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Designer Brands LongWear 24 Hour FoundationDesigner Brands LongWear 24 Hour Foundation
Designer Brands LongWear 24 Hour Foundation

First Love

I have very light skin and have struggled for years to find the right foundation.. I ordered this in Porcelain Ivory and im in love. Paired with a good foundation brush this is amazing. GREAT coverage and really good to work over. 100%
Designer Brands Firming Age FoundationDesigner Brands Firming Age Foundation
Designer Brands Firming Age Foundation

Pleased as punch

This is a medium- full coverage foundation with a satin finish that smooths out any texture and complexion. Also, didn't set in any fine lines, or wrinkles. Perfect for someone looking for coverage, at an affordable price.
Designer Brands Long Wear LipstickDesigner Brands Long Wear Lipstick
Designer Brands Long Wear Lipstick

5 out of 5 *

Considering the price of this lipstick, the quality is incredible and super comfortable to wear. It's not the longest wearing lipstick I've ever used, however it does feel super moisturising and is quite pigmented. If your looking for an affordable, good quality lipstick... look no further.
Designer Brands Blur PrimerDesigner Brands Blur Primer
Designer Brands Blur Primer


Quite remarkable results! I didn't expect to see this product work so well considering it is literally $15.

Blurs any imperfections and pores without clogging the skin.

Def recommend!