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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Mild 945ml 945ml

4.8 of 72 reviews


4 instalments of $9.62

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4 instalments of $9.62

Or 4 instalments of $9.62 with LEARN MORE

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Dr. Bronner Pure-Castile Liquid Soap Baby - Mild is made with certified Fair Trade and organic oils. The soap is vegan, completely biodegradable and vegetable based. A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being aggressive and produces a velvety-lather that leaves the skin silky-smooth and refreshed.

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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Mild 945ml Reviews

4.8 of 72 reviews

100% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good all rounder


I use this for so many things and a little goes a long way. You only need a few drops to get the cleaning job done.

Most Helpful Criticism

Lots of uses, a bit drying on the skin

Sally S

I originally purchased this as I read it was a good hack for cleaning beauty blenders. While it did clean them quite well with only a few drops I found it was a bit harsh and caused them to tear. I also used this as a precleanse to get my first layer of make up, it works really well for this but I have quite sensitive skin and if it was even the smallest bit dry I got a bit stinging and my skin would feel really stripped of natural oils and softness after, it also kills if you get it in your eyes so I don't know how you would go using this on a baby? I didn't have any skin reactions like a rash which I can do with harsh products so that's a plus but I won't be buying it again. I have read lots of people use this as a cleaning product and that might be where it's put to best use, its pretty good at removing stains from clothes and a little goes a long way.
  1. Good all rounder


    I use this for so many things and a little goes a long way. You only need a few drops to get the cleaning job done.
  2. so many different uses


    this has so many different uses!! Love this and worth a try as you will find something you can use it for
  3. The best brush cleaner


    I have every size of this product including the bar. I have one in my gym bag to clean my makeup brushes every time I use them as well as at home. I have sensitive skin therefore this is great to use as it’s gentle on my hands and on the products I use that will then be used on my face.
  4. Love it


    Love having this on hand for a variety of uses! Nowadays It is mostly used for cleaning my makeup brushes! Only downside is when I used to use it very frequently I found it clogged up the pipes!
  5. Can't go wrong


    verified purchaser
    I love this stuff and mix it with essential oils to create my own cleaning products. I do find that if you use to much on the body, it can be drying, so less is definietly more. I love to mix with eucalyptus and lemon essential oils for tile and bench top cleaner, or with frankinsnese and lavendar for a night time shower body wash.
  6. good for hands


    i like this for my hands as I found it a bit too stripping to use for my body. It smells really nice and you can use it for so many things too
  7. Holy Grail


    This is the best multipurpose soap ever. I use it as a body wash for my sensitive skin and it makes my skin feel clean and refreshed. This soap also works as a makeup brush cleaner and does a great job at removing dirt and makeup from makeup tools without being too harsh and damaging. Highly recommend.
  8. great soap


    I like to use this baby one as a body wash as it is a bit more mild and doesn't dry my skin
  9. a must have


    this is a must have, so many uses that you will defiantly like it for something, I use it as hand wash and for the floors
  10. Multi Purpose


    I use this product to make my own cleaning products and to wash my makeup brushes. It has many other uses but those two are my favourites. I dilute it with water and whatever essential oils I am in the mood for to clean down surfaces. I apply a few drops to my hand and swirl my makeup brushes around with a little water for a superior deep clean. I love the fragrance free version because I can add ...
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  11. Such a gorgeous versatile wash


    Love that you can use this for so many things! I use it as a body wash. I’ve tried a couple of different scents, but just prefer the natural non perfumed scent. I use it in my bath too and my skin is left clean and soft.
  12. Heaps good


    Very gentle on the skin and lovely. Beautiful smell too ! Amazing for sensitive skin
  13. Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Mild


    Yes the price my shock you at first, but this is a GREAT soap and it lasts for a long time! It’s gentle and smells very good. This is a great investment.
  14. Yes it's good


    This is so gentle on my skin plus it's great for my nose to smell something so nice.
  15. The best!


    I feel like you can literally use this for everything! So great and natural, but does an amazing clean!
  16. Amazing!


    I love Dr Bronner soap! You can use it for so many things, it does practically everything. I also love that it's cruelty-free, biodegradeable, fair trade - the list goes on. I like the Baby mild for laundry and the big bottle is good value.
  17. Most versatile product ever!!


    Love love love this product!! Can be used for almost anything.... clothes washing liquid, body was, hand wash etc. The list goes on! Big bottle lasts a while too!
  18. Gentle liquid soap


    I received a sample of this soap with a recent purchase and found it gentle on the skin and non-irritating. The soap doesn't have any fragrance at all, which is something I personally didn't like but having said that, I think this product would be great to use with babies and those with sensitive skin.
  19. Very versatile product!


    I use this product to clean my make up brushes, make my essential oil cleaners and as a body wash! Love this multiple use product.
  20. Love

    Kylie Q

    This is a great liquid soap. Perfect for cleaning your makeup brushes. Lots of scents. Great product. Large size
  21. Fantastic


    Nice and hydrating unscented liquid soap that doesn't irritate my hands.
  22. Natural cleansing product


    After seeing Joanna Fleming use this to clean her makeup brushes, I decided to give it a try. I love that this is a natural product. I use this to clean my Face Halo after every use. Great price for the amount of product you get.
  23. So useful!


    I've been using this soap now for a while and am just in love! There are lots of great scents (the Jasmine and Sandalwood is particularly lovely), but this unscented version is the best. I use it to clean my makeup brushes, wash my body, make a bubble bath- the list goes on!
  24. amazing


    lovely, gentle soap use outfox days where I don't want anything fancy just a good body wash.
  25. great for kids


    Love to put this in the bath for the kids, safe for them to use and it bubbles up a little bit. Great huge bottle too! lasts forever
  26. Good base for natural alternatives


    I've been using this soap as a bit of a base of hand washes, washing detergents, and the like for my dermatitis-prone family.
    It obviously doesn't work as well as products laden with brightening agents but it's a good natural base for low tox family essentials.
  27. Only Product needed on holidays


    I took this on a backpacking trip through SE Asia. It is such a great multi use product. I used it to wash my bathers each day, on my hair, as body wash. It truly does no harm. It doesn't strip the skin, is mild on my super sensitive skin and gives a thorough clean without being stripping.
  28. Love this


    I can’t tell you how many uses this has for my skin but I now won’t use anything else, my goat soap for my eczema isn’t even this nourishing.
  29. Fantastic


    Very gentle and effective hand soap (mix with water in a foam pump bottle). It doesn't feel irritating or dry at all but nice and hydrated. The product is definitely on the list of recommended and repurchase.
  30. Lovely


    I love this liquid soap it is very gentle. I use it as a body wash and does not dry out my skin. I like how it has no fragrance as well. No irritation for my skin at all. Only the smallest bit is needed and foams up quite well. Recommend to use it diluted in a bottle. I also love using this soap to wash my makeup brushes, makes them so clean without any traces of makeup.
  31. Use it as a laundry liquid


    I used it on my baby's skin once but it dried her skin very much. Now I use on her clothes only. It is safe and good on clothes. No funny scent or chemical stuff.
  32. My favourite all in one product for my kid


    I love Dr Bronners products. You will surely know that its safe and no nasty chemicals in it. Very mild and gentle on skin
  33. so nice


    So nice and nourishing, i use it as a body wash for myself. Great for dry skin
  34. Great product


    Love that you can use this for so many things! I use it as a body wash. I’ve tried a couple of different scents, but just prefer the natural/no perfume one. I use it in my bath too and my skin is left clean and soft.
  35. Best product ever!!


    I don’t know where to start..
    Amazing natural ingredients, cruelty free, it does a wonderful job, it last long, fairly priced, super versatile, beautiful scents (I am still deciding which one I like best).. Honestly, one of the best product that I ever purchased!!!
  36. Amazing


    This stuff is great! I use it to clean my re usable make up pad as well as my make up brushes! It cleans extremely well and one bottle goes a long way
  37. Great soap


    Love these so much! All the scents are great but this one is my favourite. Really gentle and very cleansing.
  38. Soft and Clean Makeup Brushes


    After reading a how-to tutorial on cleaning makeup brushes, I purchased a bottle to give it a try. A tiny drop onto your damp makeup brush works a treat! This product makes it so easy and is a cheaper alternative to clean them, I’m only disappointed I didn’t find it sooner.
  39. Great


    Great product that is gentle but effective and love that it’s all natural ingredients with no nasties. Would definitely recommend
  40. Multitasking natural cleaning product


    In an effort to use natural cleaning products around the home, I purchased this to mix and use as a multi-purpose cleaner.

    It's very effective without the nasty chemicals which is great (and safe!) to use around babies and pets.

    I would recommend this.
  41. Gentle good product


    Great all rounder, very gentle on skin and plenty of uses
  42. Gently multi function product


    Very gently product and can be use for multi purpose. No nasty chemical is the big plus for me. Recommend.
  43. Lots of uses, a bit drying on the skin

    Sally S

    I originally purchased this as I read it was a good hack for cleaning beauty blenders. While it did clean them quite well with only a few drops I found it was a bit harsh and caused them to tear. I also used this as a precleanse to get my first layer of make up, it works really well for this but I have quite sensitive skin and if it was even the smallest bit dry I got a bit stinging and my skin wo...
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  44. Pretty good


    This is nice and gentle but sometimes makes my skin feel quite dry. Decent still and I will keep using it.
  45. This can be used to clean basically everything


    I bought this to wash my make up brushes and sponges but have since been using it on my laundry and as a pug repellent on my plants. It can be used for everything. Plan to decrease my number of cleaning products and use only this instead.
  46. Love this soap


    Love to use this soap for my son, make me feel much safer on his skin rather than other strong smell body wash out there.
  47. Great gentle soap


    I used this on myself, not for a baby! But super gentle and lovely. Would repurchase
  48. Great for sensitive skin


    This is great for my sensitive skin which can often react to products
  49. Body wash


    Love this for body wash. The liquid soap is hydrating and gentle on dry skin, and doesn't leave soapy residue.
  50. Love love love


    Absolutely love this product ... so gentle on the skin and because it's unscented, I can customise my own products.
  51. The best!


    I really love these liquid soaps and particularly this mild one. I use it to clean almost everything! I wash my hands, clean my makeup brushes, for other general cleaning. Really versatile and does clean things very effectively!
  52. Awesome


    Great soap for people with sensitive skin such as mine. I have severe acne on my back and this doesn't aggravate or irritate it. I love the scent and how clean my skin feels after using this. Definitely would recommend.
  53. Will buy again


    I use this from head to toe. Really makes you feel clean. I don’t use it everyday though as it tend to dry skin. And when using it on the hair you really need to put conditioner. Really cleans your scalp. I use it when i get dandruff. But this one is a mild one than can use to kids, but i only use this to wash them when they get really dirty. I always buy this on different flavours!
  54. SImplifies Brush Cleaning


    No-one enjoys cleaning make-up brushes. This simplifies and ensure all the nasty bacteria is removed without being harsh and damaging on my brushes.

    The time taken to clean brushes is phenomenal.
    I use a silcon brush clean glove, pop a little bit of the soap on the glove and gently scrub the brush into the soap. Instantly removes. Continue until the brush water runs clean.
  55. Will keep buying this product.


    I started using dr bronners liquid Castile soap baby mild about 6 months ago to make a body/hair wash for my kids, I loved this product so much that over the last 6 months I have replaced all body wash, shampoo, hand wash and laundry detergent with this product (yes even for the adults). I will continue to buy product because I like how versatile and gentle it is.
  56. It’s so gentle!


    I have been using this for a while now, and there is a definite learning curve to it. Firstly, there are some things that it just isn’t suited to despite the claims made by the company (eg. it doesn’t work for dishwashing - leaves a cloudy film on glasses, and I don’t really like it for floors etc), however, for a lot of other things it really is great. It doesn’t irritate skin at all, but when yo...
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  57. Fantastic Product


    I use this castile liquid to make naturally derived home care products, and it's great.
  58. So many uses!


    I use this for everything from cleaning dishes, making my own liquid hand soap, washing clothes and my children! I wash their bodies and hair with it. A little goes a long way and you can add your own essential oils to this one if you like scent.
  59. Super gentle


    Super gentle soap from Dr. Bronner, It is a great size bottle and lasts for a good amount of time. Clean and refreshing soap.
  60. Awesome soap


    Gentle soap that's great for washing a variety of things. Love this brand!
  61. fantastic


    really mild soap that's fantastic for washing hands and anything else. the bottle's a good size too
  62. Great for washing everything


    It's so great how you can use the liquid soap for so many things - washing your hands, face, body, clothes, brushes etc.
  63. ALL ONE!


    this is the best mild soap that works well for cleaning your body, the walls, your dishes, your clothes, the dog, your newborn... mixed in ratios, this soap is the best. have been, and will continue to buy this staple.
  64. Mild soap


    Best mild soap I've come across. I can use it for so many things which is fantastic! The bottle is a generous size too
  65. Great for everything!


    Love Dr Bronner's soaps and how they are so versatile. I use this for a lot of things and I do find this particular soap more gentle than the others.
  66. All purpose!


    Love that I can use this for so many things. It's gentle, soft, but still cleanses very well.
  67. The best!


    Super soft and nourishing. A little goes a long way. Big fan of this brand.
  68. Gentle and effective!


    Great for EVERYTHING! it's so gentle and it thoroughly cleanses whatever you use it on, I love this product.
  69. So many uses


    Love this product as I use it alone and use it to make my own hand wash/body wash. So gentle!
  70. Love


    Love this! Using this product on my newborn was a no brainer for me. The 945ml bottle lasts forever
  71. Shih-tzu shampoo


    After my baby shih-tzu had sensitive skin that was dry and itchy I started looking online for idea of what I could use to fix him when my mum suggested I try Castile soap.. it worked and I have used it ever since ! such a great multipurpose soap I mean I can't even believe how many uses this has! will always repurchase and recommend this!
  72. Beautiful to use


    I have been looking for a natural skincare to use. I have started using this as my body wash. I’m love. My partner also likes it. Our skin is so soft!
    I also plan on making my little sausage dogs a special dog wash with this stuff.
  73. Great for makeup brushes


    A little goes a long way, and I really like that it’s unscented. I’ve used this to clean my makeup brushes and it did a really good job at getting liquid product out of the bristles.
  74. Versatile Product.


    This is such a great all - rounder. This soap has so many uses, from cleaning my makeup brushes, to shaving my legs to cleaning the house to washing my face. Very concentrated so a little goes a very long way.
    A staple in any kitchen and bathroom!
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