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The House Of Creed has catered to some of the most exclusive clientelle since its inception in 1760. Using only the finest of ingredients, Creed have created fragrances for some of the most unparalleled figures in modern history.

With their dedication to creating fragrance, Creed is a father and son duo who specialise in creating world class fragrances in their very own distillery. The sixth generation of perfumers, Creed upholds a 4,000 year old tradition of infusing essential oils. Sourcing ingredients from all over the world with no heed to cost, Creed remain one of the most influential and exclusive niche fragrance houses.

What are Creed’s best fragrances for women?

Though all of Creed’s fragrances are gender neutral and therefore perfectly suited to all who wish to wear them, Creed have created a women’s range. Many scents are inspired by famous women throughout history, and some of their most iconic moments.

  • Creed Fleurissimo
    A springtime bridal bouquet, inspired by the wedding of the century. This fragrance is a love story told through floral notes, white flowers with a feminine powdery note.
  • Creed Royal Princess Oud
    Inspired by Creed’s history as a tailoring house, Creed Royal Princess Oud is a fresh take on that rare and expensive note, oud. Dressed up, and made accessible, Royal Princess Oud is an oud for even oud skeptics.
  • Creed Aventus For Her
    For the woman who never holds back, Creed Aventus For Her is not to be mistaken as a feminine interpretation of a men’s best-seller. Aventus For Her captures an incomparable power and spirit.
  • Creed Spring Flower
    A graceful, modern interpretation of a summer’s garden, this fragrance is a throwback to the Golden Era of Hollywood.
  • Creed Love in White
    An abundance of white flowers, Creed Love In White was inspired by the flying of a white flag at the end of a world war.

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Creed Fleurissimo Eau De Parfum 75mlCreed Fleurissimo Eau De Parfum 75ml
Creed Fleurissimo Eau De Parfum 75ml


pretty scent, I love violet and I can smell it in this, though it's mixed beautifully with other floral notes
Creed Royal Princess Oud Eau De Parfum 75mlCreed Royal Princess Oud Eau De Parfum 75ml
Creed Royal Princess Oud Eau De Parfum 75ml

don't love

I really like the oud, but the patchouli stays strong for me
Creed Aventus for Her Eau De Parfum 75mlCreed Aventus for Her Eau De Parfum 75ml
Creed Aventus for Her Eau De Parfum 75ml

quite sweet

I found this one to be a bit too sweet for my liking