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Dyson Supersonic™ Fuchsia + Comb

4.6 of 22 reviews


$124.75 x 4

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$124.75 x 4

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Dyson Supersonic™ Fuchsia + Comb

Dyson Supersonic™ Fuchsia + Comb

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4.6 of 22 reviews

90% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Worth it
I absolutely LOVE my Dyson hairdryer.
Yeah, it's a lot of money to pay for a hairdryer. But the results I've been having with this are phenomenal. I fell in love with it when the hairdresser used it on me and knew I had to get one. Such smooth and quick results.

Most Helpful Criticism

Quiet but expensive
High quality of HAIR dryer. The price is over my budget but it blows the hair dry very quickly and makes hair smooth and shine.
  1. Worth it!

    Such a good quality hairdryer, and the silence is.. golden!
  2. Worth it

    I absolutely LOVE my Dyson hairdryer.
    Yeah, it's a lot of money to pay for a hairdryer. But the results I've been having with this are phenomenal. I fell in love with it when the hairdresser used it on me and knew I had to get one. Such smooth and quick results.
  3. Best investment

    This is honestly the best investment I’ve ever made. I have naturally very curly hair but with this hairdryer, all I have to do is blow it down with a comb and it’ll be straight.
  4. Game changer

    I bought the Dyson supersonic when it was first released and never looked back. I have thick coarse Asian hair that is prone to frizz and this is such a game changer. Not only has it cut down significantly the time it takes to dry my hair, I require less usage of other heat styling tools now because the Dyson alone gives my hair a great finish. Definitely an investment but one that your hair will thank you for!
  5. Worth It

    Yes, its expensive. But its so worth it! I can now dry my hair in 6 minutes flat. Its easy to hold so my arm doesn't get tired and its significantly quieter than other dryers. The other great thing about this is not getting sweaty every time I dry my hair, which i believe is thanks to the temperature regulation.
  6. Quick , Easy & Fast

    Love it! Easy to use. Super light weight, can actually blow dry my hair for once. Totally worth the investment.
  7. Best hair dryer ever.

    Love love love this dryer. Dries hair quickly and less frizz
  8. Quiet but expensive

    High quality of HAIR dryer. The price is over my budget but it blows the hair dry very quickly and makes hair smooth and shine.
  9. Investment for healthier hair

    I was wondering what’s the fuss about this hairdryer that I decided to make a splurge and try it too... boy I didn’t regret a single bit. It’s light, easy to grip and doesn’t make too much noise. What I love about it the most is that my hair didn’t feel too dry after using it. I also love how my hair didn’t fly all over the place and my scalp didn’t feel hot while using it. A great innovation. Wish it was a wee bit cheaper.
  10. Lightweight, very quiet

    Lightweight, very quiet, dries hair quickly and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. However, price is a bit outrageous
  11. LOve

    Super light weight, ultra quiet. An amazing dryer. Super quick too. The only thing I would slightly change is the fact that it’s bulkier then my other dryer but it’s an amazing dryer definitely worth the money
  12. Very overpriced

    I recently purchased this, curious about what a $500 hairdryer can do that a regular one cannot. To be honest I was left extremely underwhelmed. My older hairdryer dries my hair so much faster without extreme damage, just like the dyson one. I only gave it 2 stars because of the fanciness of the packaging as well as the design.
  13. Luxury or necessity?

    Very expensive hair dyer - is it worth it? To those who blow dry their hair daily - yes. to those to have extremely fizzy hair - yes. To those who are sensitive to heat - yes. To those who find their normal hair dryer heavy to hold yes.

    I can see that this is an investment tool but I would only invest in this if you blow dry frequently. It does cut the dry time by a few minutes but its not a necessity. My hair is a lot smoothly using the dyson compared to my GHD and i was definitely blow away by the result. I don't think its a necessity to have this tool but it is a luxury to have.
  14. Best hairdryer

    I was in 2 minds when deciding whether to spend quite a large amount of money on a hairdryer. And I didn't quite need a new one, but I thought I'll give it a go. I've never regretted this purchase. I wouldn't say it dries my hair twice as fast, but it's still a bit faster than my Parlux. However, it definitely doesn't burn hair, and my hair is just slightly warm after drying. I've also noticed after few uses already that my hair is much smoother and shinier. One of my best investments!
  15. 5 stars

    I bought this as a present for my daughter and she said it is amazing. Very quick results on her very long hair and is really quite also. Dyson lives up to it's name yet again!
  16. I love it

    Hair type: long/thick/brunette

    Worth the cost, I've noticed visible improvements in the quality of my hair since ditching my cheap dryer. Couldn't recommend Dyson products enough.
  17. By far the best hairdryer on the market

    So you are reading reviews for this product because you are trying to decide to splash the cash or not. I was a parlux user then purchased the Dyson. The Dyson is above and beyond comparison it is a super quick dry even for people with long coarse hair like me. I don't find it quiet though as reported you can definitely still hear it running. If you are planning to purchase now is the time to get the stand for free because it is great not just for your hair dryer but attachments also and is magnetic. To purchase? Weigh up how much you value your time doing your hair and decide from there.
  18. Very fast!

    Yes, this hairdryer is expensive. No, this hair dryer does not disappoint. Aside from the awe-inspiring technology behind this household necessity, this hair dryer drys my mass amounts of hair in record time and actually leaves my hair in a much sleeker version of the pre-straightened frizzy triangle than any other hair dryer has achieved before. Would absolutely recommend if you can afford it.
  19. VERY EXPENSIVE! dOES THE job well, but doesnt negate the cost at all

    I was a little skeptical that one hair dryer could make a big difference over any other, but this product has proved me wrong. I was using a Babyliss when I got this, and I am (no pun intended) blown away. It takes a little getting used to because it does NOT get as hot as the other dryers. It has sensors that change the heat to optimize it for your level of wetness and it turns out that Dyson doesn't think we need all the heat that we think we need - and they're right! When I use this dryer with NO attachments, it takes the same dry time (maybe a little less) as other dryers but with less heat, and either the less heat or something about how it blows makes me look like I got a professional blowout after a cut. My hair lays much more smoothy and has so much more movement and less weight. I'll put a pic to to show what I mean. Is it worth $400? Maybe. I do think it will last forever and that it makes a daily difference for me, since I use it daily. If you you have a different hair type or you don't often dry, it might not be worth the investment for you. THAT said, it is nice not to be all sweaty after I dry my hair!
  20. So quite!

    Love this hair dryer because it is so quite and doesn't make the horrible noise of a normal hair dryer. It dries my hair quickly and doesn't get hot and burn my scalp when I hold it in one spot for too long like my old hair dryer. The attachments are magnetic which just makes life so much easier to quickly snap them on! Love it!
  21. Hair Drying Heaven!

    This hair dryer had me at the magnetic detachable heads! Talk about sophisticated convenience. Also, I can't believe how quiet, yet powerful the Supersonic is...I can almost get away with not waking my boyfriend up when I'm drying my hair in the morning!

    But all this wouldn't mean anything unless the results lived up to my expectations, and they did! By far, the smoothest blow wave a novice like myself can get without booking in at the salon.
  22. It's great - but it's how much?!

    My Parlux has been kicking on for a solid 4 years now, and the relationship is getting a little bit stale, so when I got the chance to try the Dyson Supersonic I jumped at it. This is a really impressive piece of technology.

    The first thing I noticed about this is that it's much less hot than hairdryers I'm used to, and as someone with super thick curly hair I was originally quite concerned about whether this would dry my hair. Lo and behold, it did, and just as fast as my Parlux does. Less heat + same drying time = less damage, which is always a win in the books of a heat styling obsessive like me.

    The next thing that really stands out about this is that it's a really, really quiet hairdryer. If you're in a smaller-than-average unit like me, this is a major advantage - when my partner turned it on at 6am to dry his hair, it didn't wake me up. WIN.

    My hair looks shinier than usual, and it feels great. Overall, I'm really impressed by this unit.

    I've knocked off a star because this dryer is literally double the price of my tried and true Parlux. Given the choice to repurchase my Parlux or buy a Dyson Supersonic, I can't say for certain that I'd splash out and spend the extra $250 for a Dyson. However this might come with time, and if the unit has an impressive lifespan (as most Dyson products seem to do) then I might change my mind.
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