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Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser 500ml 500ml

4.8 of 88 reviews

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4 instalments of $19.80


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Recommended for sensitised, reactive and recently resurfaced skin.

  • Cosmeceuticals

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SUPERIOR - 97% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Sensitivity and redness

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily
  • Oily

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4.8 of 88 reviews

97% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Calming Cleanser


I have been using this product for years and keep coming back to it as I haven't found anything else which is as good. It is a bit more expensive than other cleansers but it does certainly live up to it's name "ultra calming". Great for sensitive or sensitized skin.

Can't comment on it's makeup removing properties - I always use a separate makeup remover and then finish with the cleanser.

Most Helpful Criticism

Its okay


I liked this product but I didn’t feel refreshed or like a good cleanse. I wear heavy makeup and prefer the special cleansing gel as it gives me a fresher feel. My mum liked product when I gave it to her to try, she definitely has more sensitive skin then I.
  1. Calming Cleanser


    I have been using this product for years and keep coming back to it as I haven't found anything else which is as good. It is a bit more expensive than other cleansers but it does certainly live up to it's name "ultra calming". Great for sensitive or sensitized skin.

    Can't comment on it's makeup removing properties - I always use a separate makeup remover and then finish with the clea...
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  2. Gentle clenser

    Mary m

    I have been using this cleanser for only a few weeks and I love how it makes my skin feel. It’s gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin.
  3. I only use this


    Ever since I was introduced to this cleanser a couple of years back, I've not bothered trying anything else. My skin responds really well to this cleanser. It's a quick apply and rinse off and as soon as you rinse off you feel your face feeling fresh and tightened. Worked miracles on mum's face as well. One 500ml bottle lasts me between 6-8 months and I apply 1-3 times daily. Great stuff!
  4. Amazing!


    Such a great cleanser! Removes makeup and isnt too harsh!
  5. Gentle


    Very gentle and doesn't completely dry out my face after cleansing.
  6. So gentle!


    I love this, its so gentle, it makes my skin feel so soft and clean.
  7. beautiful a very calming smell


    this cleanses my skin thoroughly while leaving a very soft and delicate scent that is really calming :)
  8. Love


    Cleans skin well, I have oily skin and its not drying. Smells nice and fresh.
  9. Everyday cleanser


    This Dermalogica cleanser is fantastic and can be used 1-2 times per day! I have sensitive skin and do not react with this product. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean!
  10. Good for sensitive skin


    This cleanser didn't irritate my skin and helped calm the feeling of my skin, but didn't take away redness. It feels beautiful in the morning by itself after a night regime, but requires a pre-cleanse before using it after makeup as it doesn't take makeup off by itself.
  11. amazing all rounder


    I don't even have sensitive skin but I love this cleanser, a nice gel consistency which never strips my skin nad keeps it feeling fresh and nourished.
  12. a keeper


    I bought this as I suffer from rosacea, it has definitely helped with this, I have had comments that my skin is looking better. Also, its a very generous sized bottle!! I bought mine 18 months ago, and its still 1/4 full. So even if it seems exxy, it really is amazing value and will last you a very long time.
  13. Such a light cleanser


    It goes on like the water gel moisturiser and just lightly cleanses the skin. My face feel refreshed. Gentle to use in the morning and I use in combination with the pre-cleanse at night to take off all of my makeup without stripping the skin. Might have just found my forever cleanser.
  14. best cleanser I have ever tried


    I used to love and use Bioderma milk cleanser and the la Roche posey tolerant cleanser, this is better than both of them and it smells amazing!
  15. Gentle cleanser


    It does sure do what it promises; reduces discomfort whilst cleansing. I

    It is very gentle and reminds me of Cetaphil. I do like it but I don't feel refreshed or feel like I've got a good cleanse when I use it.

    For someone who doesn't wear makeup on an everyday basis, this would be perfect for you but I typically wear light makeup daily and don't feel like it cleanses ...
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  16. Good


    I have acne prone, dry and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning before applying makeup and in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  17. lovely cleanser


    Very good on dry and sensitive cleanser. It doesnot make your skin dry after washing and sting when washing.
    It did a good job.
  18. Great


    I have acne prone and sensitive skin and this cleanser didn’t irritate my skin. I use it in the morning with a glycolic cleanser in the evening. So far so good. Definitely recommend for sensitive skin.
  19. Beautiful product


    I have dry, sensitive skin and struggle with standard gel cleansers stripping my face of what little hydration it has. I use this after my Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil to double-cleanse and it's beautiful. It doesn't foam too much, the scent is not overpowering, and my face never feels super tight or flaky after using it.
  20. Great for sensitive skin!


    This is amazing if your skin is red/sensitive/inflamed. It's very soothing and I love the smell!
  21. Great for redness


    I used this cleanser when my skin was really sensitive and red and this helped to calm my skin down. It doesn’t foam up like the Special Cleansing Gel but I feel this helps to not disturb the skin too much when cleansing. It reduced my sensitivity dramatically and I would highly recommend this product to those with similar conditions.
  22. great product for sensitive skin


    It is perfect for sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin, easy to irritate and turn red. I am careful when I choose skincare products. It calms my skin very well, but a bit over budget for me. I recommend Avene more.
  23. Ultra calming for sure!


    This cleanser does what it says it will do. It cleanses your skin but doesn't irritate it or leave it dry. The creamy texture is lovely and feels quite luxurious.
  24. Favourite for sensitive skin


    The creamy consistency of this cleanser is so nice for sensitive skin, it doesn't dry my skin out at all. My skin almost feels moisturised after which never happens!
  25. Good gel cleanser


    This is a nice, non-stripping gel cleanser for people of all skin types and concerns, not just sensitive. If you have very sensitive skin, I'd be a little concerned by the lavender in this, but if you have no aversion to fragrance, then you'll likely love it. It's almost like a luxury version of Cetaphil cleanser in terms of the consistency, but seems to clean a whole lot better.
  26. The only cleanser I use


    This cleanser is fantastic if you have sensitive prone skin. I have tried and tested plenty of other cleansers but I keep coming back to this one. I have been using this for the past four years and haven't looked back.
  27. My new favouritr


    I received a sample of this and I loved using it! I have sensitive skin and this cleanser was gentle but effective. It took off most of my make up also. I love that it comes in such a large size and I am about to purchase it - Thanks AB for introducing it to me!
  28. So gentle


    Super gentle on the skin but takes of makeup really well!
  29. Best cleanser for sensitised skin


    Fantastic cleanser for sensitive/combination skin
  30. Best cleanser for sensitised skin


    Fantastic cleanser for sensitive/combination skin
  31. Gentle


    Super nice on the skin, doesn’t dry me out but still gives that really clean feeling!
  32. Sample test


    I have tried this product out via a sample over a period of a few days. I found it to be really soft and gentle, perfect for my sensitive skin. This size would last you forever
  33. Always come back to this


    A great, gentle cleanser. Best used as a second step, after Dermologica's Precleanse to remove makeup first.
  34. Great for sensitive skin!

    Fatin Nabilah

    I really love this cleanser, I have used it for many many years. Even if I'm trying to be adventurous and try other cleanser, I will always come back for this! A really gentle cleanser that really calms down my skin (note: I have dry, sensitive, acne prone skin and I also have rosacea flare ups at times!). If you wear heavy makeup, this cleanser won't remove it. You need to use other type of clean...
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  35. Perfect for sensitive skin!


    Combination oily skin here, as well as super sensitive; and this cleanser is perfect for me!
  36. Amazing


    i have tried many cleansers as I suffer with seborrheic dermatitis and finding the right product has been difficult but I have now found this amazing cleanser which calms my skin and takes away the redness ....AMAZING!!!
  37. The only thing hubby will use


    This cleanser is great for my hubby 'angry' skin
  38. Lovely


    this cleanser is so good! it hydrates my skin so much! my skin is really sensitive and this cleanser helps so much it calms it down a lot and doesn't make me break out at all
  39. Great Cleanser


    This cleanser is amazing! I recommend it 100%. My skin is sensitive and dry with ance, and this cleanser is honestly perfect for me I can really see a difference when I use it!
  40. Gentle cleanser for sensitive skin


    Very gente cleanser, didn't irritate or dry my skin out at all.
    No tight feeling, or redness. didnt upset my skin balance

    Need to double cleanse to remove any sunscreens and makeup

    Amazing cleanser, would definitely recommend trying it. Goes very well with the daily microexfoliant.
  41. Very gentle cleanser


    I buy this for my husband as he has very sensitive skin and its just nice and gentle
  42. Impressive cleanser


    I received this product as a sample (among many other cleansers I've tested recently) and I was pleasantly surprised at the feel on my skin and how nice it left my skin after cleansing. It's soft on the skin but you can tell you're still receiving that thorough cleanse that you want. I would definitely buy this product full size and recommend for any other Dermologica fans!
  43. not the best for oily skin


    I think this product works better for dry/sensitive skin. i am absolutely obsessed with this range!I have pretty oily skin but i definitely wouldn't recommend to anyone with a similar skin type! The other dermalogica cleansers are better suited
  44. Combo Skin - finally handled!


    I have been using this product for years. I have combination dry skin so this product works great for me in the morning for a freshen up. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and my face has a nice clean and soft feel.
  45. Brilliant for sensitive skin suffering from redness


    Great product. I suffer from extremely sensitive skin and this product has made a huge difference in calming my outbreaks. It doesn’t dry my skin out, doesn’t irritate and it’s just fantastic. My overall skin quality has improved immensely.
  46. Good


    In only a few washes my face has never felt so soft! this cleans deeply while not feeling abrasive or drying. Only the smallest amount is enough so it will last forever also! highly recommend!
  47. Gentle and affective


    Love this cleanser for daily use. Gentle enough to use morning and night and leaves skin feeling super clean without stripping. I have sensitive and reactive skin and have found this product to be the best everyday cleanser. Have re purchased many times and feel no need to look any further.
  48. Another winner by Dermalogica


    I haven't really tried any other cleansers. I find this one works well for me as I have quite sensitive skin. Some products tend to leave my skin red after using, but not this one. It barely feels like there's anything to it, but I know it works wonders.

    Definitely try this one out if you've got sensitive skin.

    This size lasts me about 4-6 months using a pump day and nig...
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  49. mask or wash


    I first tried this product at a spa, where the skin specialist advised I apply a thick layer onto my skin and leave on for 20 minutes to calm my allergic reaction. It worked wonders, particularly on conjunction with the other calming range products.
    It is extremely pleasant and cleans really well for being gentle.
  50. Amazing cleanser


    This cleanser is amazing for my sensitive skin. It's cooling, reduces redness and hydrates. After a few months use, my skin is feeling so much softer and less red.
  51. Calming Cleanser


    I have rosacea and after reading all the other Adore Beauty reviews, I purchased this cleanser. I'm so glad I did - it's very gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and calm. Has definitely helped to reduce redness and my skin feels nourished (not stripped of oils). For my skin type (rosacea & aging), this cleanser is perfect.
  52. My favourite gentle cleanser!


    The perfect morning cleanser and post facial/peel cleanser. Extremely gentle on the skin and leaves your face feeling nice and fresh. I have repurchased this product twice in the past two years. It is an extremely large bottle, so should last 6 + months.
  53. Perfect for Senstive skin


    I have such sensitive skin and have struggled to find the perfect face wash for my skin type until I was introduced to this by a friend and from that day on there was no going back
  54. Brilliant cleanser


    I've used so many cleansers over the years. Some strip my skin, make me break out or don't quite so the job properly. This is the perfect balance. It cleans my skin without causing a reaction, more pimples or dryness. I can use it in the shower which is a must for me. I have bought 3 large bottles so far and will keep going. It's effective, easy to use and calms my often red, sensitive skin. I...
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  55. The Best


    Yes, it's actually the best for my dry, acne prone skin. I started using this a few years ago and I noticed fewer breakouts after a week. It's soothing and more like a balm than a cream, and it leaves my skin clean but not dried out. It's super gentle and doesn't take off heavy eye makeup, but that's not a deal breaker for me.

    Do yourself and your skin a favour and try this cleanser....
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  56. Used this for years


    I have been using this product for years. I have combination dry skin so this product works great for me in the morning for a freshen up. Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry and my face has a nice clean and soft feel.
  57. Very gentle cleanser


    My skin can quickly dry out with many cleansers and it has a tendency to become red quite easily. The ultra calming cleanser feels beautiful on my skin and gives a deep clean. It leaves my skin feeling fresh. The pump action bottle has lasted a very long time.
  58. Grear for sensitive skin


    I have tried numerous cleansers but when my beautician uses this on me for a facial, my skin didn't sting like other brands!
  59. Good


    This cleanser is brilliant! I have very dry and sensitive skin and this is the only cleanser I have found that does not irritate my skin. It is very calming for my skin and soothes redness. I have used this cleanser for many years now and I will continue to do so.
  60. Great for Dry/Sensitive Skin


    Last year I experience significant sebum build-up which created an almost cystic-like acne on my jawline. I realised that my skin was incredibly dry and has always been very sensitive so this product was recommended to me. The acne cleared up entirely after using this (along with the other UltraCalming products), and I don't get that tight feeling after washing my face as much as I did before. Lov...
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  61. Its okay


    I liked this product but I didn’t feel refreshed or like a good cleanse. I wear heavy makeup and prefer the special cleansing gel as it gives me a fresher feel. My mum liked product when I gave it to her to try, she definitely has more sensitive skin then I.
  62. Beautiful and fresh


    I love this cleanser. My skin always feels soft and beautiful. Highly recommend for those folk with sensitive skin. It’s lovely and mild.
  63. Gentle but thorough cleanser


    Very soothing, gentle cleanser. Great for dry, sensitive skin. Removes long wearing foundation beautifully. My favourite!
  64. Gentle and great for sensitive skin


    Love this cleanser, I got a sample in my last purchase and then a bought a full size one. My skin gets easily irritated with new products but this cleanser is creamy and non-foaming and I love it. Imagine 5 step ups from Cetaphil and with added extra nourishment.
  65. perfect for hypersensitive skin


    It doesn't feel like its working wonders on your skin but it definitely doesnt irritate it either and is perfect for those with irritated, sensitive skin. I use it on my body too sometimes
  66. Excellent cleanser for sensitive skin


    I have been using this cleanser for just over a week and the product does what it promises - cleanses the skin and leaves the skin calm. My skin is almost always red after washing and applying creams even with other gentle products, but my skin has no redness at all using this cleanser.

    I am very impressed and will definitely re-purchase. I recommend this to anyone with sensitive ski...
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  67. obssessed is an understatment


    This cleanser is amazing! I have sensitive combination skin and this product is the BEST for it. After cleansing, my face feels soft and clean. I've only been using dermalogica for around a week and can see a difference in my skin already and regret not splurging earlier. The price point always put me off but 500ml seems like it's going to last me months as I only need to use a small amount each w...
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    I have dry skin but also suffer from rosacea, this product is amazing. It makes my skin feel amazing and fresh.
  69. Good cleanser


    This is a good gentle cleanser. Doesn’t dry skin out. Good for dry or sensitive skin
  70. Leaves skin feeling amazing!


    I've used Dermalogica products for YEARS. I switched to this product when I went on roaccutane a few years ago from the medibac range and I have loved it since!

    Once I wipe my makeup off I do tend to wash my face twice as I have a bit of residue left, but it feels so amazing and soft after. Other washes tend to dry out my face and make it feel tight after. Highly recommend! The big bo...
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  71. Amazing cleanser


    I am so happy with this purchase. I normally use Cetaphil on account of my dry and sensitive skin, and because I’ve found it hard to justify spending much money on cleansers. However, this cleanser has changed my mind and I won’t bother using anything else now. It doesn’t foam at all, but I can still feel that it is cleaning my skin. It feels so cooling and lovely on the skin, and I don’t have tha...
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  72. PH balanced!


    One of the best cleansers that doesn't leave your skin squeaky or dehydrated afterwards. It's the perfect addition to my daily skin routine.
  73. Skin feels clean and calm


    I have sensitive, dehydrated, combination skin. After using this cleanser, my skin feels really clean and refreshed. My skin is overly sensitive to a lot of products but when I use this cleanser, my skin is calm and it doesn't breakout! I love this cleanser and definitely recommend this to those who have sensitive, reactive skin!
  74. Great for my combination skin!


    I love this cleanser - it's the perfect balance of a gel cleanser and a cream cleanser, which is perfect for my combo skin (dry & sensitive cheeks, oily & congested t-zone). I don't get many breakouts anymore but when I do, I really feel like this cleanser calms everything down and is the perfect first step in my skin routine.

    Some might think this is expensive but honestly, it's a G...
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  75. Gentle and effective


    I normal/combination skin and this cleanser works great. It takes off all my makeup while leaving my skin nourished. I use it with the daily microfoliant and the results are so good! I bought this because i found other cleansers really stripping but this is perfect. It does exactly what it says! Would highly recommend!
  76. If you have sensitive skin this is a must!


    I have dry/ sensitive skin and this works so well on my skin! Makes me feel super clean but doesn't strip my skin of its moisture!
  77. Love


    This is so calming to use. Makes my skin feel so lovely! It is such a soft texture and I am in love with it!
  78. Soothing and gentle - highly recommend.


    This cleanser is perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Other 'sensitive' cleansers have left my skin red, hot and tight afterwards but this cools and soothes as you use it and your skin feels soft and smooth afterwards. It's so gentle I also use it to take my mascara off. I highly recommend this product.
  79. Love


    I like this so much more than the special cleansing gel. It's literally so refreshing on my skin, the way it felt was like silk gliding over my face. My skin was left clean and not irritated at all. 10/10 product!
  80. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have really really sensitive skin that often feels hot to touch, this helps to cool it down and really makes a difference in how it feels and how it reacts!
  81. Best cleanser so far


    I have purchased this one twice and will probably use this in the long run. Yes it is expensive but the 500mL does last a long time. I am close to 30 and still get mild hormonal breakouts and this along with the barrier repair keeps my combination skin in check. I have noticed reduced redness, breakouts and far less flaking on the bridge of my nose. It's a winner.
  82. Soft skin


    Leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated . Received as sample would love to purchase and use long term tho a little pricey
  83. Does what it says.


    I love this gentle cleanser. I use it in the mornings, it so soft on my skin and helps keep the breakouts at bay.
  84. Fantastic Cleanser - Staple in Skincare Routine


    After years of switching between St Ives and Biore, I'm so thankful to have found an all around amazing cleanser that really looks after my skin. Great for all skin types, but especially sensitive - it works wonders cleansing skin in a gentle manner using well balanced ingredients. I recommend the 500ml purely just on value for money!
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