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The day-in, day-out depletion of connective tissue is a major complexion issue that few people realise exists. UVA rays break down collagen and elastin, causing the skin to appear less plump, firm, and youthful. Even if you spend only a small amount of time outside, UVA rays can penetrate glass. Luckily, the experts at Dr. LeWinn’s have developed a line of products specifically to fight collagen depletion: Ultra R4.


Ultra R4 is formulated to rejuvenate, repair, refine, and give radiance to the skin with a potent blend of peptides and antioxidants. Peptides, or amino-acid chains, are the building blocks of proteins, which reinforce the strength of skin cells and support collagen and elastin. The Ultra R4 line includes a night cream and an SPF day cream for a multifaceted approach to complexion protection.


With consistent use of the Ultra R4 line, you’ll see minimised lines and more supple skin in no time. Check out the full selection of products to smooth, firm, and fight free-radical damage.

Ultra R4

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