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Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit – Light Medium

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Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit – Light Medium by Designer Brands


Highlight, contour, and illuminate your complexion with the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit, an easy to use contour kit for light to medium skin tones. With a creamy and buildable formula, the kit delivers an ultra-professional finish for both contouring experts and novices alike, leaving skin looking naturally sculpted and radiant.


Containing the perfect combination of three skin-authentic shades, the highlight, contour, and illuminator blend effortlessly into the skin, imparting a subtle, dewy sheen which can be built up for a more dramatic makeup look.


Key benefits of the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit


  • Contour kit for light to medium skin
  • Contains three cream beauty products, to contour, highlight, and illuminate
  • Easily blended for a skin-like finish
  • Can be applied sheer for a natural makeup look or built to a dramatic contour
  • Enhances skin radiance with a subtle sheen
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Suitable for light to medium skin tones

What are the main features of the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit?

While contouring was once a beauty secret kept by makeup artists and professionals, the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit has been developed to allow any makeup beginner or expert to achieve a natural contour and highlight. The cream formulation makes the three shades incredibly easy to blend and they can be layered and built up to your desired opacity.


The kit also comes with step-by-step instructions so whether you want to define your jawline, slim your nose, or simply add a sunkissed glow to your skin, the Cream Contour Kit explains the best way to achieve your look.


How to use the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit


  • Apply highlighter under the eye area in an inverted triangle formation
  • Apply a third triangle of highlighter from between your brows up to your forehead
  • Apply highlighter down the centre of your nose, on your brow bones, and to the top of your chin
  • Use the contour shade in the hollows of your cheeks, sweeping downwards from your hairline
  • Apply contour to the sides of your nose, along your jawline and hairline, and on the temples
  • Blend contour and highlighter into the skin for a seamless finish
  • Apply the illuminator to the tops of your cheekbones and around your temples in a ‘C’ shape
  • Apply illuminator to the inner corner of your eyes and top of your cupids bow


Who should use the Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit?

The Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit bridges the gap between professional makeup methods and everyday beauty products, using high-performance yet easy to blend formulations to make it perfect for experts and novices alike. The cream formulation is suitable for all skin types, especially those with mature and dry skin as it effortlessly blends in for a dewy but natural finish.


The Designer Brands Cream Contour Kit can be used to slim down the nose and forehead, create the illusion of higher cheekbones, and soften the jawline. The shades can also be blended together to create a light bronze glow to the skin. The kit has been developed to flatter light to medium skin tones.


What are the benefits of using cream contour?

Cream contour leaves skin with a gorgeous dewy finish whereas a powder formula tends to be more mattifying. This makes cream-based beauty products a better choice for dry and lacklustre complexions who want the extra radiance boost and skin-like finish. Cream products also blend easier into the skin for a seamless finish.


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decent contour, great price - 10-07-2018 by

i really know very little about makeup and i'm not that good or well practiced at applying it but i wanted to experiment with a little contour and was after just an entry-level cream option (i graduated from powder - also designerbrands, also good).
this kit is great value, the creams themselves are... creamy and blendable, they're not too heavy so you can go for a pretty light look or build on it for more ~drama~

Great starter kit - 18-06-2018 by

This is the first time I’ve used a contour kit, and I’m very impressed. The bronzer isn’t too dark, so if I make a mistake it’s easy to blend in. I’ve been using the highlighter as a light under eye concealer too. It’s fab!

Best cream highlighter EVER!! - 12-09-2017 by

When I came on here to do a review I was surprised there was no others. Honestly this is such an amazing countour kit, I would even say it's the best I have come across. The colours are perfect and it's so blendable. It's easy to use if your a beginner or a pro. I use this all the time on myself and other people. I have both the cream and powder one and the cream is my favourite just because I like the look of cream contours better but they are both amazing. I have had mine for months now and it's still going strong. It's worth so much more then it costs so it's a real winner!!

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