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Dr. Bronner's Shaving Soaps

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Dr. Bronner’s reputation for making organic grooming products with the finest ingredients is legendary. The established brand brings every bit of that legendary status to its lovely shaving soaps. Minimising razor bumps by providing skin conditioning and hydration, these ethical, organic shaving soaps are sure to please you.


Organic shikakai is the major plant extract present in Dr. Bronner’s shaving soaps. Shikakai is sourced from the pods of the Acacia concinna, a small South Asian tree, and has been used for centuries to condition and hydrate the skin. This ingredient, paired with Dr. Bronner’s gentle castile soap base of extra-virgin coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil, provides a comfortable shave for men and women alike.


Picky about scent? No worries! Dr. Bronner’s has three different versions available: soothing Lavender, invigorating Lemongrass Lime, and Unscented. Each suits a different taste and provides a different experience to the user, allowing you to personalise your shaving experience.


Dr. Bronner’s products contain no synthetics and are certified Fair Trade and organic. The brand's shaving soaps are meant to cleanse skin gently and contain tons of skin-conditioning ingredients to keep skin safe and free of irritation. So smooth things out with this ethical shaving soap option!

Shaving Soaps

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