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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap - Lavender 946ml 946ml

4.8 of 50 reviews


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4 instalments of $8.74


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Dr. Bronner Castile Liquid Soap – Lavender 946ml
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4.8 of 50 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Lovely lavender


I’ve been using this for years. Love the fragrance! I use it mainly as a body wash and it doesn’t dry the skin. Have also used as a shampoo. It’s concentrated so the big bottle lasts ages.

Most Helpful Criticism

Does everything!


A lot of my low-tox friends and I appreciate this product for its ability to be used on almost everything. I love that it is organic and can be mixed with essential oils for house cleaning or used as in shower cleaner. The lavender is ultra calming and it is great for sensitive skin. Definitely recommend.
  1. Lovely lavender


    I’ve been using this for years. Love the fragrance! I use it mainly as a body wash and it doesn’t dry the skin. Have also used as a shampoo. It’s concentrated so the big bottle lasts ages.
  2. Lovely liquid soap


    Good natural concentrated liquid soap. The bottle lasts for a long time. Make sure to dilute it before using. Good subtle lavender smell. I use it as a body wash and it is not drying on my skin. I also use it to wash my makeup brushes. Takes off all traces of makeup off brushes. Excellent.
  3. Love this


    I feel like this can be used for everything! Lovely product
  4. Lavender dreams!


    I love Dr. Bronners and I love lavender so this is a match made in heaven for me! I sleep so well after washing myself at night with is liquid soap!
  5. Great for cleaning makeup brushes, beauty blender & face halo


    I have tried so many different things over the years to clean my makeup brushes (nappy san, dishwashing detergent, Beaty blender liquid soap cleaner, daiso brush cleaner, brush guard brush cleaner and the list goes on) and this is by far the BEST makeup brush cleaner. It is also amazing for beauty blenders and face halos. Highly recommend.
  6. Nice and clean


    I use it for laundry wash. It bleaches the clothes and has the bleach smell as well. It can wash out all the stains which is perfect for babies' bibs. The smell is not very good.
  7. Divine


    Smells absolutely divine and a little goes a very long way. I use as a body wash, but it has endless uses and will last FOREVER!
  8. So good


    I bought this because of the hype around it and was pleasantly surprised at how great it actually was. It cleans really well and you don't need much so a bottle goes a long way.
  9. Where has this been all my life?


    I had to try this product because of the hype. I'm totally smitten! I use it as a body wash (only need a little because it lathers really well) I also use it to clean my make up brushes and also have it as a hand wash in my bathroom. The scent isn't too overpowering and it's gentle on my sensitive skin. The only downside is that it doesn't create bubbles in the bath but I'm still giving it a 5-star review because it's amazing value. One bottle will last me aaaages!!!! I'm going to try another scent but lavender is lovely :)
  10. Only pros with this product


    I used this product as a body wash and can confirm its one of the best natural options out there. The big size of the bottle means it lasts forever! And a little goes a long way as it lathers up really nicely.

    The scent is seriously heavenly, so relaxing. And its effective in cleansing the skin gently, without drying it out.

    Keen to use it as a make up brush cleaner as other reviews have suggested!

  11. best multi purpose product


    I always love Dr Bronner products, they very gentle on skin, no nasty chemicals, can use as body wash, hair wash etc. so convenience for travel
  12. Such a winner for general use


    It's great to have a bottle of this around the house, because it does EVERYTHING - you can wash your cashmere delicates, wash hardwood floors, shampoo your kids' hair, use it if you're out of hand soap or dishwashing liquid. I'd never be without a bottle - and of course it smells and looks gorgeous.
  13. Love it


    Use this mainly for handwashing my clothes and I absolutely love it. It lasts a long time as you don’t need much and it’s gentle on clothes. Smells divine
  14. Gorgeous multi purpose soap


    I love Dr Bronner and this is such a beautiful lavender scent that is not synthetic and it last for ages. I have predominately used it as a body wash and hand wash but there are many uses to this product. It last for ever, gives the most satisfying lather and leaves your skin feeling so clean. A lot of body washes are full of unnecessary chemicals this is just a beautiful simple soap that even children can use.
  15. Amazing


    Absolutely love this liquid soap! Actually I love everything from this brand as the formulas are so gentle with all natural ingredients that doesn’t irritate sensitive skin! Definitely recommend
  16. Lasts forever


    I love this product. The scent is gorgeous and not too over powering. I use as a shower gel and a little goes such a long way! I've also used when I've run out of washing powder as detergent and it's great. And most recently used to wash my makeup brushes, it cleans them so efficiently. I soak them with a few drop & some warm water then rinse until the water is clear and they come up like new! Highly recommend.
  17. Great all in one product


    I use it in so many different ways, body wash, shampoo, wasing clothes .... great product to bring on travel too.
  18. Does everything!


    A lot of my low-tox friends and I appreciate this product for its ability to be used on almost everything. I love that it is organic and can be mixed with essential oils for house cleaning or used as in shower cleaner. The lavender is ultra calming and it is great for sensitive skin. Definitely recommend.
  19. Love that it has SO many uses


    I love Dr Bronner's products and the bottled castile soap is my favourite. I love that it has so many uses. I actually mainly use this to mop my floors to avoid using harsh chemicals, and it honestly cleans better than any special floor product I've used and dries in an instant. It also makes my whole house smell so lovely. The scent is beautiful and subtle, not overpowering.
  20. Magic liquid


    I've use Dr Bronner's castille soap for almost 10 years. I started using castille soap when my skin was reacting to scented shower gels. This is perfect for skin that is reactive to scent. I find that it has super deep cleansing effect and lathers up to rich luxurious foam. I don't find the soap to be harsh or stripping for the skin, although castille soap is rumoured to be so. It can also be used as pre-shave shower oil, to cure back-acne and many others. Very versatile and amazing cleansing effect. I also use this to clean my make up brushes and sponges -- it really flushes every bit of gunk out of make up tools!!! A fantastic, all rounder cleansing liquid pretty much. I just wouldn't use this to wash my face but everything else I would, even works for rubbing stains out of clothes.
  21. Great all rounder


    I use this for everything! Washing clothes, makeup brushes, have used for body/hand wash. It's so versatile and smells lovely!
  22. Okay for some things


    These bronner liquids work really well for some things - think handwash or foot soaks and bubble baths (as long as they’re super diluted). Personally I think they’re too stripping for washing the face or hair, they leave a film on dishes/glasses, and are not ideal for housecleaning in my personal opinion. Certainly not quite as versatile as claimed.


    Really versatile liquid soap that clean things very effectively! I really love the lavender scent too, it's not overpowering but adds a nice floral layer
  24. Great scent!


    I love this soap! Great formula with an amazing scent. This is a huge bottle and lasts for ages.I love that you can use it for a variety of different things. Would definitely recommend!


    Love this soap as it is so versatile in its ability to be used for various things. I love to use this in the shower as my body wash and it is amazing in gently cleaning the skin. I also love to use this to clean my makeup brushes because of how gentle it is as it doesn't dry out the bristles but cleans very effectively and removes all residue. Would highly recommend trying
  26. Beautiful liquid soap


    Dr Bronner's liquid soap is a wonderful product.
    Diluting it in fresh water to wash my fruit works wonders. I wash my face, hair and body in this soap daily. I highly recommend this product as it is kind to your skin .
  27. Gorgeous soap


    Gorgeous liquid soap from Dr. Bronner. It has a beautiful lavender scent. Great for using at night for better quality sleep.
  28. Lovely shower gel and bubble bath


    Love this soap! The lavender scent is beautiful and the bottle is HUGE so you get heaps of product. It's great as a shower gel or as a bubble bath. Would definitely recommend.
  29. Great!


    I purchased this recently to make my own baby wipes. Its a great product and smells amazing!
  30. Very useful soap


    It is very moisturizing, soft on your hands. I love to use it for washing my make up brushes, and it's affordable.
  31. Love the lavender


    The lavender scent is so nice. Gentle soap that's great for washing a variety of things. Love this brand!
  32. Good soap


    Good soap that is versatile, you can wash a lot of things with it! The lavender is pretty strong
  33. Love this soap!


    I love Dr Bronner soaps! The formula is so nice - it lathers great and doesn't dry out my skin. I love the more natural ingredients and this scent is so good! The lavender is so relaxing and I also like using this as a bubble bath. Would definitely recommend!
  34. Lovely soap and bubble bath


    I LOVE this brand and these liquid soaps are the best. Lavender is one of my favourite scents, it's so floral and calming. You can use it as body wash or as a nice bubble bath. Would definitely recommend trying! This big bottle is great value too
  35. Beautiful liquid soap


    Dr Bronner's liquid soaps are the most luxurious beautifully scented liquid soaps I've ever used. The lavender soap smells so fresh. I alternate between using this scent and the sandalwood and jasmine version which is my all time favourite.Love love love it!
  36. Great scent


    Love the lavender scent in these soaps. This size bottle lasts ages!
  37. Favourite


    I love the lavender scented soap the best. It just smells so nice. I think the larger sized bottles will last you a while and are great value for money
  38. The best!


    Fantastic versatile liquid soap that I can use for so many things. As a handwash, it isn't too drying. Lovely lavender scent.
  39. Lovely lavender soap


    I love the lavender scent from dr bronner and this liquid soap is no exception. It's a nice gentle soap suitable for sensitive skin.
  40. Whole family love it!


    I always love this brand as the soap is so versatile and smell lovely. My kids love using it too and it is so soothing for me with beautiful lavender.
  41. Love it


    Super soft and nourishing with a beautiful scent to match. Big fan of this brand.
  42. Lasts forever


    I've been using Dr Bronner foreverrrrrr - it smells good, it can be used for basically anything (seriously, google it - it is SO versitle!) and best of all, a tiny bit goes a really long way. So it seriously will last months and months!
  43. Best Smelling Product


    Love the smell of this. I use it for my laundry and to clean the house. Only wish the smell lasted longer.
  44. So many uses


    The smell is amazing and this product has so many different purposes for multiple household duties fantastic product
  45. My favourite


    Love this as a body wash. I have psoriasis and it doesn't dry out/irritate my skin, even with the lavendar essential oil. I love the scent, especially when used at night time. It's not cheap but a little bit goes a long way.
  46. love it

    Ada C

    I love this soap, it's worth the money. It does seem to last longer and you can dilute it and it still works just as long. It doesn't dry your skin and it removes fake tan.
  47. Multi purpose!


    I literally use this for everything, including my make up brushes and household cleaning. Leaves a very nice scent. The only thing that is not working for me is to wash dishes with it - still pretty oily afterwards. Otherwise I love having one bottle for everything. So economical and eco friendly!
  48. Gentle and calming body wash


    This is a great product which I mainly use as a hand and body wash. It is not drying and has a calming lavender scent - which helps me to unwind after a long day.
  49. Laundry liquid


    When I read about the 18 uses of this soap I decided to try this as my laundry liquid.

    With two young kids I'm always looking at ways to reduce household chemicals.
    I decided to not dilute it, so just pour it into the washing machine, and enjoy the fabulous lavender scent while the washing machine is on. The clothes are super soft have the liquid leaves a faint scent.

    I'm really loving this and have convinced some friends to trial it!
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