CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish - Tinted Love

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CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish - Tinted Love by CND

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Nail polish as you know it has been re-invented...


Discover the CND VINYLUX™ Polish System. While ordinary nail polish wears off and deteriorates over time, CND VINYLUX™ Polish dries naturally to flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time. Enjoy week long, chip free, flawless nails without a UV lamp or a visit to the salon.


CND VINYLUX™ Polish and CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish have been designed to work together to give you long lasting wear. CND's ProLight technology actually ensures your polish is strengthened as it's exposed to natural light. 


7 days with no chips and a flawless finish all achievable at home? We're there! With 62 shades to choose from, there's a CND VINYLUX™ Polish to tickle everybodys fancy.

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If I could have one colour... - 26-01-2014 by

I'm a red nail polish person. I've been trying my best to stop buying shades of red, and start wearing other colours on the colour wheel. WELL I TRIED OKAY. CND Tinted Love is a stunner! It's a bit dissimilar to the swatch, I would say it's more of a purple-red than an actual purple. If berry lipsticks work well for you then this is definitely a winner for you in the CND red spectrum.

... Plus I love the name. Can't complain too much if I end up with a certain Soft Cell song in my head.

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