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Dermalogica mediBac Skin Clearing Kit by Dermalogica


The Dermalogica mediBac Skin Clearing Kit is a great way to start on the road to clear, fresh, comfortable and acne-free skin.


Containing everything you need to get started, the Dermalogica mediBac Skin Clearing Kit is an affordable starter collection.


The Dermalogica mediBac Skin Clearing Kit contains:

  • Clearing Skin Wash 50ml: a non-irritating cleanser that washes away excess surface oils, helps clear congested follicles and calms inflammation
  • Clearing Mattifier 15ml: help smooth skin texture, diminish the appearance of fine lines, clear congestion and control shine.
  • Overnight Clearing Gel 15ml: help slough off pore-clogging skin cells, promote skin clarity and aid skin clearing
  • Sebum Clearing Masque 22ml: cooling, deep-cleaning clay masque purifies and absorbs excess surface oil



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Indecisive - 11-06-2018 by

My skin type is normal to dry skin and I bought these products to test out the brand in the cheapest way possible. My skin was almost flaking off due to the oil control lotion. Would not recommend if you do have dry skin already. The other products are good, although I don't know if they're my favourites that I have ever tried. It may just be my skin type that the products aren't working well with. Am eager to try other ranges from dermalogica.

Meh - 30-05-2018 by

The products are quite small, but a little does go a long way with these. I feel as though ever since I have started using them my face has actually gotten worse and become more oily. I’ve had a break out on my chin, and I even used the overnight skin clearing treatment in the Clear Start line and that hasn’t even helped. I’m not sure if I would recommend these products, but it could just be my skin (extremely oily) that they don’t work for.

Life Changing - 30-05-2018 by

I'm always skeptical about trying expensive skincare because when you spend over $50 on something that doesn't work for your skin why keep using it?
However when I tried this there was multiple products to try from the dermalogica range and also my first time testing the brand and I have absolutely no regrets however I do wish the products were slightly larger but as long as they work I am blessed!

LOVE - 27-03-2018 by

This kit is my saving grace. I purchased it due to signs of adult cystic acne and incredibly oily skin that was effecting my daily makeup! My pores were huge and my skin so oily after using this kit for 5 days my acne was no longer visible, my face wasn’t producing as much oil and my makeup was lasting longer. After a few weeks I stopped breaking out, my pores were back to normal and my skin was smooth, hydrated, blemish free and back to normal!

Gentle and effective - 04-10-2017 by

Suffering acne for years and I've found this product along with other dermalogica products has really helped the over all appearance of my skin!

Worth trying - 27-09-2017 by

Great introduction to Dermalogica's mediBac range or perfect little travel kit

Cleanser and mask are stand out products for me

Clearing Mattifier becomes quite drying under makeup which has deterred me from continuing to use

Overnight Clearing Gel can feel a bit tacky after applying however worth enduring for clearer skin

Overall, reasonable results for my mild acne

Amazing results - 02-09-2017 by

So happy with this product .. acne just gone and has taken all the redness from my face .. such a big improvement , love it .. gonna buy all products now

Great result - 09-08-2017 by

I'm really happy with these products, they've calmed down my acne inflammation and I've had no new breakouts. I found it too dry for 24-hr use, so I just used the cleanser, night gel and lotion at night. Then during the day my usual Go-To products to keep my skin hydrated.

Overall not for me - 21-07-2017 by

I purchased this after reading great reviews, my skin was oily and and I have adult acne with frequent flare ups, I must say it did get rid of the oil in my skin but I have not seen any huge change, I am still breaking out and existing acne is still present...
overall I guess you have to see what works for your skin and this didn't. I would say 9/10 for oil removal and 2/10 for clearing acne prone skin.

Incredible !!!! - 20-05-2017 by

i brought this after trying nearly everything to help clear my skin up which has been really bad acne all over my chin, cheeks and neck, nothing worked it has been only 3 days and all ready i have seen a HUGE improvement , redness has practically gone acne is fading no new break outs, i honestly wanted to cry .Couldn't recommend this highly enough cant wait to see what my skin is like after this runs out .Give it a go you wont be disappointed.Dermalogica you are magic!

Fantastic products well worth it! - 12-07-2016 by

I have extremely finicky skin due to a staph infection and recurring bouts when my immune system is weakened. I have tried and spent hundreds of dollars over the years on products that promised everything but didn't deliver the clean/clear skin I so badly wanted. Not only did Dermalogica clear up my skin but has held off another outbreak and I am so ECSTATIC I want to SHOUT it to the world. I usually live on antibiotics and this time I didn't have to. It dried up my my existing skin issues and stopped anything further. Now I am going to order the full size products! Awesome, I love them!

Excellent - 01-07-2013 by

I bought thus kit to help clear up my spots and its great. I'm really happy with it

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