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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 500ml 500ml

4.6 of 412 reviews

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4 instalments of $20.90

Or 4 instalments of $20.90 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel is a soap-free botanical blend of Quillaja Saponaria and calming Lavender that foams away impurities without leaving the skin feeling tight or dry, while super-soothing Balm Mint helps calm sensitivity.
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SUPERIOR - 92% recommend

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 500ml

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 500ml

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Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel 500ml Reviews

4.6 of 412 reviews

92% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

good choice


I repurchased 2 bottles. After washing, the skin is smooth and clean after removing simple makeup. The foam is not very thick and dense, but it is very light and thin, but it feels good after washing and the cleansing power does not collapse. , When washing, it will not be greasy and the grease on the face will be washed clean. After washing, the face will feel very smooth and not tight.

Most Helpful Criticism

Best Cleanser!


This cleanser leaves my skin feeling so clean and doesn't dry my skin out. My favourite cleanser I've used.
  1. Clean as anything


    This cleanser is so good. It thoroughly cleans the skin and great for problematic skin types, especially acne prone.
  2. good choice


    I repurchased 2 bottles. After washing, the skin is smooth and clean after removing simple makeup. The foam is not very thick and dense, but it is very light and thin, but it feels good after washing and the cleansing power does not collapse. , When washing, it will not be greasy and the grease on the face will be washed clean. After washing, the face will feel very smooth and not tight.
  3. My Goto Cleanser


    verified purchaser
    I've using this cleanser for over 12 months & I love everything about it. It's an excellent everyday cleanser & last for ages. Very good value for the size and price.
  4. My go to


    verified purchaser
    My go to cleanser. I've been using this for years now and I love it! Leaves the skin feel refreshed and hydrated without stripping away your natural oils. Good value for money the bottle last a long time. I would highly recommend!l to anyone!!
  5. good deal


    verified purchaser
    such a good cleanser, always will repurchase in this size as its great value
  6. Good value gel


    The gel smells slightly citrusy and cleanses well without stripping oils
  7. Feels clean and not drying


    I've been using exfoliating acids and this cleanser helps to clean my face without drying out my face more.
  8. Lovely


    A great cleanser, gentle but effective and doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dry.
  9. Love this


    verified purchaser
    My favourite cleanser. The tub lasts ages, makes my skin feel so clean and has definitely improved my skin. Love it.
  10. Best cleanser!


    verified purchaser
    I have used Special Cleansing Gel for almost twenty years and I absolutely love it.
    I haven't been able to find another cleanser that feels as lovely as this. It lathers nicely, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean without any residue. It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or tight like other cleansers I have tried. I am sure it is designed for a younger skin (in my forties), but I ha...
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  11. Great for a deep cleanse


    A nice gel cleanser that gives you a good clean.
  12. Gel like


    I find this very gentle which is key. Leaves my skin cleansed without irritating it
  13. Gentle cleansing


    I love this cleanser for deep cleansing my face without makeup on as it tends to struggle with removing waterproof eye makeup. That being said, I love this gel cleanser for cleansing my face without removing all the oils from my skin and leaving it feeling tight and dry. Although this is slightly more pricey than drugstore cleansers, it's affordable for the amount of product received and the effec...
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  14. The most gentle cleanser


    I am on my 3rd bottle of this cleanser. Absolutely loving it! It is gentle at the same time does it job. Suit for normal to dry skin.
  15. Love it!


    Such a great cleanser! Cleans my skin without overly striping my skin!
  16. Very good


    I have oily/acne prone skin and this cleanser makes my skin feel super clean without drying it out and completely stripping it.
  17. Amazing


    This cleanser is amazing. My skin feels super clean but not dry after using it.
  18. Light everyday cleanser


    its a light cleanser you can use everyday but it wont remove makeup on it own. It so soothing for my sensitive skin though, and doesnt strip off the oils!
  19. Great cleanser


    This cleanser cleans my skin without drying it out and has such a lovely scent. You only need a tiny amount to wash your face so this 500ml bottle will last quite a while so good value for money!
  20. New Favourite!

    Amelia L

    I usually don't like foaming cleansers as they make my skin feel dry and almost sticky afterwards, but this one doesn't do that at all! My skin feels super soft and hydrated, especially after I use the pre-cleanse. I think I have found my new favourite duo and I am glad the reviews lived up to my expectations.
  21. Best cleanser


    I have been using it for years and still love it.
    Dont leave the dry and itchy feeling after all.
  22. great!


    Really happy with this, gives my skin a lovely cleanse and my skin doesn’t feel stripped or anything.
  23. Worth the price tag


    This cleanser is brilliant. Cleanses thoroughly but doesn't strip the skin or leave it feeling tight.
    My whole family love using it.
    A small amount goes a long way so a bottle lasts a long time. Will always repurchase!
  24. Great product


    I’ve used this product for years. It leaves your skin so clean. It is an essential and my go too. Would re purchase this as it leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft
  25. Best Cleanser


    This cleanser was great for my acne, I noticed big results after the first few days using this product. My acne diapered and my skin felt so clean and fresh. It lasts a really long time so it is worth the price. The only negative is that this product stripped all my natural oils.
  26. All time fave!


    I love this cleansing gel. I have combination skin which is prone to breakouts and I have not had one issue using this cleanser. Works best with the pre-cleanser but l will definitely order again and again.


    I've used other cleansers before and thought they were pretty good...until I tried this! I love how I actually feel like I've had a deep clean with this but also that it leaves my skin SO hydrated!
  28. Such an amazing product


    One of the best cleansing gels I've come across, I love the way it feels on my skin and how clean you feel after! I also use it with my Foreo for a deeper cleanse when needed, too scared to even try other products after this one
  29. Not my friend


    I used this product with a couple other dermalogica products and was pretty disappointed. My combination/acne ridden skin was very confused and didn’t seem to agree with it. Hopefully others have had better luck.
  30. Love it


    My sensitive, dry skin hates almost everything but this cleanser is perfect. I've been using it for years now & it cleans well without striping my skin & leaving it dry. Use it morning & night with a micro-fibre cleansing pad & only need a tiny amount so it's really good value in this size.
  31. Nice but not ideal for sensitive skin


    I liked this cleanser but found it slightly harsh for sensitive skin. I prefer the gentle one Dermalogica makes. If you have normal skin this should work well for you.
  32. Beautiful gentle cleanser


    This cleanser doesn't dehydrate your skin which is amazing. It's super gentle but works really effectively. The only downfall is the price I just wish it wasn't so expensive.
  33. Super clean

    Elle Maze

    I alternate using this cleanser, I do find that is a little too drying for my skin and I would consider my skin to be normal with the occasional excessive oil flow. I would probably use this more in the summer or when I want to remove makeup with the first cleanse. Great cleanser for oily skin that like the tightening feeling without really stripping the oil back completely.
  34. A great cleanser for senstive skin


    My skin can handle a fair but so this one was a little too gentle for me. I still have a 500ml in the shower from about a year ago and I use it in the days leading up to a skin needling session.
  35. Favourite cleanser


    I love this cleanser. I have been using it for the past 10 years and despite my skin changing over that time it still seems to work so well for me. I have sensitive skin and this does not irritate it at all. Does not leave my skin feeling tight but removes any makeup and always leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I cant imagine ever changing to any other cleanser.
  36. Love


    Best cleanser I’ve ever used doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, it feels hydrating and foams up really nicely especially when used in conjunction with the vanity planet spa system
  37. Don't do it!


    I bought this after hearing that this brand make incredible products, and although it was expensive the reviews justified it.

    I have to say, this is the WORST cleanser for the price that it is. I saw absolutely zero benefit for my skin and blemishes, if anything it just make it worse.

    I've instead started using Cosmedix which although is similar in pricing, has done won...
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  38. Love it


    The best cleanser I have tried. I use of an evening and not to drying on my already dry/acne prone skin. Well worth the money and the bottle last forever!
  39. Always Come Back To This!


    This has been the best cleanser I have ever used! I get my facials at dermalogica as well so I am a bit biased, but when i do stray away and test other products I always come back to this because it leaves skin feeling so cleaned but not that striped or squeaky clean feeling, just super soft and well looked after.
  40. look no further


    literally the best cleanser i have ever used. Its such a thorough clean yet its so gentle i can use it on my eyes too.
  41. Perfect for sensitive skin


    I have quite sensitive, fussy skin so I’m always tentative about trying certain products. But this is the best cleanser I’ve ever used. It is so gentle, yet effective. And you only need a tiny amount (I use in conjunction with a silicone cleansing brush). I have had this for nearly a year, I wash my face twice a day and I’ve only gone through about a third of the bottle. Great value for money!
  42. Cannot live without


    Have been using this product for many years and just keep going back for more. It's so fantastic at giving my sensitive skin a deep cleanse. I wear makeup and suncream everyday and it removes all traces and leaves my skin fresh but not dry. Cannot recommend this product highly enough. I also cannot go a day without using it and have small travel sizes to take away with me.
  43. Best Cleanser


    This cleanser is gentle enough for every day use. I use it twice a day without issues.
    My skin is improving and is currently looking the best it ever has!
  44. My Holy Grail!

    Ally J

    I was recommended this product from my Beauty Therapist... and she was not wrong! I suffer from cystic acne and very oily skin and I use the product night and day. It does not strip your face and doesn't leave it feeling dried out like other harsh cleaners. It is very gentle and does the trick! I decided to buy the 500ml and its worth every penny!
  45. Great for sensitive skin!


    I tried the small version of this product in a Dermalogica pack and loved it. My super sensitive skin doesn't show any signs of redness when using this, but still feels super clean.
  46. My #1 Product


    It's taken years and numerous products to finally find the right cleanser for me. I found so many cleansers left my skin feeling tight and dry where as Dermalogica's special cleaning gel felt amazing. It goes on easily with it being in gel form and foams up just enough to get great coverage with just a small amount of product.
  47. Cleans well


    This product cleans well and leaves skin quite nice
    Doesn’t dry out
    I have purchased this many times the big bottle lasts so long
  48. Super clean!


    Leaves your skin feeling super clean without your skin feeling tight or dehydrated. All time favourite!
  49. Love this


    Cleans well and my face feels fresh and soft afterwards.
  50. Holy grail


    I will repurchase this over and over. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and this cleanser is amazing. Leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out. Unsure if it helps clear my acne but it definitely helps maintain clearer skin.
  51. Didn’t suit my skin


    I wanted to love this product. The first couple of uses felt amazing but then my skin started to feel stripped and overly sensitive.
  52. Great cleanser for the lazy husband


    This is perfect for my husband's oily, combination skin. It doesn't dry his skin out, and is gentle enough that he can go without moisturiser as he is too lazy to remember it. The pump pack is brilliant as heavens forbid he has to open a lid. I love the size as it lasts him ages. Thanks Dermalogica and Adore Beauty for making my life easier.
  53. Love the gel just wish it was cheaper


    I love this face wash and both my husband and I use it daily, I just wish it was cheaper. Buying a bigger size is definitely more value for money but you have to be careful with the pump not to pump too much.
  54. good cleanser-good value


    Seriously good value! lovely everyday cleanser
  55. definitely special!


    amazing! works great, definitely a staple item. doesn’t leave my face dehydrated but still cleanses very nicely
  56. Best cleanser


    I use this cleanser daily and it works amazingly on my skins
  57. Great cleanser


    This is a great gel cleanser for my oily skin, it not only deep cleanse your skin it leaves it soft and not at all dry.
    Really foams up well which is what I also like.
  58. Easy and goes the distance


    I was recommended this product by a Dermalogica beauty therapist, and immediately loved it for several reasons: no scent, large quantity, and texture / lather. It's gentle enough to use twice a day, or even twice in one wash (which gives you a really good clean). This is my second purchase, and it won't be my last.
  59. feels nice


    lathers up and feels good on the skin, it is just a bit expensive.
  60. everyday cleanser


    lathers easily, leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed. lifts off last bits of makeup without drying the skin. works great with active moist or skin smoothing cream. perfect for everyday use.
  61. Perfect everyday cleanser


    I love Dermalogica, and the special cleansing gel is one of my favourite products they make. It does a thorough job cleaning my skin without leaving it feeling stripped and dry. I love to mix in a bit of Demalogica Daily Superfoliant after wearing makeup for a deeper clean.
  62. very soothing to skin


    very light and soothing to the skin. removes off dirt very easily and quickly. great for oily skin too
  63. Special cleanser


    I love this cleanser! its gentle on the skin and helps remove excess dirt and makeup! i have really sensitive skin to and it works wonders!
  64. Clesner that doesnt dry you out!


    Have been using this product for about 3 weeks now and am really happy with the results.
    My skin tends to dry out quite easily with most cleansers but this give me a deep clean without being too harsh on my skin, will purchase again!
  65. Recommend


    Love this cleanser, I have been using this cleanser for a while. Its easy on your skin but really does leave your skin feeling and looking clean.
  66. Skin saviour


    This has changed my skin completely. No more breakouts, no more dry patches, no more congestion; this is fantastic
  67. A good product


    I originally got given this cleanser as a sample, and was glad to buy the full product.
  68. Amazing


    This is a good cleanser and it leaves my skin clean but it is not my favourite cleanser
  69. pretty good


    I received this as a sample and I was surprised to see how well it lathers and it gets rid of oils on my face and leaves the skin soft and glowy.
  70. Saved my skin!


    I started to break out a lot and decided to try a new cleanser. This cleanser definitely fixed that! Even my boyfriend loves this cleanser!
  71. Gets skin squeaky clean


    I brought this product because of the price and value for money. I am not disappointed with the product. I do a double cleanse because I wear a full face makeup and it leaves my skin squeaky clean.
  72. great clenser


    this is by far a must for all. its a gentle cleanser and suitable for most skins types. Only need to use a small pea size amount as little goes along way. My skin feels great
  73. Amazing cleanser


    Great cleanser, it makes my face feel super clean and it is very gentle. I have problem skin and it definitely helps.
  74. Welcome to clear skin


    After using many different products to clear my skin and cleanse properly, I came across dermalogica. This product has worked wonders for my skin. It doesn’t dry my skin out and my skin is clear, is clean and feels amazing. I’ve now been using this product for going on 3 years and have no desire to change products any time soon.
  75. Great


    This cleans my skin really thoroughly and worked great for my sensitive skin but is a bit expensive
  76. I'll never use another cleanser again!


    I have sensitive skin and have tried many cleansers with no luck before my mum recommended this one to me. I wish she told me about it years ago! I love it, it's the right consistency and goes a long way. I take it down my neck and onto my chest and shoulders. While it's not the most desirable fragrance, its not an over powering smell so all round, you're left feeling lovely and clean.
  77. Great for sensitive skin


    This has been really great for my acne prone sensitive skin. It leaves my skin smooth and fresh
  78. Best Cleanser!


    This cleanser leaves my skin feeling so clean and doesn't dry my skin out. My favourite cleanser I've used.
  79. Sqeaky clean


    This is a great, gentle cleanser that leaves your skin feeling free from make-up, the day's dirt, and toxins. It foams up with water so a little goes a long way / you don't need much!.
    I do agree that it is expensive, however it leaves your skin feeling really clear with long term usage.
    I bought the biggest bottle to get the best value for money, my only concern is that the pump som...
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  80. One of the best cleansers


    Love this cleanser. Does everything it says it will. Cleans amazingly it doesn’t dry this skin. Very slight smell but not bad. Foams into a lather easily and readily. Only thing I don’t really like is the pump action is so strong it always dispenses out too much and I can’t get it to just do a half pump.
  81. Wish I tried sooner!!


    I have always heard good things about dermalogica and don’t know why I didn’t give them a go sooner!!
    I’ve had problem skin all my life ( now 31 ), I don’t have severe acne but I do breakout enough that you can see it under my makeup and it’s always around my mouth, chin and jawline. I have tried a lot of different products with nothing working!!
    I finally decided to try this cleanse...
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  82. Nice, but not great

    Sarah W

    I usually use ASAP gentle cleansing gel but when it ran out I decided purchase Dermologica Special Cleaning Gel as it was on special and was excellent value. It’s a lovely cleanser, but for me it feels a little heavy on my skin and doesn’t leave it with the fresh and clean feel that ASAP gentle cleanser does (without feeling dry). I think if I had some skin sensitivities this would feel calming an...
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  83. Really like this cleanser!


    I really enjoyed using this cleanser! I give the skin a deep cleanse but doesn't strip it completely or make me feel dry. I will definitely be repurchasing!!
  84. Staple for years


    I've been using this as my foam cleanser for years despite always changing up my skincare routine. A little goes a long way so this bottle easily lasts me 8 months. Always leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.
  85. Awesome face wash and makeup remover


    This cleanser is light in scent and gives the perfect foaming lather without stripping skin. Leaves you feeling clean and not tight and dry. Perfect for my combination and sensitive skin. Love this line.
  86. Fantasy product


    Love it, leaves skin fresh and rejuvenated, would recommend
  87. The only cleanser you need


    This cleanser does not strip your skin of oils but gives it a deep clean. The bottle with the flat top is perfect for am so getting the last blobs of product out when you sit the bottle upside down. The smell and consistency is great. You also don't need to use too much which means the product last a long time!
  88. Amazing.


    So good loved it during the days I used it a moisturiser after this is a must though
  89. Love


    Cleans skin well, I have oily skin and its not drying. Smells nice and fresh.
  90. Holy Grail Cleanser


    I have tried so many cleansers that have not agreed with my skin whatsoever, ona whim i bought the special cleansing gel. MY skin is quite oily but sensitive and prone to breakouts from new products. This is the best cleanser i ahve used, gentle enough for my skin. I have now been buying this for over a year an a half, love it!
  91. Fresh and calming


    I absolutely love this cleanser. It seems to calm my skin down and I've noticed a lot less redness since I've been using this gel.
  92. Spot on cleanser


    Love that it is and easily spreads on wet skin. Gives a thorough cleanse and when used after imicellar water it removes all my makeup.
  93. Excellent cleansing


    A lovely way to start your cleansing routine in the evening. I find it gentle yet very effective.
    Follow up with a cleanser to refresh or purify and your skin will be clean, clear and makeup free.
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