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Dr. Bronner 4-in-1 Sugar Lemongrass Lime Organic Pump Soap 355ml

4.5 of 46 reviews


4 instalments of $4.94

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4 instalments of $4.94

Or 4 instalments of $4.94 with LEARN MORE

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Free from synthetic detergents or preservatives, the certified organic shikakai in Dr. Bronner 's Shikakai Hand & Body Pump Soap - Lemongrass Lime comes from the seed pods of a small tree in South Asia, Acadia Concinna, and has been used for hundreds of years in India as a gentle cleanser for skin and hair.
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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Dr. Bronner 4-in-1 Sugar Lemongrass Lime Organic Pump Soap Reviews

4.5 of 46 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive



This smells amazing and is natural. Lathers easily

Most Helpful Criticism



Smells nice and cleans well
  1. Natural


    This smells amazing and is natural. Lathers easily
  2. Nice smell


    verified purchaser
    Smells amazing and love the packaging. Only downside for me is that the soap is quite runny - would have preferred a thicker consistency to the product.
  3. Decent


    I find the scent a bit overpowering however the product delivers well in terms of cleansing the skin and hair. I feel refreshed without feeling extremely dry. would recommend
  4. great scent mild soap

    MIss T

    This is a great scent and mild soap - if a little expensive for the container size its much smaller than i thought - i should have checked the description properly - its a smaller bottle
    i love the pump action
    *it was a fail for me on my hair - left it claggy
    i dont know about using on my face either to be honest
    its terrific for makeup brushes
    *there are some casti...
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  5. LOVE


    This lasts sooo long it’s so concentrated and the scent is to uplifting and refreshing! My favourite scent ever
  6. My fave product from Dr Bronners


    This is my favourite product/fragrance from this brand. It’s super concentrated, half a pump is more than enough to lather and clean your hands really well. Smells divine without being overpowering. Plus you’re helping the environment. Win!
  7. Best range of household soap


    The Doctor Bronner’s range is absolutely fabulous. No nasties, quality natural ingredients, thick concentrate and foams really nicely. The scent is zingy and fresh and the pump is great. Definitely recommended.
  8. Love


    verified purchaser
    The scent on this is nice but not overpowering. Love how it doesn't linger for too long and interfere with my hand cream. It gets really sudsy and I can feel it cleaning. It's a bathroom staple - can't wait to try more scents.
  9. Fresh


    This soap is very fresh and uplifting, has a typical clean smell. Great quality and organic too
  10. Great


    verified purchaser
    Love the soaps in this range. I got this one because it was the only scent in stock when I placed my order and I actually really love this smell. A lot more subtle than a regular lemongrass lime scent would normally smell in my opinion. Lathers nice, and leaves your hands super clean and not dry.
  11. Lather me up


    Love Dr Bronner's products so much! This is hand soap is my go-to. Nice scents, lathers well, not too sticky.
  12. Ok


    Smells nice and cleans well
  13. Dr. Bronner 4-in-1 Sugar Lemongrass Lime Organic Pump


    I think it might still be a touch too strong to work as a shampoo, so I would love it if they made a pre-diluted version for shampoo perhaps. It takes alot of work to figure out the right ratio of shampoo and conditioner to use; I find that it often varies from shower to shower!
  14. Pretty good


    Beautiful smell and just really nice to have around. Does a good clean
  15. great handwash


    I'm a big fan of Dr Bronner, I have so many of their products. I always have one of the pump-bottle soaps next to my bathroom and kitchen sinks for hand-washing. The lemongrass lime is great for summer, it's fresh and zesty. I love the packaging too, classic and fun.
  16. Great Product, Great Brand


    I Love Dr. Bronner!!! What an amazing brand - this product is so versatile, I use it on my hands, face and body. It smells amazing, and I love that is organic.
    Great to support a brand such as Dr Bronner. Wish I could have this in my bathroom always
  17. Great body wash with a lovely smell


    I bought this to use as a body wash. I've got pretty normal skin. Love the smell of this and does a good job of cleaning in the shower without being too harsh or stripping the skin. Worth noting that it's a little watery, but that's fine when pumped onto a loofah in the shower. It also doesn't lather up as much as a traditional soap so you might need to use a few pumps for your whole body. Love th...
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  18. Great hand wash


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands and body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  19. refreshing and non-drying


    An all-rounder that is beautifully refreshing and non-drying which is a must for me. I use it as a hand and bodywash so I have one on the sink and one in the shower. I've also used it on the ends of my hair before conditioner to smooth split ends.

    Oh, and it's Fair Trade so I really love supporting this brand.
  20. Fresh but Crusty


    Such a wonderfully fresh scent especially in the summer!!! Can't stop smelling it, but it leaves my skin a little dry. I moisturise afterwards but it's a bit unfortunate. I love the scent a lot and won't stop using it but if only it didn't leave me so dry!!!
  21. Love love love love


    Great gentle hand washing to add to your bathroom; it leave a a nice zesty fresh scent, it’s not overpowering which is great. It’s 4 in one so you can’t go wrong, who doesn’t love a multitasking product! Love it
  22. Lovely


    Very fresh and lovely. I like this a lot!
  23. Love this fragrance


    Smells amazing. So clean and great for the environment. Excellent value for the size you get. My whole family loves it.
  24. Love this fragrance


    Smells amazing. So clean and great for the environment. Excellent value for the size you get. My whole family loves it.
  25. Gentle on hands

    Great for sensitive skin

    I find many hand washes dry my skin over time but this has not. Whilst the consistency doesn’t foam like other hand washes it is gentle on skin with a nice but not overpowering scent! Will buy again!
  26. great hand wash


    I suffer from dry skin and this product keeps my hands and body very hydrated! I would recommend this to anyone!
  27. So fresh and hydrating


    I’m obsessed with this scent I always feel so fresh and clean after use and it’s organic!
  28. Great soap but very harsh


    I bought this to use as a hand soap and whilst it works well at removing dirt from the hands it is very harsh. I find I need to moisturise immediately after using or else my hands feel really dry, considering this is supposed to be suitable for using on the face I was really shocked by this. I quite like the scent and I love the bright green bottle, I'll probably refill it with a less harsh soap o...
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  29. Great for the shower


    I love dr bronner’s soap & I love having the pump in the shower, love the feel & texture of this soap, but not really a fan of the scent
  30. Pump


    Nice for kitchen scent - refreshing. The pump is really very handy. Formula gets rid of grease on hands
  31. soo nice


    I absolutely love this soap! It is so nicely scented; fresh and so moisturising on the hand. I have this in the kitchen and using it after I do the dishes


    Great soap with a very nice citrus scent. lathers well and cleans the skin nicely without being harsh and drying. Would recommend
  33. Cooking hands be gone!


    While I think this is waaaay too stripping for using on the face or hair, it works brilliantly on hands after cooking - garlic and onion hands don’t stand a chance against this.
  34. Great multi tasker


    So glad i've found Dr Bronner and I especially love the lemongrass lime scent for washing hands and face. This lives on our bathroom sink and has replaced a lot of other products that were cluttering the space. I even use this to wash my beauty blender now!
  35. Lovely handwash


    It has a lovely tropical smell and leaves my sensitive hands clean without drying them out. A little goes a long way so this pump size lasts a long time!
  36. Nice and clean


    Super fresh lemongrass and lime scent. This is a lovely hand wash to use in summer. It is fruity and fresh and keeps the hands nicely clean.
  37. Fresh


    I get nice clean but not uncomfortably dry hands when I use this. The lemongrass scent is very fresh
  38. good


    good hand wash, doesn't make my hands feel too dry. i smell more lemongrass than lime, very fresh smelling hand wash


    Now that i've discovered Dr. Bronner's products, there's no turning back. I'm absolutely hooked! Every ingredient in this soap has amazing benefits for both your skin and your hair. The essential oils provide a beautiful natural scent and I personally adore natural lemongrass, its like dipping into a lemon cheesecake! ( but good for you ;) )

    I threw away my *expensive* dermalogica pro...
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  40. Love


    Love the fresh lemongrass lime scent. Very gentle on the hands and face
  41. Fresh scent


    Love that it comes in a pump form! Makes washing hands very easy. The lime/lemongrass scent is super refreshing too
  42. Great product


    Love the smell of this soap!! Doesn't leave my hands feeling overly dry. Highly recommend it!
  43. Nice fresh scent


    Lemongrass lime is my new favourite soap scent! Love the pump function, great hand soap that is gentle
  44. Love!


    Love the fresh and citrus lemongrass/lime scent. Not too drying either which is great for sensitive skin
  45. Love it


    Love this soap. Beautiful smell, doesn't dry out skin, and lasts a long time.
  46. Great!


    Super soft and nourishing with a beautiful scent to match. Big fan of this brand.
  47. Lovely scent


    I love the refreshing scent of this soap. Makes my hand feel clean but not too dry.
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