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Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit

4.7 of 180 reviews

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4 instalments of $8.58

Or 4 instalments of $8.58 with LEARN MORE

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Dermalogica is giving you the perfect introduction to experience some of their bestselling products in their Meet Dermalogica Kit! Contains a daily skincare regime including their cult products: Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Skin Smoothing Cream and the Multivitamin Power Firm. 

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Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit

Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit

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Dermalogica Meet Dermalogica Kit Reviews

4.7 of 180 reviews

98% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Good for sensitive skin


I have very sensitive skin and usually reacts to everything but this was gentle enough for me not to react but still feel like my skin is actually clean. Worth the money

Most Helpful Criticism

A good tester set


This is a good tester set to give you an insight to the range. I didn't love any of the products and wouldn't purchase again but overall they are not bad and are probably worth a try for the price.
  1. Good for sensitive skin


    I have very sensitive skin and usually reacts to everything but this was gentle enough for me not to react but still feel like my skin is actually clean. Worth the money
  2. Good trial kit


    verified purchaser
    Good kit if you want to try out Dermalogica..i love the microfoliant and the skin smoothing cream. Have bought the full size microfoliant already. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  3. Love this set!


    verified purchaser
    Dermalogica full-sized products are pretty pricy, so this is a great way to give them a try before committing! I already loved the daily microfoliant, but have been enjoying the other products too. Also great to refill and use when travelling.
  4. Love!


    Perfect little trial kit. Great for travelling. Purchased this kit to try out the cleanser and gave the rest of the products to family members as they use and like the products.
    Cleanser leaves skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated. Will definately be purchasing the full size bottle!
    Partner also approves the cleanser. He has very sensitive skin. Noticed a big difference with his sk...
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  5. Great kit


    Great starter kit to try or for travel. Has a few of the best products in the range to simply hydrate and cleanse.
  6. Great for travel


    verified purchaser
    Awesome products and such a great range.
  7. Great starter pack


    I wanted to try a few of the dermatologica items without committing to a full size bottle. I really loved the microfoliant & the face wash.
  8. Perfect for my fussy skin

    Dermalogica Meet Kit

    I have had an array of issues with my skin including dermatitis and acne. When I try new products (even natural ones) they can sting and leave my face with a red rash. In the past I have used YUVA and Clinique skin care which was good but it never left my face total blemish free. Using this started pack after one week cleared up my skin. I am in the second week of using this kit (I bought a second...
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  9. Great travel companion

    Elle Maze

    Perfect size to not only try Dermalogica, it is great to travel with, and you can refill the cleanser and microfoliant with your regular size. Love this little pack for the simple go to products
  10. Great Introduction to Dermalogica Products!


    I looooove Dermalogica products! This particular kit is so wonderful if you are unsure of the products and would like to trial them. I would recommend for any skin type. I have oily/sensitive/acne prone skin and have been loving the feeling of this product.
  11. Great kit


    Great starter kit or travel
    Leaves skin soft hydrated and clears blemishes/break outs.
  12. Try before buy


    Great essentials kit for taking away travelling or even just trying the products before buying and committing to the bigger sizes. These products I use they keep my skin clear and hydrated
  13. Lovely quality range


    I bought this to give Dermalogica a go and I was not disappointed - a beautiful range and decent sizes to have a good try of the Dermalogica range. My skin looked clearer and more vibrant after the first night using. Will definitely be buying the full sizes.
  14. Perfect Starter


    I love this kit and purchase it any time I am going away and dont want to bring my full size products with me. Its the perfect starter kit for any dermalogica newcomer.
  15. Great starter pack


    I’ve been using this for a week as I have large pores and blackheads. I have noticed a massive difference in the texture of my skin.
  16. Love


    Love the mix and each product is amazing in its own way. The smoothing cream isn't fav
  17. Good size starter kit


    I've been wanting to try dermalogica for a while and this was a great kit to see if it worked with my skin.


    Have recommend this kit for my mum, best friend and sister they absolutely love! These products have changed my life for the better my skin feels and looks amazing!!!!!
  19. I love Dermalogica!


    I’m so glad I tried this little kit out, I’ve since purchased 3 out of the 4 items in the full sizes. The microfoliant is one of my favourites and I alternate it with Dermalogica’s ‘superfoliant’ which is great also.
    I am a big, BIG fan of this brand!
  20. Woman’s best friends


    This is the best introduction to dermalogica for those who haven’t tried this brand yet. Noticeable differences seen within days of use with glowing skin, softer appearance and less breakouts. Would highly recommend!
  21. Love this starter kit


    Long time lover of Dermalogica products but have never taken the leap to purchase any until I found this kit. All the products can be used daily and are great on my sensitive skin. Not great smelling... in fact they really don’t smell at all. My skin has never been cleared. Now to upgrade and buy the big bottles!
  22. Amazing product !


    I was wanting to try Dermalogica for some time so purchased the meet Dermalogica kit and all I can say is amazing seen results over night will be purchasing the full size products .
  23. Great travel pack


    I bought this to try dermalogica products. I am very happy with my purchase. This pack is really affordable and the products are a good size.
  24. Great Gift!


    I bought this as a present for my sister and she absolutely loved it - It has all her favourite key product
  25. Great travel set


    This is such a great pack if you are just starting a serious skincare routine, but also if you want an all round pack to travel with.
  26. Best little travel kit


    This is the best little travel kit to take away with you on holidays. It has everything you need to maintain your beauty regime but doesn't take up any room at all.
    Its also a great tester to see what works for you- I love all the products and they are such great value.
  27. Mini Set


    This set is great to try out dermalogica products for a great price! good for sensitive skin
  28. Really good


    I like how they are testers gives an insight before purchasing larger bottles, which do costs a lot. I remember that one of the dermalogica products did not work for me, resulting me into giving it to someone else. Therefore these sizes are perfect and much more convenient
  29. A good tester set


    This is a good tester set to give you an insight to the range. I didn't love any of the products and wouldn't purchase again but overall they are not bad and are probably worth a try for the price.
  30. Great to test on your skin and travel with


    I wasn’t ready to commit to such a big bottle of these products so the same sizes were great. I was able to use them long enough to see it react with my skin because of the size. Really love the cleanser and the moisturiser is so nourishing and soft on my skin.
  31. Perfect Intrduction to Dermalogica

    Laura M

    Perfect set to try if you have never tried Dermalogica. Decent size products for the price.
    I have been converted.
  32. great starter skit


    this set provides the basic products to begin a skincare routine with Dermalogica. the products are not too harsh on the skin which is important when starting/changing a routine!
  33. perfect starter


    i bought this to try out dermalogica cause i didn’t wanna spend $50 - $100 in case i didn’t like the products but this was great, i loved all the products and know what works for me now and it’s a great price! although i ran out of the moisturiser a fair bit before the other products
  34. great kit


    start with this one if you want to try their products. Good value and suitable for travelling.
  35. trial pack


    if you unsure where ever of not to try dermalogica this is the way to go. affordable way to sample the products and see what works for you
  36. No brainer


    I have bought a few of these as gifts for friends who have started to explore skincare. They are great quality and are paired perfectly together for beginners. Great value too!
  37. Greta but tiny


    Ordered this for a friend and while I know the quality of the products are great, they were a lot smaller than I expected!
  38. Love this


    Love every product in this. Great for travel or trying new items. Creams are fantastic.
  39. great products


    Love all these products when finished going to get full size of all of them highly recommend made my skin so soft and glowing
  40. Great value and great skin!


    This little kit is a great way to familiarise yourself with some of Dermalogica's products. I really love everything in this pack. It gives you a generous amount - particularly of the cleaner and Daily Microfoliant. Definitely recommend if you're wanting to give this brand a go but tentative about spending too much money!
  41. great


    I use it twice a week after cleaning my face and before my night cream
  42. Super sampler!


    Have had this amazing exfoliate so thought I would try the sampler while it’s on sale and not disappointed - the eye cream has a beautiful soft texture, and all the products leave me walking away feeling like I have done something right for my skin. It’s a no-brainer.
  43. Great christmas gifts


    I have bought a few of these packs as Christmas gifts. They are great quality and are paired perfectly together for beginners. Great value too!
  44. Perfect for Beginners


    This starter kit is perfect for those new to dermalogica like I was. This little kit is how I was introduced to one of my favourite moisturisers... skin smoothing cream.
    If you want to try dermalogica but don't want to pay lots of money straight up then this little kit will get you started for a couple of weeks and it's great value for money.

    The actual products are really love...
    Read More
  45. Big Fan


    Super cute and definitely good value! Love these products anyway but together they’re a great stocking filler or staple beauty buy!
  46. Best Kit


    This is great for your moneys worth! you can sample their products then purchase the full size! i have sensitive skin! Dermalogica works well for it!
  47. Great starter kit


    This is such a great starter kit, it includes four iconic product form dermalogica, it's a must try also great gift ideal !
  48. Perfect for travel!


    I took this set to Bali for a 2 week trip and it was amazing. MEant I didnt have to abandon my skincare regime and I didnt have to lug around 10kg of cleansers and creams. I would definitely recommend for travel of for someone looking to try out dermalogica for a first time
  49. Great kit to start


    This kit is perfect for those interested in using Dermalogica for their skin. Great products to start with, and my skin was feeling so smooth and hydrated after the routine.
  50. Great kit to start


    This kit is perfect for those interested in using Dermalogica for their skin. Great products to start with, and my skin was feeling so smooth and hydrated after the routine.
  51. Great travel pack


    Bought this for travelling. Was very handy as I didn’t have to bring my big size products. Would be great to introduce someone to dermalogica without having to spend too much, although I’m sure they would love it and be buying the full sizes!
  52. the perfect pack of minis


    This set is everything you need for traveling or if you just want to try out dermalogica for the first time. It covers all of the skincare bases and gives you everything you need in a simple 4 step routine.
  53. Amazing


    My skin started to break out horribly and none of my current skincare products were helping - they seemed to be making it worse. I got the starter kit so that I could test the products before buying full sizes and this is great value! You really only need the tiniest amount of each product.

    I've been using the products consistently for about 3 days and I have noticed a huge differen...
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  54. Great kit to try!i


    I had received a sample of the smoothing cream from Adore and absolutely loved it! It has great texture and glides on smoothly and does not give any oily residue. So i ordered this kit to try more products from the brand. They are all good products will definitely buy the bigger sizes now.
  55. Great for travelling


    This is a great set if you are travelling, or just want to try all of these products. I think the price point is very reasonable too.
  56. Gentle and calming for easily irritated skin


    so gentle on my skin. A little goes a long way. I highly recommend these products.
  57. Gentle


    So gentle on my skin which is very sensitive. Most cleansers usually strip my skin and leave me feeling really dry. However the cleansing gel in this package cleans my skin without the dryness. I use the microfoliant daily which makes my skin smooth with no irritation. The moisturisers have little to no fragrance and is the same as the other products in that they are gentle and no irritation o...
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  58. Good for travel


    Love all these product's and good for travel.
  59. Great travel size


    Love this mini set, and this price point is also great!
    I use these when I go away on holiday and they fit perfectly in my bag
    Also great for gifts!
  60. Great samples


    This is my first gift from dermalogica. Since using all these products, I have really loved dermalogica and started seeing much improvement in my skin. Definitely recommended for first time skin care users.
  61. Great sample


    Great for first time skin care users. Really saw improvement in my skin. Have now switch to dermalogica age smart products
  62. Great Travel Size


    These are the perfect size for travel and a great way to try out the brand. The Daily Microfoliant is easily the best product in the kit! My face feels so smooth after using this product, without feeling stripped of natural oils. Highly recommend!
  63. great if you want to try something new but don't want to waste money


    This pack is great if you want to try something new but don't want to waste money! For small tubes they last a long time. If you have skin that's more sensitive I would steer away from this particular pack, it did cause some irritation to my skin and cause it to dry out
  64. good size for travelling


    I bought this pack for travel, quite good size. It can last for 4 weeks, which is enough for a long-day travel.
  65. good to try out


    The size is great for travel and to try out dermalogica products without having to spend crazy amounts of money.
  66. Best brand I’ve ever used


    The last year or so I’ve had some acne and believe me I’ve tried ALOT of products some prescribed from my doctor etc and I decided to purchase this and give it a go and literally instantly you’re skin feels amazing and my acne completely went away I was amazed definitely worth paying for the full sizes
  67. Travel kit - good value


    I think this is a great value offering by the brand. I love their microfoliant because it's an exfoliant that isn't too rough on my dry/ sensitive skin. The cleansing gel is a basic, no frills cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out.
  68. Perfect for travel


    I love these for travelling as they last around a month. Great quality products and perfect for my normal to oily skin
  69. Great travel size products


    The products are of good size to get an idea about which product is effective for the skin type. I really like the micro exfoliate and the cleansing gel. These are my favourite from the bunch that I’ll likely purchase a full size bottle of these.
    The cleansing gel is very good at removing makeup.
  70. Amazing Introduction to DERMALOGICA; one of the best brands


    I am so glad this kit exists. It allowed me to sample and go on a trial and error run without spending too much $. I have now found what works and what doesn’t for me + there is no guilt. This is great for those who are beginners to skincare. It’s an instant regime that has all the basics necessary to begin your skincare journey. Personally, some products weren’t suitable for my skin HOWEVER that ...
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  71. Great value, great products


    Generous sizes of great products. Perfect for Dermologica newbies or for travel.
  72. Purchased the full sizes


    I decided to try this pack out as I was having no luck with my current skincare products. I have sensitive skin that is often plagued but dry patches, redness, and breakouts. I had lately been forming texture on my forehead and deep, painful pimples on my jaw line.

    I found that this routine not only helped clear my skin but also didn’t cause any irritation. A really good simple routi...
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  73. Great way to test new products


    I purchased this as I had heard so many good things about dermalogica but did not want to splurge in case it didn’t work for my skin. This pack allowed me to test out the brand and I ended up loving everything inside!
  74. Great way to fall in love with new products!


    In the market for some new skin care products, I had always wanted to try Dermalogica. My skin is sensitive and doesn't always like new products so when I saw this Meet Dermalogica Kit I thought it was the perfect way to try it out without paying a lot of money for a lot of product that I may never use.
    I loved these products from the moment I tried them. My skin didn't react in a negative w...
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  75. So awesome


    Great little way to try some different skincare products! Awesome gift idea too.
  76. Awesome


    good starter kit for this brand to clean oily skin nicely and keep to pimples at bay
  77. Awesome


    a really good starter kit to improve your combination skin for a clear complexion,
  78. Good value for money


    I have combination skin (only T zone and dry sides) and found the kit to be a little strong for my skin. There are some good individual items in the kit that suited my skin type. Overall good value for money and good to use as a trial kit.
  79. Good to try before you buy


    I bought this set from Mecca to try a few different products. I have acne prone dry skin and I did enjoy using the products. I wouldn't say many were specific to my skin type but they were nice products that would work well for most skin types.
  80. Decent but nothing special


    Quite a decent little set of products. I like this as it has given me a great taste into dermalogica but I still don’t think it’s my favourite brand. Good but not the best!
  81. good


    This is a really good kit for starters and to trial each product to see if they work for you
  82. AMAZING set!!


    This set has completely transformed my skin. I wanted to try out the products before i spent the money on the bigger bottles. I have sensitive skin and ive already wasted a lot of money on products that leave my skin even more irritated. Every product in this set is so hydrating and leaves your skin feeling so fresh and new. My acne has been barley there since using this set, ive gotten one pimple...
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  83. AH-MAZING!


    I’ve been so skeptical about trying dermalogica products cause I have very difficult skin now that I’ve had a baby but WOW I’m impressed! A must try intro kit!
  84. Great trial kit


    I purchased this kit as I really wanted to try the multivitamin power firm before purchasing the full size tube. Really well priced and the bottles have lasted me 2 weeks so far with daily use (you only need a small amount of each). Great kit if you want to try a new skin care regime without putting heaps of money into it incase they are for you. Products are really nice but think I prefer my prec...
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  85. Perfect for beginners


    it has definitely already made a difference with my skin, its cute and small easy to travel with. will definitely be buying more and trying different products
  86. Great starter pack


    After using the same cleanser for a lengthy period, I felt as though my skin was getting worse, not better. I bought the 'Meet Dermalogica' pack to give the products a go, and after the first wash I saw a noticeable difference. Highly recommended.
  87. Great kit


    All products in this kit are excellent, and this is a good way to try before buying the full sized product. This size is very handy for traveling. Nice gentle cleansers and good moisturiser.
  88. Great value!


    This is perfect kit to try the products before you buy full size and you surprisingly get quite a lot of product out of these bottles! I have since gone and bought the larger sizes. I still love to reuse these bottles as my travel size kit! I swear by this brand , the results speak my skin feel amazing and it has helped to calm and control my extremely problematic skin.
  89. Clear skin kit


    This kit has reallllyyyyy cleared up my skin. So many of my friends were so surprised as to how clear my skin became (because I have very problematic skin). This kit will also last you a long time. After my products finished unfortunately I didn’t go back to it and it’s made me realise even more how much it cleared up my skin when I look at photos back when I used to use it. My skin is really prob...
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  90. Great price to try some of dermalogica's great products


    I bought this as a gift for a girlfriend wanting to get into good skincare and build a routine. 3 of the products in this kit I personally use in my own routine and trust and I got rave reviews back from her. Really great price, I will likely purchase again for others in future
  91. Very generous for the price


    Bought this kit before committing to the (expensive) full size bottles. There is a very generous amount of product in this kit which allows you to try it for a couple of weeks to see whether the product works for you.

    I am really happy with this kit, it includes a VERY GENTLE cleanser, exfoliant, eye-cream and day/night moisturiser. My only complaint is that the packaging for the pow...
    Read More
  92. Great gift


    Got this as a gift and fell in love with the products. Good sizes that you can test out for a while and find what you really enjoyed and what works for you.
  93. Meet Dermalogica Pack Review


    My skin type is normal to combination
    My concerns are congestion and pigmentation
    This is a good start out product to introduce into a skin care regime, Cleanse, exfoliate daily and moistures and under eye cream, it’s a good start to skincare I’ve brought it twice before, good for maintaining clean and clear skin
  94. Not my favourite


    I don’t really like these. I’m not a huge fan of dermalogica and this was nothing new. Not for me!
  95. Excellent Gift/Trial


    I bought this as a trial to determine whether dermalogica works with my skin type. I have very sensitive, dry/combination skin and using these products in conjunction with each other proved excellent for my skin. I have gone onto re-purchasing these products in a larger size.
  96. Worth it if you want to test a few products and not buy the full sized bottles!


    I’d been wanting to try the Dermalogica range for some time now but I have a track record of buying full sized products and them not been a good match with my skin. When I saw this it was perfect, I could try a few different products in small sizes with enough to see if they work with my skin or not.

    I have been pleasantly surprised with all the mini products and am about to buy the ...
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  97. Great starter kit


    This is a great starter kit to really get to know Dermalogica products. They have lasted over 2 months which is a great time to determine if you will like the product or not. I have now purchased several full sized products in this.
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