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Cremorlab Marine Hyaluronic Revital Mask 5 Sheets 5 x Sheet Masks

4.8 of 101 reviews


4 instalments of $7.50

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4 instalments of $7.50

Or 4 instalments of $7.50 with LEARN MORE

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Cremorlab's Marine Hyaluronic Revital Mask is the perfect treatment to combat dehydrated skin. Infused with the iconic Cremorlab T.E.N water and rich marine extracts, this sheet mask works to infuse intense hydration deep into skin, to replenish and nourish your complexion. 

What customers say

SUPERIOR - 94% recommend

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  • Teens
  • 20s
  • 30s
  • 40s
  • 50+

Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Cremorlab Marine Hyaluronic Revital Mask 5 Sheets Reviews

4.8 of 101 reviews

94% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great value for money


Great hydrating sheet masks for an affordable price, used them up quite quickly and like that they aren't too bougie so I'm not afraid to use them regularly.

Most Helpful Criticism

Hydration mask


Won’t be repurchasing this product. The mask did not adequately fit my face. I have an oblong face and think this mask suits someone with a round face shape or if you have a small forehead.
  1. Great value for money


    verified purchaser
    Great hydrating sheet masks for an affordable price, used them up quite quickly and like that they aren't too bougie so I'm not afraid to use them regularly.
  2. Perfect for a hot day


    verified purchaser
    I love these masks and hope they're back in stock soon! They're wonderful on hot days when you want to cool down. They make you feel so refreshed and they give your skin a healthy glow. They're incredidbly soothing and there's something immensely satisfying when you remove it slowly after the incubation time - it just feels wonderful!
  3. Best Mask


    I've tried many face masks. These is by far my favourite. Its great value. Lovely and cooling on skin, and there js lots of spare gel to rub onto your neck in each packet.
  4. Perfect for me-time


    verified purchaser
    Whenever I'm hot and bothered I pop one of these on and they always makes me feel better. These masks instantly cool me down and feel so incredibly soothing as they're drenched with moisture galore. They just feel so refreshing on your face and are great at helping you bounce back from a headache or tiredness. They also give you a healthy glow. 5 stars all the way!
  5. Meh


    I love the cleansing balm that cremorlab has so thought I’d try this mask! It was pretty “meh”. Not particularly hydrating at all and it pilled after I put it on before I wore make up to to go out.
  6. Overpriced


    These are nothing too special, you can get the same results using a cheaper hyaluronic face mask from the chemist
  7. Not good


    These mask sheets are very sticky and takes awhile to sink in. The hydration effect doesn't last long :(
  8. Long time lover of these masks


    verified purchaser
    I'm a repeat purchaser of these masks and couldn't live without them. I've tried heaps of other masks in the past out of curiosity but I always come back to these ones, as they tick all the boxes for me. They're really good at instantly hydrating dry skin, and they're a great pick-me-up for when you've got a headache too. I always feel really refreshed after using one of these, and I love how t...
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  9. Hydrating


    verified purchaser
    Nice mask. Very hydrating. Fits my face well.
  10. Value for $


    The first sheet mask I ever tried & I’ve purchased this product twice now & will again! Super hydrating & cooling. Leaves my skin feeling soft & plump.
  11. Relaxing face mask


    These have a nice cooling effect on your skin and the mask sits well on the face. It has a watery texture that absorbs well and leaves skin looking smooth and refreshed. Pretty effective for the price.
  12. Glow and hydration


    Loved this mask and considering to buy again.
    After using mask, my skin was glowing and looked relaxed and plump like after beauty salon.
    Also price is very affordable for a pack of 5 masks.
  13. love these so much


    I love these masks so much for when my skin needs that little bit extra. They are so refreshing and calming on the skin.
  14. Wow!


    My skin was feeling dry and uncomfortable so I thought I’d give this a go and WOW! My skin was so soft and
    Plump and felt amazing. I was really shocked about how different and great my skin felt afterwards. Will definitely re-purchase!
  15. Happy skin.


    When I mask it’s usually a cream, but thought I’d try the new craze. WOW! So glad I did. Felt amazing. Smelt amazing. And my skin looked amazing after use too, only one slight problem- the mask was a bit too big for my face, but when something is made to one size that’s normal and to be expected, I just did my best to try to mould the mask to my face more. Great value for money as well! I’ll be bu...
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  16. Leaves skin plump & hydrated


    Leaves skin plump and hydrated. Only downside is the product is quite sticky and takes awhile to sink in
  17. Feeling Peachy


    All this cold weather and artificial heating had my skin feeling like Spongebob out of water. Not been a super regular masker I decided to give these bad boys a go. Praise Korean Skincare because I’m feeling like the perfect little plump juicy peach right now. 10/10 would recommend to a friend
  18. Great sheet mask


    First time using this mask and I really liked it. I found it fit on my face really nicely and is very hydrating. Will definitely be purchasing again.
  19. Soothing and effective


    This pack of five was definitely good value and I am enjoying the product very much. It left my (somewhat sensitive) skin feeling soft and hydrated. I kept it in the fridge for an extra refreshing, soothing effect.
  20. Sticky icky!


    Not bad and good price point but my face was very sticky after! There's heaps of product in the packet so good to rub into your body anyway! Was a nice little treat.
  21. Beautiful mask


    This mask is so calming and cooling and took a lot of the redness out of my sensitive skin. The mask sits in place nicely too so you don't have to keep pulling it back in to place. Lots of extra serum in the pack for neck and decolatage too.
  22. Beautiful mask


    This mask is so calming and cooling and took a lot of the redness out of my sensitive skin. The mask sits in place nicely too so you don't have to keep pulling it back in to place. Lots of extra serum in the pack for neck and decolatage too.
  23. Heavenly mask


    This mask is heaven. So hydrating and delicious on the skin - use it after Estee Lauder Pro peel mask for a sublime home-facial!
  24. Yes!!!

    Eliza Jane

    I love this so much! I woke up the next day and my skin was so plump and happy and any redness and inflammation was significantly reduced. Very luxurious. Definitely my new staple product.
  25. Pretty good


    Good, easy to use product. Afterwards, feels quite sticky on the skin but I applied my normal moisturiser on top and then it was fine. I noticed a real improvement in skin smoothness. Appearance of wrinkles and fine lines was diminished. Would definitely use again
  26. Plump and refreshing


    Really refreshing and hydrating mask. My skin feels so plump and moisturised after using one of these
  27. Great sheet mask


    I love this mask.
    It tingles a bit when it’s first applied but the results are great.
    My skin is super hydrated and bright after using this mask and I love incorporating these into my weekly skincare regime.
    They’re great for a bit of self care!
  28. Hydrating


    This mask is okay, it is hydrating and refreshing bit it's extremely hard to get on and fit your face and doesn't stay in place. Also a lot of the product was left behind in the package which wasn't all bad as you can apply it where needed. It's okay but probably won't buy again due to it not fitting properly.
  29. Really good to travel with


    Really good to travel with, providing instant hydration. Very easy to use, and affordable. One of my favourite sheet masks to use.
  30. very rehreashing


    this face mask makes my skin feel amazing and very refreshed. Definitely recommend!
  31. Super hydrating


    Great value for money - so much product within each mask! This mask is luxurious to use and instantly provides hydration to my whole face - great pick-me-up for dry, tired skin, especially in the colder months!
  32. Super hydrating and soothing


    This is my go-to rescue mask when my skin is extra dry. It makes my skin feel so much more hydrated instantly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.
  33. Lovely masks


    These sheet masks made my skin look lovely and fresh. The serum on them absorbed really well after taking off the mask and made my skin feel love and soft
  34. Such a treat


    I love this mask! It was perfect for the winter months when my face always felt dry from working in an office. It’s easy to use, feels so nice and cool on my face, and I would just put in on in bed while watching movies. My skin felt so fresh afterwards. I will buy this again!
  35. Perfect!


    Really great price and does the job. I’ve purchased these several times before and this time they are coming on holiday with me. Really great for a quick moisture mask
  36. Big Fan


    Nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it!
  37. Excellent mask


    My mum and I tried these masks together and both loved it! She’s mid 50’s, slightly dry skin, and I’m early 30’s, combination skin. I found the serum didn’t absorb too well at the end when mask removed and rubbing in the excess, so just left it to dry. My mum commented in the morning how lovely and plump her skin felt! My own skin felt smooth and soft.
  38. Chilled intense hydration


    Pro tip - place one in the fridge and place on face after 5 mins.

    If I wanted a facial without having to leave the house - I'll place one of these on!! Definitely a recital and hydrating mask!!
  39. Intense hydrating


    These masks are super hydrating and it’s actually a good value pack
  40. Hydration!


    Super hydrating mask! Totally in love with this brand, they do very good masks! Great for everyday use !
  41. moisturizing


    my skin is dry dehydrated and I feel like this mask hydrates my stressed skin. I keep the leftover serum and use it after the mask. I have acne and this mask doesn't seem to make it worse whilst also hydrating.
  42. Cremorlab nails it again


    Cremorlab is such a beautiful brand. This mask is super moisture infusing I feel the hydration really plumps my skin (probably the hyaluronic too) great for dry dehydrated stressed skin. As always cremorlab lab puts so much product in packet I save the extra and have a serum for a few nights after
  43. Very hydrating mask!


    These masks are awesome. Every mask in the pack of five comes with sooo much product that is easily absorbed into your skin leaving it soft and subtle for days. I have never experienced a break out with this mask and the texture of the product is beautiful. These are by far the best value masks for the price! This is always my go to mask for hydration!
  44. Hydration at its best


    Working in the office means my skin is always dry and pulling (but still oily - lack of hydration is causing my oily skin!) This is so good after you take that make up off and settle the skin with some hydration.
  45. Hydrating sheet masks that stay put!


    These are the best sheet masks I've ever tried. The only ones that actually stay put on your face! And my skin feels incredibly soft and supple the next day. Highly recommend!
  46. So hydrating


    These masks are incredible, my skin feels and looks great after using these masks. The mask fits my face really well.
  47. Hydration mask


    Won’t be repurchasing this product. The mask did not adequately fit my face. I have an oblong face and think this mask suits someone with a round face shape or if you have a small forehead.
  48. Very Hydrating!


    These sheet masks do an amazing job of instantly hydrating my skin and restoring my skin's moisture level! A perfect mid week pick- me-up for glowing skin! Super calming and can really tell the difference before and after applying the mask.
  49. Moisturising


    The mask is very moisturising, it leaves my skin refreshed and moisturised.
  50. Gorgeous, glowing, hydrated skin!


    I purchased these after all the good reviews and was not disappointed. I have fine lines and dehydration and these masks address all those concerns and plump up my skin. Easy to use and is a great pre event pick me up for skin lacking hydration!
  51. Super moisturising


    Nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it!
  52. I love this mask.


    This is my go to mask for giving my skin a quick dose of lots of moisture! It feels beautiful on your skin and leaves your face looking super hydrated. It never causes breakouts and there is so much product on the sheet that you can rub into your face and neck when take the mask off! Highly recommend!
  53. Highly Recommend


    These masks are incredible, my skin feels and looks great after using these masks. The mask fits my face really well.
  54. Exceeded expectations


    I was shocked at how effective this mask was! My skin was seriously dehydrated after doing a week of night shifts, but this mask worked its magic to restore the moisture and totally get rid of all the fine lines in my dry skin. The transformation was remarkable! My skin felt softer smoother and more hydrated than it's ever been. Truly excellent as a post night shift recovery treat. A 10 out of 10...
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  55. Hydration


    Great for hydration, but I feel like these can be duped by more affordable options.
  56. average


    I'm a huge face mask fan and have tried a lot. These are just average, other than hydration, I didn't notice anything else
  57. Good value


    The face mask is really good value for its price. Very hydrating, good quality serum, and the shape and cut fits very well for my face. I don’t like fragrance in the ingredients and I think it could be irritating to some super sensitive skin types, but for me it worked well
  58. Excellent face mask


    I really enjoy using this mask. It's super hydrating and leaves my skin plump and youthful. The mask is a bit on the smaller size, however it is still comfortable to wear. Pro tip, when you're about to use it, get a clean empty jar and run all the excess serum from the mask and pouch into it.
    Because there is just so much serum in this mask. It's drench in it and more.
  59. Definitely in my top 3 sheet mask list!


    Bought these as a bag filler to get free shipping and I am so glad I did.
    Not my #1 favourite, but I would definitely repurchase for how cheap they are!


    This is the BEST mask I have ever used. As someone with very dry skin, it gives me a much needed moisture boost once to twice a week. I also fly often and try and use this every night after travel to re-hydrate my skin. Can’t live without this mask.
  61. Can't Get ENOUGH❤️


    Love this product .... extreme moist, extreme creamy, extreme luxurious, extreme fresh .... extreme extreme extreme!!!!You just got to try it and you will keep on buying it. Good for dry skin and its absolutely good for pampering the skin . You won't regret give it a GO!!!
  62. On the fence


    I’m unsure of this sheet mask. I want to love it and I think that maybe I could I just think that right now my skin is going bonkers after having a baby so it might not be right for me at the moment. The consistency of the sheet mask is great and doesn’t slip off the face. There is also lots of residue left which I put in the fridge to use as a serum the following morning. Will give it a go again ...
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  63. Hydrating but not my fave


    These are great if all you want to do is hydrate and given it is the middle of winter, yes please. However I found these didn’t do any more than that. They also have a fragrance which I don’t mind but generally would prefer fragrance free. Given the price though I’m pretty happy with that.
  64. Brightening


    Beautiful brightening sheet masks that feel great on the skin. I use these on special occasions before applying my makeup and they really do everything they claim
  65. These are BEYOND amazing


    Trying to hold myself back from using them all the time. So much product and serum in one mask and the packet! Even left over for the next morning which I apply after I’ve washed my face. Love them!
  66. Hydrating


    My skin is left so plump after using this mask. It also feels very good. Will repurchase
  67. Feels amazing, keeps my skin moisturised!


    Super nourishing and soft on my delicate skin. Leaves my face feeling refreshed, brightened and moisturised. Love it
  68. So very generous with the serum!


    I just love how much product these sheet masks come soaked it! Such a generous amount of serum! Very hydration mask! Lovely addition to my skincare routine :) Will Be repurchasing definitely:)
  69. Great product!


    I’ve lived using these - they are so generous with the serum and I put them on while I’m chilling out at night! Woke up with my skin feeling so hydrated - my partner loved them too!
  70. Revives my skin!!


    This is so great for dry and/or dull skin that just needs something to quickly hydrate, plumpen, and add a glow to! It’s also great for when you’re PMS-ing or hungover and experience sullen skin and need to look great asap! Just love it!
  71. Lovely and hydrating


    I love these face masks and use them when my skin is feeling a bit dry and they always hydrate and plump my skin back up.
  72. Pampering


    I love these masks for a little pampering. It feels so hydrating and nourishing and the serum in the masks is always a very generous quantity.
  73. Saving my hungover skin


    I love these masks so much on a regular day, so moisturizing and my skin feels amazing for days afterwards. But on this, very hungover day, my appreciation has gone to a whole new level.
  74. food for dehydrated skin

    perfecting skin

    i have a very bad dry skin and i used this mask at my friend's house and i am all ready to buy it. it made my skin so soft and hydrated and i got this nice glow after using it.
  75. One of my favourite masks


    I adore these sheet masks by Cremorlab. I apply them before special events or just when I feel like a little luxurious pampering/pick me up. My skin is plump, hydrated and glowing after using one. These are a must have for your beauty collection. I can’t live without mine!
  76. Amazingly Hydrating


    Love these masks! So much serum on each mask and they are great for hydrating my dry skin!
  77. hydrating and smooth


    These face masks are reasonably well priced compared to others on the market and do an amazing job in hydrating the face. After use, I always find my skin looking dewier and feeling more amazing than ever
  78. Great Mask!


    So hydrating and calming. My skin felt so soft and moisturised. Can't wait to try more masks from Cremorlab.
  79. Saves sore, dry skin


    I get very dry patches on my face, especially in winter, and this is an important part of healing and nourishing those dry, flaky patches. It is nice and hydrating and is a great treat when skin is dry and sore. The next day my skin which is not dry is bouncy and hydrated, and the dry/sore parts are less red and less tight feeling.
    Similar to the Neutrogena hyaluronic masks, but I think thes...
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  80. Great


    These masks were so hydrating.
  81. A Luxurious Treat!


    Very nourishing sheet masks which instantly revives my dry skin, adding moisture and a beautiful glow to my skin. A weekly treat that my skin loves!
  82. Great


    These masks were super hydrating and felt really luxurious.


    The past winter I struggled with dryness and thought i would try this mask after a recommendation of hyrdraluronic acid being good for dry skin.
    Im hooked!!! This stuff is amazing and has left my skin so hydrated within one use.
    I contiune to buy these and treat my skin once a week.
    Once you try these youll be hooked.
  84. beautiful


    Love these sheet masks. I was hesitant to try them as I have very sensitive skin but I've used them twice and they've hydrated without any irritation. Really beautiful to use.
  85. Amazing


    I apply one of these masks before applying makeup for a flawless finish! Skin feels hydrated and beautiful after using these
  86. Ah-mazing


    These face masks honestly do wonders. I have combination skin that can be dry, oily and is prone to hormonal breakouts. My skin was left feeling smoother, clearer and softer. Went make up free that day and skin was glowing. Great value for money and will definitely be repurchasing
  87. Best Hydrating Mask


    The hydration from using this mask is better than anything I have ever used. My skin is showing signs of aging as I am 54 but when this mask is removed I can see a difference straight away and the glow the following day says it all. Can’t get enough of this product ... try it with following the oxygenic peeling mask... you will be amazed! The price is great too.
  88. They work


    All the benefits you would expect from HA products in the fun format of a sheet mask. While I enjoy the benefits of using HA I don't enjoy the initial stickiness on the skin, so using this mask once a week is preferable to me using a HA serum every night. Would repurchase, great skin treat.
  89. Very hydrating for the skin


    These masks definitely live up to all of the reviews, very hydrating and give your skin a nice glow. Great for after skin needling to rehydrate the skin as well (your skin can be quite dry and red for up to as long as 5 days). Will definitely purchase again
  90. This product is AMAZING!!!


    Tried this mask after a recommendation of hyrdraluronic acid being good for dry skin. Being pregnant at the time I also checked that it was safe to use. The product on this mask drips from it but after sitting watching a movie, it was eventually all absorbed into my skin. Afterwards, I thought my skin was looking better but it wasn’t until the next day where I got compliments for my ‘glowing skin’...
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  91. Love this mask!


    This is my third time repurchasing this mask and I love it! It leaves my skin hydrated and soft! Highly recommend :)
  92. Intense in a good way!


    Wow these masks have SO MUCH EXCESS SERUM! When you first apply all the excess after you’ve removed the sheet itself, it feels really sticky & I was a bit put off by that initially, but if you give it time to sink in (which does take a while) you will have the softest, most hydrated, beautiful skin! So worth it! And really great price, too. Maybe my favourite sheet mask I’ve used so far! Will buy ...
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  93. So hydrating


    These masks are so very hydrating. Makes my skin feel so soft.
  94. Excellent hydration!!


    I love this face mask as it really hydrates my skin without breaking me out. There is a lot of serum on the mask and find it sufficient for my face and neck. Highly recommend!
  95. Highly effective


    As the packaging suggests, this mask is highly effective in hydration. A generous amount of liquid keeps the mask loaded with moisture to leave the skin supple and glowing. You can feel the skin tighten and firm within a couple of minutes. The excess liquid in the packet is enough to spread over the neck and decolletage.
  96. Beautifully soothing


    I bought these masks to use after micro needling. Wanted something with Hyaluronic Acid plus other soothing ingredients, and plenty of moisture (HA needs humidity/water to work its magic). I wasn't disappointed this product is so hydrating!

    After needling my skin is raw like sunburn but the mask has an instant cooling effect. I recommend keeping it in the fridge

    It conto...
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  97. Great for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin, and this mask is so soothing on my skin. It feels so hydrating and makes my skin so soft and smooth! The hydrated feeling lasts for hours too. Highly recommend it. It is definitely worth the price.
  98. Moisturised and plumped!!


    This mask is super hydrating and made my skin feel deliciously plump and moisturised! My skin has been on the dry side post winter, so I decided to give this a go and I’m glad I did! The sheet is a little tricky to get out of the package and unfold, but it is beautifully saturated with the serum. Some may find the sticky nature of the serum a bit off-putting, but I loved it! I will definitely be b...
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  99. Hydrating mask!


    This is my second time purchasing this mask and I highly recommend it! It has a lot of serum on it and is very hydrating!
  100. Amazing!


    This face mask feels and smells incredible! It leaves the skin really hydrating and glowing. Great for dry and sensitive skin
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