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Designer Brands Blur Primer by Designer Brands


Airbrush and perfect your complexion with the Blur Primer from the makeup experts at Designer Brands. Enhanced with exclusive blur technology, the primer effortlessly glides onto skin to minimise imperfections, reduce shine, and leave skin with a soft to touch finish. Blur Primer is enriched with nourishing ingredients to combine skin care and natural makeup, leaving skin soothed and fresh.


Free from talcs, bismuth, and parabens, Designed Brands Blur Primer is cruelty-free and vegan certified.


Key benefits of the Designer Brands Blur Primer

  • Face blurring primer
  • Prepares skin for makeup application
  • Blurs imperfections and uneven skin texture
  • Reduces shine with a matte finish
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Enriched with skin-loving natural ingredients
  • Free from talcs, bismuth, and parabens
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Suitable for all skin types


What are the main ingredients in the Designer Brands Blur Primer?

The Designer Brands Blur Primer is formulated with a cocktail of vegan skin-loving ingredients which work together to naturally airbrush skin while nourishing it for a fresher and smoother look and feel. It contains a peptide infusion & Q10 which helps to plump and firm the skin, while antioxidant-rich green tea and aloe vera extract soothe and protect the skin. The Blur Primer also contains vitamins A, C, and E which brighten the skin and accelerate skin cell renewal for a fresher and smoother complexion.


How to use the Designer Brands Blur Primer


  • Apply a thin layer directly to your face and neck
  • Pat the primer into the skin and allow to absorb
  • Follow with your favourite Designer Brands Foundation

Who should use the Designer Brands Blur Primer?

Suitable for all skin types, the Designer Brands Blur Primer leaves skin with a velvet-touch finishing, blurring imperfections and preparing skin for makeup application. The Blur Primer is particularly good for those with uneven skin texture who want to create a smooth canvas for foundation and concealer. Airbrushing enlarged pores, the Blur Primer also suits blemish-prone and oily skin types, however, the non-drying no talc formula also makes it suitable for dry skin.


Is the Designer Brands Blur Primer suitable for aging skin?

The Designer Brands Blur Primer is enriched with skin-loving nourishing ingredients which will protect, smooth, and soothe aging skin. The primer will effortlessly glide over and fill in deep wrinkles and will lift and firm sagging skin to create the perfect base for makeup application on aging and mature skin.

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GREAT value for money. - 18-07-2018 by

I have tried a lot of high end primers in the past and I think this is JUST as good. I would compare this type of primer to Benefit Porefessional - only much better value for $. Smoothes out my skin and minimises the look of my pores. Will be buying this product again.

Good for all skin types - 18-07-2018 by

Its a great primer at a great price. Consistency is very similar to benefit porefessional.

One of the best! - 17-07-2018 by

I’ve used a lot of expensive primers and honestly, nothing compares to this! It’s super smooth and makes my makeup look flawless. Cannot say enough about this product!

Great results and great price - 13-07-2018 by

For the price I’d say this is a really great primer. I’m pretty sure it’s silicone based from the feeling of it as it reminds me a lot of The Ordinary Silicone Primer. Smooths the face and really does help to blur imperfections, as well as helping my makeup to stay on all day without any transfer. I will definitely continue to purchase this product.

Wow - 15-06-2018 by

For the price this is amazing I love DB and have been trying their stuff since they launched. It really blurs my pores and my pores are huge

Great primer at any price - 15-05-2018 by

Do you want to know how good this primer is? My husband commented on how good my skin looked! This is a great primer and is definitely up there with high end brand primers I have tried previously.

Great primer at any price - 15-05-2018 by

Do you want to know how good this primer is? My husband commented on how good my skin looked! This is a great primer and is definitely up there with high end brand primers I have tried previously.

True to its word - 08-05-2018 by

Does exactly what it promises. Blurs pores and creates a smooth base for makeup application. Easily as good, or better, than any of the expensive products I've tried. Highly recommend!

Not really for me - 17-04-2018 by

I bought this after reading so many positive reviews.. on application I was impressed, my skin definitely looked "blurred" and I was excited to see how it would look once my foundation was applied. And that's where it all went downhill! I use Estée Lauder Double Wear which really doesn't sit nicely on top of this primer. My skin looked dry in places less than half an hour after I applied my makeup and my skin didn't look smooth at all. I don't think this is a bad product I just think maybe not suited to someone with dry/acne prone skin.

Once again DB comes through with the goods - 16-10-2017 by

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Primer. I've never been much of a primer girl myself as I don't wear power/foundation often and thought you would only use primer when using those products.
Well, I was wrong. I use this primer everyday, just a light layer on my skin followed by a little blush or some DB loose foundation powder if I'm going out and want a more noticeable coverage of my skin.
The biggest difference I've noticed is that my T section no longer looks oily/shiny, it has a nice finish that lasts all day long.

Great value for money and lives up to its name - 12-09-2017 by

Honestly I love designer brands!! I have a make up kit full of Chanel, YSL, Hourglass etc and Desinger Brands is up there with my favourites. I use my normal primer (you can use what suits you best) then I go ahead and use this or the Designer Brands Pore Primer over my other primer to blur out my pores and any uneven skin texture and it really works. The first time using it can take a bit to make sure it's even but it literally does an amazing job. I use it usually on my t-zone but if I'm doing a big daytime look, I use it all over my face for a flawless finish

Amazing value for money! - 31-07-2017 by

I still cannot believe this is under $15 AND it's the best primer I've ever used! The texture is matte and velvety smooth, leaving the perfect base for the application of your foundation. Throughout the day, my makeup stays in place with a lovely semi-matte finish, so my skin looks like skin and not like makeup. Love this primer and will continue to purchase this.

Amazing - 11-01-2017 by

Such a great primer for a great price, Love it!!

remarkable - 19-09-2016 by

Quite remarkable results! I didn't expect to see this product work so well considering it is literally $15.

Blurs any imperfections and pores without clogging the skin.

Def recommend!

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