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The eyes are often the first place on the face to show signs of ageing. Care for this sensitive area with a Decleor eye serum, Decleor eye cream, or another protective product from the luxury skincare brand. All products in the Decleor eye care line are formulated to be non-irritating and gentle on the fragile skin around the eyes.

Prepare the eye contour area for makeup application and look more awake with just a drop of refreshing Decleor Hydrotenseur eye firming serum. At the end of the day, gently remove your cosmetics with Decleor eye makeup remover.

For double-duty efficiency and convenience, try Decleor eye and lip cream. Regenerating Eye and Lip Cream restores youthful integrity to the contours of both of these delicate and line-prone areas.

Since 1974, Decleor has been a globally recognized leader in skincare. The innovative company blends science with nature by formulating its products with carefully selected and blended 100% natural and active essential oils.
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