Cremorlab Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask - 5 Sheet Masks

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Cremorlab Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask - 5 Sheet Masks by Cremorlab


Cremorlab's Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask is the ultimate treatment to boost moisture levels leaving skin plump and glowing. Infused with Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid, this powerful sheet mast delivers long-lasting moisture, pumping skin with hydration to reveal a plump, radiant complexion. With a refreshing aqua scent, this two piece water-soluble gel mask adheres to the skin, even on your curved features. 


What are the benefits of the Cremorlab's Aqua Tank Water-Full Mask?

  • Deeply hydrates and boost moisture levels in the skin
  • Helps to firm  and tighten skin and improve elasticity
  • Water-soluble gel mask
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Includes 5 x two-piece face masks

Along with all Cremorlab products, this facial hydrating mask features T.E.N water as a key component. T.E.N. is the foundation of all of Cremorlab's products. Made from a rare and mineral-rich thermal water, the liquid works to improve hydration and the health of your skin, helping to boost radiance, vitality, and hydration. As well as hydrating skin, this face mask has anti-aging benefits, as added collagen works to firm and tighten skin. Treat yourself to this powerful mask and your skin will love you for it. 

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Great quality mask! - 23-02-2018 by

I LOVE sheet masks, though I normally buy cheap masks because hey, they do the job and I like trying new things. I'm a lot more critical of expensive masks because I expect the value to be apparent - it's like, well if I can buy something decently hydrating for not a lot of money, I expect quite a lot more of the 'spensive masks!

Happily, this delivers. This is nothing like a cheap sheet mask. For one thing, this actually fits my face, for another it stays on my face! This has a gel-texture that feels a little rubbery, but it goes on transparent. This mask is split into a lower and upper half, so it's easier for people who normally can't get a good fit, to get comfortable.

When I take this mask off, my face looks smoother, well-rested and radiant. The texture of the mask in addition to the great hydrating ingredients in this seem to work beautifully together, and I'm really happy with the results!

I find that this dries out a lot less quickly than sheet masks. I wore this for 3 hours (oops) while I was chatting to a friend, and it started to become dry where my face tends to get warmest, but was still comfortable.

Refreshing - 23-02-2018 by

I used this mask after a really long day at work, my skin was tight and dry so it was in desperate need of some hydration. This mask comes in two pieces, one which covers your forehead to nose and the other which covers your chin and cheeks. The first thing you will notice about this mask is its jelly-like texture, you can feel the serum of Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid soaking into your skin. Afterwards my skin looked calm, hydrated and plump. Also note, I didn't rinse my face, instead I left the serum residue to soak into my skin.

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