This New Minimalist Brand Only Has 8 Products & They're All Under $35

best doers of london productsbest doers of london products

Let's get right into it because I wanna tell you about a very *cool* new brand we've just launched called Doers of London.

And by cool, I mean this brand has its sh*t together. With the packaging, the formulas, the branding - everything.

As the name suggests, Doers of London is a British brand that does minimalist skin, hair and body care products. Their approach to beauty? It's all about streamlining your routine. Less is more, quality over quantity etc.

Case in point: The brand only has 8 unisex products and they're all under $35.

Think premium, but not overpriced. Natural, vegan and cruelty-free, but still effective and accessible.

No fancy bells and whistles. Just high-quality formulations that do what they say they will for busy people who want stuff that works.

And anyone can use them. When it comes to beauty, particularly skin care and hair care, the most important thing is choosing products to suit your skin and hair types (even if the packaging says 'for men' or 'for women').

Though Doers of London was originally made by men with men in mind, the simple formulas work for anyone with a face. And hair. And a body - you get the idea.

You can learn more about how to build a skincare routine for your skin type in this YouTube video below.

Another thing, all the formulas are dermatologically-tested and made using only traceable natural ingredients, and without mineral oils, sulfates, silicones, and synthetic fragrances and colours.

Oh, and the packaging. It's very good-looking.

The minimalist monochrome tubes and pump bottles give off an effortlessly cool, chic vibe that reminds me of some of my other favourite brands - Aesop, Grown Alchemist, Who Is Elijah, Maison Balzac - but with an edge.

Best Doers of London Products.

Alrighty enough chat. What are these products actually like to use?

You can browse the full Doers of London range here. But first, here are my editor-approved top picks from this very cool new brand.

1. Doers of London Hydrating Face Cream.

Doers of London Hydrating Face CreamDoers of London Hydrating Face Cream

What: Doers of London Hydrating Face Cream 100ml

Just a bloody great moisturiser that does the job. Exhibit A: My partner and I destroyed the tube trying to get every last drop out of this face cream.

Why it's so good:

  • Deeply hydrates for supple, soft, plump skin that feels comfortable and supported.

  • Rich, creamy texture absorbs into the skin quickly, without leaving a greasy residue.

  • Generally suitable for all skin types and can be used morning and night - or just at night if you have oily and/or combination skin.

  • Particularly great under makeup, or applied on skin after shaving to reduce the look and feel of redness and irritation.

  • Contains jojoba oil, which is one of my all-time favourite skincare ingredients because it's antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and mimics your skin's natural moisturising lipids.

  • Other skin barrier-loving ingredients include antioxidants vitamin E and green tea extract, and organic borage oil.

  • Subtle, comforting scent and a little goes a long way - the two of us got about a month of daily use out of one 100ml tube.

2. Doers of London Body Wash.

Doers of London Body WashDoers of London Body Wash

What: Doers of London Body Wash 300ml

An energising body wash that smells lovely, lathers up nicely and cleanses the skin, without stripping it. And it looks chic AF in the shower.

Why it's so good:

  • I'm obsessed with the scent. Officially, it's bergamot and frankincense, but I reckon there's a hint of zesty, herby goodness in there, too.

  • The formula cleanses the skin to get rid of residue and body odour while keeping your skin's natural moisturising oils.

  • Some natural body washes I've tried in the past haven't given me a 'clean' feeling, but this one lathers up enough to feel like it's doing its job.

  • Did I say the bit about how the packaging makes my shower feel like I'm in a boutique hotel?

  • $28 for a 300ml pump bottle of premium, clean body wash is very reasonable.

3. Doers of London Discovery Kit.

Doers of London Discovery KitDoers of London Discovery Kit

What:Doers of London Discovery Kit - Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion & Body Wash 50ml

A delightful mini travel/gift set that contains 50ml bottles of four of the brand's best-sellers.

Why it's so good:

  • This set is really great value and A) let's you try before you buy the full size products, B) makes an epic and useful gift and C) sorts everyone's travel toiletry needs.

  • The Doers of London Discovery Kit contains 50ml bottles of:

    • Doers of London Shampoo - A moisturising, gentle hydrolysed wheat protein shampoo that cleanses and balances the hair and scalp, and leaves it smelling glorious.

    • Doers of London Conditioner - A hydrating conditioner to protect and strengthen all hair types, without weighing it down.

    • Doers of London Body Wash - That zesty, gentle but effective body wash I was on about before.

    • Doers of London Body Lotion - A matching, non-greasy body moisturiser.

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