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Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set

4.6 of 106 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Add a touch of style to your makeup routine with the Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set. Featuring 10 ultra-soft, synthetic makeup brushes with pink handles and a matching brush roll, this set is perfect for anyone looking to begin or expand their brush collection.
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set Reviews

4.6 of 106 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

perfect set


this has every brush that you need in this set, they re really high quality considering the price point and are really easy to use and clean.

Most Helpful Criticism

Smells really bad. Ok quality


I bought brushes off ebay that are the same quality with twice the number of brushes, for half the prices. I am OK with the quality for the price, however I have skin allergies and very irritated skin and so the smell of the fake leather and glue just makes me reluctant to put it anywhere near my face.
  1. Decent


    Although not the best quality, this set is great for someone who can't afford to spend big on individual brushes. It comes with all the basic brushes needed for a full makeup look, and the pink bag is super cute!
  2. perfect set


    this has every brush that you need in this set, they re really high quality considering the price point and are really easy to use and clean.
  3. Great start


    This is super affordable and really great quality and vegan!
  4. Amazing


    verified purchaser
    So impressed and amazing value for money. Basically all you need when doing a basic full face!
  5. Affordable!


    Really well priced for a great range of decent quality brushes! Love the little bag it comes in too
  6. Great for beginners


    I was very surprised at how good these brushes are! Great for beginners and very affordable
  7. Pleasantly surprised


    verified purchaser
    I was really pleased with the quality of the brushes given how cheap it is. Honestly such a bargain as it comes with so many brushes AND a case. Love that there are lots of eye brushes too. Brushes are so soft. Love this set so much. Yes. But it!!
  8. Great value for money


    verified purchaser
    These brushes are great. Just as good as some of the more expensive brushes I have purchased.
  9. Such a great addition


    verified purchaser
    These brushes are all you need if you are starting off. I have added these are years of buying expensive brushes. And they do the the job just fine. In particular i use the foundation brush, chizzling brush and blendy for my eyes.
  10. amazing brush set


    love this brush set! affordable, great quality, and amazing for travel!
  11. Perfect gift


    This an affordable pack of all the necessary brushes for full face makeup. It make a nice present too.
  12. Beginner set


    Great set of brushes for anyone starting out with make up. Good range and variety in the pack.
  13. Decent


    This is a great set of beginner brushes. I bought them for my cousin as she's getting into makeup and she adores them. The case is cute as well.
  14. Loveeee


    These are great great brushes! Amazing for the price, I absolutely love them, super soft and have really been a great addition to my brush collection. Worth it!
  15. Good value


    Soft bristles and don't shed on washing. Good value.
  16. Really nice looking set


    Just received today so haven't used them yet but they are so pretty it seems a shame to lol. Lovely soft brushes, hopefully they'll wash well. One thing to note, my set came in a kind of peachy coloured bag & with dark peach handles. Very elegant looking, I love it, but if you're expecting pink don't be disappointed.
  17. Really great starter kit


    I have always purchased brushes in once offs so they have never matched and end up with ones I don't need or know how to use. After the recommendation from Jo and Hannah on the podcast I bought this set and love it. It has everything you need for a starter make up kit and stores away perfectly in its case.
  18. Great pack


    this is a great pack of brushes, these work well, affordable and cute packaging.
  19. Amazing brushes!!


    I was a bit hesitant to buy these thinking the price must be too good to be true, but these brushes are so soft and are absolutely amazing!
  20. Worth it just for the foundation brush!


    This product is amazing value, and has one of the best foundation brushes I've user used. It's very buffing and leaves no streak marks. Has all the brushes that I could need (I'm not a make up artist, but do enjoy make up). The only slight downside is that sometimes the bristles do fall out, so have to watch for that.
  21. Great quality!


    Really great quality and amazing value. Highly recommend!
  22. Good


    A good set of brushes with everything that I need for makeup needs and a good value for money as well.
  23. Great for a beginner


    I needed more brushes, but being a beginner, I wasn’t sure which ones, and definitely didn’t want to spend a fortune working it out!
    These are perfect - it’s helped me work out what I need and what else I need to add to the kit.
    The brushes are quite soft, but the quality isn’t outstanding. It is great for the price though.
  24. Great value for money


    These brushes are awesome, great value for money
  25. Perfect Set!


    These brushes are soo soft, and actually super good quality for the price. Use them for everything.
  26. Great value!


    Amazing value for money!
  27. great value


    this is such a great deal, great brushes and so affordable
  28. Highly Recommend!


    A great pack to start your collection of makeup brushes, to complement what you already have, or to take travelling. Highly recommend!
  29. Great beginner kit


    This brush set is definitely worth it for a beginner. The price makes it really affordable to see what kinds of brushes you really need before getting higher quality ones
  30. great value


    these are such good value for money
    decent brushes great for a begginer but worth it for the money


    Awesome little brush set with everything you need for a full beat... in saying that, the eye brushes did struggle to hold product (even when using high quality palettes!) but the quality is what you would expect for the price. Overall a great starter kit for those getting into makeup or anyone wanting a reliable, budget brush set.
  32. good for the pirce point


    these are not the best brushes i have used but for the price they are pretty good. I found them to be decent quality and would be a good starting set for getting into make up.
  33. Lovely


    For the price it's really good. So soft on the face & worth the price.
  34. Good starter set


    Good for a starter set. Was disappointed with shadow brush as it didn’t pick up much shadow without using setting spray. But great for beginners and having second brushes for blending.
  35. Great!


    Everything you need for your makeup. They have pt all the right brushes from eyes to full face makeup. Love this value pack.
  36. Good quality for the price


    Great quality and value for money! Perhaps if you are a professional make up artist you might have a different opinion but for the average person I think these do the job!
  37. super


    the bag is so so pretty. The brushes are so soft exactly what I was looking for!
  38. Great deal


    These a really good brush set for the price range. there very soft. Great for beginners
  39. highly recommend


    very soft brushes, blend out makeup really well and great price
  40. Great brushes


    These brushes are fantastic! So soft and easy to use! And even better so cheap
  41. Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set


    I've been using this product for a few months and wash them almost every day and they still look and function as good as new. Impressed with the over all quality.
  42. Soft brushes


    These brushes are so soft and great value for money! Love the little bag they come in great for travelling.
  43. Great value!


    Love this set, gifted to a lot cousins for Christmas. Great range and quality for those just beginning! Really can't fault.
  44. Nice!


    These brushes are soft and easy to use! I also love that they dont leave the brush hairs all over my face!
  45. Good for the price


    For this price they will obviously not be the best brushes around, however for the price they are great. Good for beginners. Come in a nice case.
  46. Good value for starter set


    I have normal to dry skin and wanted a brush set that had a nice range of brushes. All of the larger foundation/powder brushes & eyeshadow blending brushes have been fantastic. Good quality; I never have any bristles falling out and they're lovely and soft. However the fan brush is a waste of time as the bristles are too long/not firm enough so they don't pick up much powder or apply it efficientl...
    Read More
  47. Beginners set


    Great starter set for beginners but I do prefer real techniques
  48. Great value


    Soft brushes, good quality at an affordable price
  49. Not a fan...


    Brushes Do not blend well at all and bristles are constantly falling out
  50. Great for the price


    Great quality brushes for the price. Perfect for beginners
  51. cheap quality


    Cheap quality brushes. They blend a little well but overall, theyre not great
  52. I like it


    Great brush set. So soft and a great bunch of different types for all areas of your makeup application!
  53. Soft and blends well


    These brushes are better than Morphe and Zoeva. They’re super soft and they blend my foundation flawlessly without bring streaky. I would recommend this set to any beginner.
  54. Good!


    Not the best quality brushes but are more than perfect if you are not a professional makeup artist ! Totally worth it give them a try
  55. good


    These brushes are so good. They are very soft
  56. Good


    These are really great quality brushes. They are all very soft
  57. Great


    Great quality brushes considering the brush and great for beginners
  58. Great


    Great value brushes, great brushes for the price and very soft
  59. Great set of brushes


    This is such a great set of brushes I’m impressed. Another order I was skeptical of due to how cheap it was but they are great
  60. Pretty good


    These are very soft on the skin and a good collection for the price. However, upon cleaning/washing they don't retain the shape well even though I use my fingers to put these back in shape.
  61. Smells really bad. Ok quality


    I bought brushes off ebay that are the same quality with twice the number of brushes, for half the prices. I am OK with the quality for the price, however I have skin allergies and very irritated skin and so the smell of the fake leather and glue just makes me reluctant to put it anywhere near my face.
  62. Great value


    For its super cheap price, this is totally worth it. It may not be your $100 brush from Sephora or Mecca, but totally awesome for those who aren't looking for luxury brushes.
  63. Blenders dream


    Designer Brands Melodrama 10 Piece Brush Set Is such great value for money!! Brushes never leave any strands on your face and are so easy to blend
    The eyeshadow blending brushes are my FAV
  64. A keeper


    Fabulous set - a definite keeper. Have thrown all my other brushes away. Super soft and easy to clean. No fibre fly-aways and do not irritate my sensitive skin. Every shape and size you need. Obviously easy to travel with in the cute pouch, but I wish the pouch could stand upright as well to minimise dressing table space.
  65. Great value set


    These brushes are very soft, and super easy to clean. For the price of the set there really is no complaints about them. I love using the face brushes to apply blush and contour and it gives a lovely finish.
  66. Best brushes!


    These brushes are soooo good! They are so so soft and unlike some brushes, the bristles never fall out and lasts for ages! These brushes are so easy to clean and dry very fast which is very convenient. They allow the makeup to blend out very seamlessly and makes every makeup look look flawless! Definitely recommend
  67. Crazy good for the price!


    If you’re just starting out with makeup or using brushes, this set is perfect. It’s such a cheap way to boost your brush collection and provides you with everything you need to do a full face of makeup. The brush case is cute and makes it easy to travel with the brushes if you need to. The brushes are super soft and feel like they should cost way more than they are. I love them!
  68. Bargain for the price!


    Good set of brushes for the price. The quality is great for what you paid for, and the brushes are all super soft. Good for someone needing a beginner set of brushes.
  69. Great quality


    I got this as a gift and it’s such a great quality set for such a small price point! It has everything you need and is a great starter kit.
  70. Amazing value!


    I bought this because I'd left my makeup kit at a girlfriend's house, and needed something in between. I was really impressed with them. They blended products well, and were super soft.
  71. My sister loved


    I bought this for my sister for her birthday and she loved. She is a makeup pro and she said the brushes worked great! great price too.
  72. Love


    Great value for money, good diverse sized brushes!
  73. Quality and inexpensive


    I'd been looking for a new eye brush for a while and when I saw the DB melodrama set, the price immediately caught my eye. The brushes are soft, don't scratch the skin, and do an excellent job of applying the product. Great price too!
  74. Friends gift


    Ordered for a friend she loved it!
  75. Great price


    This brush set is good quality for what you pay for. The brushes are soft on the skin, I like the eyebrow brush the best.
  76. Love!


    These brushes are super soft and blend everything to perfection! There is literally a brush for every need in this set and it’s so affordable - also so cute! Highly recommend for yourself or a gift!
  77. Great quality


    These brushes are super soft and feel great on the skin the eyeshadow brushes blend shadows beautifully and when they are washed they clean so easily and keep their shape, love the pouch they come in
  78. Very affordable


    Very soft and high quality brushes that blend makeup really well and the price is very affordable. You get the whole set for the price of just one expensive makeup brush
  79. Great value


    I was sceptical about it at first, but when i received the product I’m surprised how amazing the quality is. The brushes are very soft and beautifully designed. So glad I bought it and it’s great value for its price and quality
  80. Great value for money!


    Awesome price. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I have had better brushes in the past but for this price, it is totally worth the purchase.
  81. Soft, high quality brushes


    Super soft, high quality brushes that blend makeup really well and the price is unbeatable. You get the whole set for the price of just one expensive makeup brush
  82. All time favourite brush set


    This brush set is stunning! It has all the brushes in it that I could ever need! The brushes are the best of quality, none of the hairs have fallen out and I’ve had this set for months! The bristles are so soft and don’t irritate the skin at all. Definitely recommend!!
  83. Thumbs up


    For this price point, it's hard to complain about a cruelty free brush set. As a makeup rookie, I love this!! Has all the brushes I need (and then some), and the brushes are beautiful and soft.
  84. Fantastic


    Fantastic brush set. Amazing quality at such an affordable price. Everything you need for a basic makeup kit. Love it
  85. Great so far


    So far so good. Just used the foundation brush so far and it works really well especially when applying the Jane Ireland Mineral BB cream. All brushes come in a beautiful carry bag.
  86. Love!


    So soft and beautiful absolutely love these brushes over my expensive ones!!
  87. Great brush set with value for money


    I really like this brush set as it is great quality and value for money.
    The fan brush is great for applying highlighter and blending it into the skin which stops the stripe of highlighter on your face look.

    I also use the fan brush to apply blush as it blends beautifully.
  88. cheap


    I was skeptical with the price, but am super happy with the brushes! They work well with my products and easy to wash!
  89. Amazing price!!


    I was skeptical with the price, but am super happy with the brushes! They work well with my products and easy to wash!
  90. Great


    High quality set for a good price. I use most of these and are better than my high end products. Blend out makeup nicely
  91. Such great quality


    I have used these brushes daily and are such great quality and the kit is all you need! Great to travel with too!
  92. Great for the price


    If you are a beginner and don't have many brushes yet, this is a great choice. It has a large range of brushes for different purposes, I found myself using the powder brush, contour brush and eye brushes the most.
    They also look so beautiful
  93. excellent


    these brushes are so good and make applying makeup so easy and they don't leave any streak marks at all
  94. Awesome


    beautiful color great quaality and blend makeup really well
  95. Great value


    My room mate bought me these brushes for Christmas and I love them. They are great value for the price, soft, good quality and come with a travel bag.
    I am going to purchase another set soon to expand my brush collection.
  96. Awesome


    affordable and great quality by far the best brushes for the price!
  97. Fabulous


    These brushes are great. I don't think they can be beaten in the price range. The bristles are super soft and don't fall out and stick all over your face (unlike some fancy brand-name brushes I've used in the past!). The brush roll is super handy and I find them a pleasure to use. Perfect set with everything you need.
  98. Purchasing another set


    I have so many brushes it’s a joke, and was finding that some of my high end (Bobbi etc) brushes are starting to stop cleaning so well. Bought this specifically for some extra eye options, and I am so impressed. They are very soft. I am getting another set for a friend’s birthday. I’m not sure yet if they’ll stand the test of time but at this price, even a year would be awesome!
  99. Amaze


    Amazing set and value
  100. Love these easy to use brushes


    Love these so far, easy to use and love that they have written on each brush what they are used for.
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