturised afterwards! I found an improvement in my skin’s texture after regular use, much more even. I would recommend this to anyone!

    I love this scrub so much! it makes my skin feel so soft and gets all the dead skin off so easily!
  5. Amazing Scrub!

    I really love this so much!! I have keratosis pilaris (chicken skin), and this really helps to clear it up, and smooth out my rough skin. I also get really bad ingrown hairs on my legs, and this works wonders with that too. I use it on my arms and legs before jumping in the shower - I tend to stick to my arms and legs, because that's where I find I need it most. The smell is also amazing, like a citrus candy cane! The only con, is when it's cold, it's a lot harder to get out of the tube
  6. Best Scrub Ever

    Have been using this for years and always go back! Def the best scrub I've tried. Love that it is organic and really does the job! Skin is brighter and more smooth.
  7. Luxurious scrub

    This scrub is amazing! I generally find most scrubs leave my skin quite dry afterwards but this one feels like I've moisturised before I've even got out of the shower. Due to the natural oils a d it being cold weather at the moment it does harden up but after a run under hot water it's great!

    Plus the smell is so beautiful. I pair this with eco tan coconut body milk and my skin is in heaven!
  8. The best

    I love this so much! Really natural and gentle and gets all my old fake tan off.
  9. beautiful scent

    LOVE LOOVE LOVE! such an amazing exfoliator, will keep repurchasing.
  10. Great

    I totally love this product. Using it prior to showering created the best exfoliating experience and my skin felt so good afterwards. The smell is divine and again, I love that it is natural and organic.
  11. Great Natural Scrub!

    This scrub is super good at making your skin smooth and exfoliating all your dead skin however I did not achieve the best results by scrubbing prior to showering like the bottle says. The smell and make of the formulation is amazing though and beats anything with nasty ingredients in it!

    This product is super gentle and smells incredible!
    I use this as a prep before I fake tan and find my skin is so smooth and hydrated.
    Just a little pricey for me.
  13. Gentle Exfoliator, Natural Product, Leaves skin soft & Smells Great

    This product is amazing! I love that it’s a gentle exfoliator & it leaves my body feeling soft/hydrated & smelling nice. I love this brand- natural products & quite affordable too. I use this product weekly on my legs/feet...This product is great for foot spas at home. I’ve used it twice on my face too with no breakouts the next day! It’s a great “all over body” kinda product! Thank you ECO TAN!! :)
  14. Great buy

    Great scrub product that smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling smooth.
  15. beautiful scented scrub

    beautiful coconut peppermint scent i just cant get enough of it! i wish this came in like a 1 litre pump bottle would be amazing !! nice subtle rough texture from the salt. i use this the day before i am fake tanning and always makes my tan come out beautiful
  16. Great product

    This is especially good for removing or even prepping the skin for fake tan!
  17. So soft !

    I love this ! It makes my skin feel so soft and fresh.
  18. Exfoliating

    Rub this all over before you step into the shower for a great scrub
  19. Invigorating, Hydrating and smells amazing

    I have very, very dry skin and have tried many scrubs, creams, oils, etc over the years. This is the best of the best. Beautiful ingredients and really delivers. So easy to use before getting in the shower, I rub it in small circles using the Eco Tan glove/mit all over my body - from toes to my collar bone. It truly smells so amazing, uplifting, fresh, invigorating and clean. It feels wonderful, very Hydrating and definitely gets rid of the dry, flaky, dead skin. My skin feels so soft and silky all day afterwards. I am prone to ingrown hairs on my legs and this helps to prevent that.
  20. BEST scrub

    I've tried all the fad scrubs but none of them come close to this one. The smell is divine & it leaves my skin so soft & silky! Just bought my second bottle and I'll never use anything else.
  21. Smooth tan ready skin

    Loved this product apply to dry skin for optimum results
    My skin was so smooth and soft and ready for me to tan the following day smells beautiful too
  22. Smooth as a baby!

    Does a very good job exfoliating, but also leaves a nice and hydrating layer on the skin, so it doesn't feel dry at all. It's important to do it before showering on DRY skin (as per instruction on bottle) to really feel the benefits.
  23. Great product

    I only use it once or twice a week depending on how dry my skin feels. if you find its hard to squeeze anything out of the bottles if its cold just run it under warm water will do the trick
  24. Will be buying again

    Even though this product is quite expensive, I will be repurchasing. I have really fussy skin that hates mechanical exfoliants, it’s sensitive, dry, eczema prone and and often breaks out and this scrub (used only on my body) is just so good. No bad reactions, it’s helped my eczema and breakouts and made it super soft. Best body scrub I’ve ever used and well worth the money.
  25. Love it

    I am just about to purchase my second tube of this because I loved it so much. It has lasted me ages because I tend to use it only before tanning. It makes my skin feel amazingly silky smooth after using it and I like how I don’t have to moisturise after using it. Only downside is you must wait at least 24 hours before tanning as it leaves an oily residue. It only works on dry skin so once your in the shower it’s too late, the trick is to remember to do it!
  26. THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!

    I’ve been using this for years and HIGHLY recommend it for firming and softening the skin. It’s so enjoyable to use and trust me, you’ll love it.
  27. Love x 100

    They had me at pink Himalayan!! scrub on dry skin before getting into the shower. my skin feel so amazing after
  28. Lovely body scrub

    This is a great body scrub! I love the scent and the formula is wonderful. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. Would definitely recommend
  29. My fave body scrub

    I have dry skin and find I flake if I don't have a good body exfoliation each week. I was a bit deterred by the price however it did last me a good 6 months. I used it sparingly. I use my bare hands to scrub it on my body on dry skin (according to the instructions) and wash it off in the shower. It leaves my skin so silky smooth and moisturised after. It really gets your circulation going too. It did not break me out, in fact I noticed less break outs after I use this. It is hard to squeeze out when the weather is cool, but that's because they haven't packed it with crap. You can just warm it up under some water. Very easily fixed. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
  30. Luxurious

    I have combination/dry skin. I purchased this as i was looking for a more chemical-free scrub that isn't bad for me or the environment. This is honestly one of the only body scrubs I will use now! It exfoliates my skin so well and leaves it incredibly smooth, whilst feeling so relaxing and like a spa. Would recommend.
  31. Wanted to like it

    I wanted to like it.....Unfortunately this was just a bit too drying for my skin. I use it once every few weeks. I will keep using, but won't be repurchasing. The brand is great, but this product is not for me.
  32. Best body scrub!

    One of my favourite body scrubs!! It smells amazing and always leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated!! Perfect for prepping the skin for tan.
  33. Excellent Body Scrub

    This is the best body scrub I have used. It is natural, smells great (coconut zesty :), and has enough salt grains to do what it needs to do. It is a bit of a squeeze getting it out due to the dense pack of goodies, but if you run it under warm water it helps.

    My skin is a little dry as it is now winter, but after this treatment my skin is smooth and very soft. Well worth the money for a home spa treatment!
  34. A lot of work

    This is a beautiful, lux scrub and smells very nice! Does a great job exfoliating,
    I have normal to olive skin.
    It’s a lovely soft and crunchy consistency.
    Downside is it takes a bit of work to apply.
  35. A little disapointing

    I am a big lover of Eco tan and was really excited to try this. I have eczema prone skin and Eco tan describe this product perfect for that. It did leave my skin feeing smooth HOWEVER, it was impossible to get any product from the tube, being cold weather it has made the product hard (which sucks if you can't use it winter/cold autumn days). I had to use all my strength to get anything out! You also require so much product to do your whole body - it's going to go quickly and for the price I'd like it to last a little longer. So for that I have only rated 2 stars.
  36. ♡♡♡♡♡

    I love a good exfoliant. This stood out to me because you can use it on hands, face and body.
    I first used this on my hands and feet before bed and i couldnt believe how soft and moisturised my skin was! I will be buying more of this
  37. Leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth

    I've only used this a couple of times and I applied this before showering. I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt afterwards! The only minor critique is that the product is a little difficult to squeeze out of the tube
  38. wonderful product

    this is hands down the best body scrub i have ever used smells fantastic and skin feels super soft afterwards.
  39. Great and effective product

    I used this for the first time last month. I've been a bit skeptical with buying body exfoliants that are on the market because I find they're not grainy enough. I usually make up my own using sugar. I used this on dry skin before my shower, and after washing it off my skin felt so soft and smooth. It improved the appearance of any blemishes on my back after a few uses. I found I got about 3 full body scrubs out of the tube. I will definitely be buying this again!!
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