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How do you find the perfect red lipstick for you? Let us introduce you to DuWop's new Private Red. A unique, colour-changing lipstick that adapts to your individual colouring and unique chemistry to become your own personal, private red - you'll thank us. And you'll never leave your DuWop Private Red at home!

Private Lipsticks proprietary formula includes a blend of three naturally derived pigments annatto, hibiscus, and henna and the technology behind the classic mood lipsticks of the seventies to provide a vibrant shade that adapts to suit each individuals colouring. Annatto lends a rich pigment base, while hibiscus flowers offer gentle antiseptic properties, and henna leaves behind a long-lasting stain. Additional hydrating ingredients such as beeswax, caster oil and Vitamin E keep the lip colour lightweight and emollient.


pply to clean dry lips and wait several minutes for your perfect shade to appear.

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Great crimson red... - 03-12-2015 by

My favourite/perfect red has been discontinued and I'm nearly out and have been searching for a replacement. I think this just may be it!

The red is the right colour and I like the creamy texture. The search just may be over!

Love this! - 23-01-2013 by

I have a lot of red lipsticks and this is one of my faves. This red on me comes out quite dark which I love. Glides on well and is long wearing.

- 09-05-2010 by

I should have known better than to fall for what is essentially a very unscientific claim, but, given the lipstick had previous reviews I thought that this product would work. Lo and behold it did not. The red is a consistent fire engine red and did not change at all to suit me. I tried applying it with a base, using only the lightest coverage and applying with a thicker coverage. It simply did not live up to its claim, for me anyway. The packaging is chic, and the red it gives you, if it is your colour, is a striking and beautiful colour, but for my complexion, it simply did not work. I was hoping it would give me a red shade that suited me.

- 15-03-2010 by

I have always been afraid of red lipstick but as this stated that it would adapt to my colouring I thought I would give it a go. It is the perfect red shade for me. In fact I love it. Not only is it the perfect shade it also is moisturising on my lips!

- 11-12-2009 by

I LOVE this. The shade of red that it turned (and it DID change)is absolutely perfect for me. I have laboured for YEARS, looking for a red lipstick that looked good on me and have been spectacularly unsuccessful. This lipstick was a last-ditched attempt. I was dubious about the premise (ie that it will change to your "perfect red shade") as I have seen other reviews from people who said that it did not work for them. I also believe that the premise is a bit dodgy in that just because it changes according to your pH, it doesn't necessarily mean it will change to a colour that looks good on you (unless pH is linked somehow to skin tone.....doubtful) so it may still be pot-luck for anyone else as to whether it works for them. But, I'm happy, happy, happy.......hehe

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