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Dermalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant by Dermalogica


A staff favourite here at Adore Beauty, Dermalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant is a true gem in the vast world of exfoliators. Using both chemical and physical exfoliants, this unique exfoliator stimulates cell turnover and cell regeneration, fighting uneven texture, tone, sun damage, and enlarged pores. After just one use, MultiVitamin Thermafoliant will become your new smooth-skin secret weapon.


Key benefits:


  • Uses both chemical and physical exfoliators for serious exfoliation.
  • Smooths uneven texture and skin tone.
  • Visibly reduces hyperpigmentation with consistent use.
  • Minimises the appearance of pores.
  • Stimulates healthy production of collagen.
  • PETA-accredited, cruelty-free.


Key ingredients:


  • Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid exfoliate on the skin’s surface as well as within the pore to smooth skin and minimise visibility of pores.
  • Retinol stimulates cell turnover and promotes a youthful complexion.
  • Antioxidants Green Tea and Vitamin E fight free radical damage whilst fortifying skin against environmental aggressors.
  • Soothing Rose, Clove, and Sunflower Oils prevent irritation, leaving skin resurfaced without inflammation or dryness.


How to use:


  • Cleanse skin.
  • Apply a grape-sized amount to hands and gently massage onto damp skin in slow, circular movements. Apply only light pressure to prevent irritation.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Continue with skincare routine as usual.


Who is Dermalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant for?

This unique exfoliator, whilst suitable for all skin types, ages, and genders, is most useful for resurfacing skin due to hyperpigmentation, uneven tone, or rough texture. Those already using serums or treatments that contain acid exfoliators may want to limit use to once or twice a week to prevent irritation.


Are chemical exfoliators safe for sensitive skin?

Chemical exfoliators, though they may sound more intense than scrubs, are actually a great choice for sensitive skin. Exfoliating acids minimise the need for rubbing and scrubbing, which can cause easily sensitised skin to become inflamed or irritated. Although every complexion is different, chemical exfoliators are certainly safe for most skins that identify as sensitive.


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Great for sensitive skin - 09-01-2019 by

I have sensitive skin and have used this with no issues with drying out my skin or reaction. It’s kepy my skin clear and great to use with other dermalogica products

Amazing - 13-12-2018 by

Skin type: Dry/combination

This product really shocked me, its amazing, I love the way it warms up and leaves my skin so smooth. I save this for prior to big events or when my skin needs that extra oomf.

Beautiful smooth feel! - 07-12-2018 by

I had a facial done overseas and they used this on my skin. I had to have it after that because my skin felt soo good! It gets a warm feeling when you start rubbing it over your face and then it cools off after a little bit. Once you wash it off your skin is soooo smooth! I have never been let down by any Dermalogica products and this one is one I would definately recommend!

Amazing - 29-11-2018 by

Best exfoliant on the market!! I've used it every morning since Dermalogica launched it years ago. Nothing comes close. Smooth, radiant skin and better make-up application & wear.

Love this - 16-11-2018 by

This is a great product that unfortunately my husband ended up loving so I didn’t get to enjoy it as long.
It makes your skin feel super smooth and it warms as you use it, so it was nice to use when not in the shower

Great product - 12-11-2018 by

I received a couple of samples of this and will definitely be buying a full one. I have large pores and it's done a great job of clearing them. It warms up on your hands and face which was weird at first but obviously helps to open pores to clear them out. And it leaves your skin feeling really soft. I'm not a fan of the smell, reminds me of the dentist, but don't even care as it does such a great job, it's worth it. Best exfoliating product I've tried.

My favourite exfoliator - 26-10-2018 by

I have been using this exfoliator for a few years now. I have combination skin and find it really helps to reduce congestion in my tzone. My skin feels clean, smooth and soft afterward and I find my makeup goes on so nicely after use so I’ll often use it before a special event. It gives that “scrub” feeling without being too abrasive. You only need a small amount and the tube lasts for ages if using around once a week. Highly recommend!

Amazing - 04-10-2018 by

feels amazing - deep cleans your skin. Would recommend!

fantastic face scrub! - 27-09-2018 by

About two years ago I went from using the St. Ive's apricot scrub to Demalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant. Although I knew St. Ive's was bad for my skin I liked how the scrub 'felt' as though it reduced my whiteheads on my nose (being one of my problematic areas). I've struggled to find an alternative scrub that mimic'd this effect without the harmful additives.

To be honest, the first time I used Dermalogica I was very hesitant, being a uni student $80+ for a scrub is a hefty price however within a week of using this product I have seen significant changes in my skin, feels smoother softer and visually reduced my pores.

I use the MultiVitamin around 2-3 times a week, this product lasts a year (give or take) before having to buy another.

best exfoliant ever - 18-09-2018 by

this exfoliant, feels amazing and smells amazing, you can feel it working when you first put it on the skin it creates a heat and gently exfoliates your face. makes my face feel so soft and cream after.

Best exfoliant ever! - 04-09-2018 by

I’ve got sensitive skin and have found dermalogica’s cleansers a little strong in the past but I needed to try this product to see what the hype is about and I’m a believer! I use this once a week as part of my routine and have never had better skin!

Fab exfoliant - 03-09-2018 by

I live overseas and whenever I come back to Australia I restock on this product. I’m 32 and my skin tone isn’t the greatest. I use this product once a week and it really does improve my skin and make it feel smoother. The smoother skin really makes the skin look better with make up on as well. It’s a strong exfoliant but just use a bit with water and it works great. It feels like I’ve been to the salon after I use it and put on a good moisturiser

Feels so good - 22-08-2018 by

It gets warm when applied onto face. Feels amazing. Nice deep clean. Skin feels smooth after use

Mmm, you can feel it working! - 22-08-2018 by

I love using the MultiVitamin Thermafoliant. I use it once a week applied to dry skin for a very deep exfoliated scrub. Or if wanting to tone down the strength of the product, you can apply to wet skin.

Leaves your skin feeling smooth!

I highly recommend this product.

Expensive but beautiful - 06-07-2018 by

If I had endless money I would repurchase this but it’s a bit out of my price range so I stick to the skin prep scrub. This is a beautiful exfoliant. Think a lanolin Vaseline type base with granules. I use it in the shower and it leaves my skin silky smooth, moisturised and exfoliated at the same time.

Really effective exfoliation! - 04-07-2018 by

This product is awesome! The warmth and smell make it a treat to use, and it is really effective too. I have sensitive skin and this is quite strong but it is gentle enough to use*. I have used it in combination with the multivitamin mask and my skin is sooo soft afterward!

*For babes with sensitive skin: This is my second favourite exfoliation product from Dermalogica. If you have sensitive skin then try Gentle Cream Exfoliant!!

Fun to use but not sure how beneficial it is - 02-07-2018 by

I like how the product heats up on contact with my combination skin and I definitely feel like it does a thorough job of exfoliating my skin. It feels like a real treat to use, however, I am yet to see any improvement in the quality of my skin/anti-aging benefits aside from this product removing dry skin.

Must-have! - 29-05-2018 by

Oh what a beautiful exfoliator. It definitely does what it says and warms the skin, and this is such a nice feeling! It just leaves the skin feeling so fresh and so so clean. Another great must-have Dermalogica product for those with clogged pores to leave the skin looking a brighter and more refined.

The empress of exfoliants! - 06-03-2018 by

This is hands down the best exfoliant I’ve used. If you can only invest in two Dermalogica products, I recommend this and the Multivitamin power recovery masque - the two are a killer combination. The heat up effect feels great especially on cold days. I sometimes use it on dry skin if I need a deeper effect. I wouldn’t use it more than twice a week maximum because of the efficiency of the product, so if you’re looking for every day exfoliation look elsewhere. Free of those nasty environmentally damaging micro beads and leaves my skin feeling like the smoothest finest satin...well worth the price!

Effective exfoliator - 06-03-2018 by

Wow - a highly effective exfoliator that leaves the skin baby smooth afterwards. I can only use this every so often as I have sensitive skin and this has small glass like abrasive grains, but when I do use it, the difference in texture is noticeable. I like the self warming factor and nice smell too. Removed a star only because it can be a bit too harsh on my sensitive skin.

God send Exfoliant! - 02-03-2018 by

I was so curious to try this product and was blown away by its powerful skin polishing abilities. I love that it combines physical and chemical exfoliants that refined my skin texture and enhanced its brightness. Love love love!!

Fave thermafoliant by a mile! - 21-02-2018 by

This Dermalogica product is absolutely amazing. It is my favourite exfoliant I've ever tried. This has been in my skincare regime for about 2 years now and will continue to use it a long time to come. I only need to use it 2-3 per week depending on the season and how my skin is feeling. I would highly recommend this product, my skin feels like silk.

Best exfoliant ever - 23-01-2018 by

Adore sent ne a sample of this and my skin was so smooth and lovely after, without being irritated, I purchased the full size one. I can't usually use exfoliant a on my sensitive skin but this one caused no irritation. It has a mild lovely smell, has recommended vitamins in that improve the skin and I can see that the newer skin underneath is exposed after use. The old dead skin is exfoliated away. I have sensitive combination skin prone to breakouts. I can use this every 4 days with no negative results. It is the best exfoliant I have ever used on my 62 year old skin.

Do not hesitate to purchase! - 08-01-2018 by

Absolutely love this thermofoliant. Have been using for a few months now and will most definitely be repurchasing when needed. Was a little hesitant to purchase due to the price when I first came across this but am so glad I did. Have been using for a few months and the tube is not quite half empty yet. That’s with exfoliating every 3-4 days. Product heats up on skin and feels so smooth and polished when finished. I cleanse with dermalogica facewash every morning and night and am always sure to remove makeup prior to cleansing and this thermofoliant still draws makeup and dirt out of my skin. Also doesn’t dry my skin out around my dry/problem areas (forehead) and removes oil from my oily areas (nose). 100% reccomend.

Do yourself a favour and buy this product - 25-09-2017 by

Dermalogica have done it again with this awesome face exfoliator. Makes cleaning and exfoliating the face a breeze leaving it smooth and glowing. Just a very small amount goes a long way and sets your face up for the challenges of the day. Do yourself a favour and buy this product

Awesome scrub, gentle but effective, woth the $$$ - 09-08-2017 by

Love this scrub, I use it every second day and it leaves my skin looking and feeling fresh , clearer and brighter.

Nice Glow - 21-03-2017 by

Exfoliates really well- Best product! After trying a sample, I had to purchase this item. It creates a nice polished glow. Also my skin feels extremely soft and healthy.

Great Product - 29-07-2014 by

I really love Dermalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant - it does exactly what it is supposed to do without leaving your skin dry.

Great in the Shower - 13-07-2014 by

I tried using Dermalogica MultiVitamin Thermafoliant first with warm water over the basin which was okay but not great. Then I tried it in the shower and I found it works really well with the steam. After using the MultiVitamin Thermafoliant in the shower, the result is lovely and soft and clean!!

Must-have exfoliator - 07-10-2013 by

LOVE this product! I love the heat-activated nature of this scrub and once or twice a week helps to remove that 'layer' that leaves your skin looking dull. Skin feels soft, refreshed and renewed. It's a must-have.

Best exfoliator - 11-12-2012 by

I have to say that this is the best exfoliator I've tried. The particles are incredibly fine and my skin honestly feels like glass afterwards. It's fantastic! I don't really understand the heat activation part of it but I just know that the product works and feels absolutely lovely to use. You don't need to use very much at all, so although I was a bit put off at first because of the price, I really think this is going to last a very long time. I would definitely recommend this.

hot scrub - 28-05-2012 by

I'm not really a fan of heat activated products, it just feels a bit wrong to me? So aside from that this is a pretty good scrub. Very fine scrubby bits in a cream base. It is expensive compared to others so I would also reccomend Alpha H Microcleanse & ASAP's Exfoliating Scrub as (non-heating) alternaltives.

- 09-11-2009 by

After reading so many great reviews about this product, I decided to buy it. With the change of seasons, my skin has been looking dull and lifeless. All I can say is I wish I was allowed to give this more than 5 stars. It is amazing, leaves my skins feeling silky smotth to the touch and co clean. I have to stop myself from using it everyday. It is just amazing!

- 08-05-2009 by

Oh sweet, sweet exfoliation. There is no better feeling than having smooth, soft skin, and most beautyistas try product after product trying to obtain (and keep) it. I think everyone's skin spazzes out from time to time, and it's on these occasions when you realise just how magic this product really is. I look at it lovingly in the shower every morning, and have to restrain myself to only use it twice a week. Skin is noticeably softer and clearer after using this exfoliator - it is fun to use (nothing like a warm scrub) and any little congestion patches (usually on my chin) are much less noticeable after a massage with this.

- 26-04-2009 by

This is hands down the best exfoliator I have ever used! Its gentle yet VERY thorough, it smells beautiful, sort of Turkish Delight smell. My skin loves it and is really smooth and soft after using this. Will buy again.

- 26-03-2009 by

I have found my HG! Super fine granules that don't scratch the skin even if you inscrease the pressure. Leaves the skin feeling smooth, sqeaky clean yet soft and hydrated. Rinses clean and leaves no residue. A bit expensive but you don't need to use a lot and I think it will last me a while. Love it!

- 22-01-2009 by

I am loving the sensation of Dermalogica's newest AGE smart product. This little beauty exfoliates the skin and warms up againast the skin when water is applied. It has left my skin feeling sikly smooth and the scent is lovely - it smells like AGE smart's Antioxidant Hydramist. I would like to justify the price and purchase again.

- 15-12-2008 by

OK so this is kind of pricey for an exfoliator - but once you've tried it, I bet you'll manage to justify repurchasing! The granules are super super fine, but still really scrubby, sort of like microdermabrasion. The paste heats up when you massage it into your face - I don't know if this does anything, but it's pretty cool - and it also has AHA and BHA and enzymes, just in case you need MORE exfoliation (and let's face it, who doesn't). My skin feels like glass after using this, and in fact I have to restrain myself from using it every day (this is definitely a once-or-twice-a-week product only, it's pretty intense). I don't recommend it for really sensitive skin though, I think the combo of heat/granules/AHA/BHA would be too much.

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