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CND VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish by CND


Forget nail polish as you know it - this is the next generation in flawless finish!


Discover CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish. Where ordinary nail polish wears off and deteriorates over time, CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips and scuffs over time. Enjoy week long, chip free, flawless nails without a UV lamp or a visit to the salon --the results will astound you!


CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish and CND VINYLUX™ Top Coat are designed to work together to give you long-lasting wear. CND's ProLight technology actually ensures your polish is strengthened with exposure to natural light. Pretty incredible, right!?


Seven days with no chips and a flawless finish all achievable at home? We'll take a handful! With 62 shades to choose from, there's a CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish to tickle your fancy.



Try CND VINYLUX™ Nail Polish and let your chip-free nails sparkle!

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Nice colour - 26-09-2018 by

Really nice colour. Amazing quality.

nice! - 04-09-2018 by

a great nailpolish that comes in a great colour range. it stays on for ages and looks so lovely

Pretty good - 27-08-2018 by

So nice lil nail polish! very vibrant and stays on for a decent amount of time!! easy to apply and dries quickly

I've changed my mind! - 08-12-2016 by

Initially I was very disappointed with CND, having bought the base coat, top coat and 2 colours. The first colour I tried was a "sparkle" one and lasted less than a day without chipping. The 2nd colour has no sparkle and has lasted 4 days already with no signs of chipping or wear. This is the result I very much wanted and am glad I didn't give up at sparkle!

My wish has come true - 28-11-2014 by

I have been waiting for this type of product for years. You can buy about two bottles for the price of having Shellac at salon. I have tried the other brands of this gel product like sally hansen and revlon and this CND is the best. No nasties i believe. Goes on evenly dries super quick. Two coats and gel top coat. Lasts about 5 days without chipping and then only chips slightly and i then paint coat over then gel top coat.
Looks rich and very shiny. I love love love this.

Great product - 24-10-2014 by

Very happy with the nail polish. Last so much longer than average polish brands and would recommend this product as it does wear longer.

Good product, although can be streaky - 20-09-2014 by

I really do like this product, it lasts well, the colour is nice, easy to apply and remove - its just a pity that the Romantique colour comes out a bit streaky.

Lasts well! - 15-09-2014 by

My nail polish seems to chip the second it's dry, so I was very keen to try CND Vinylux. While it's not exactly in the league of Shellac, it's more durable than most varnishes and dries pretty quickly. I like the colour range and can't wait to try to all of the shades - especially as we approach summer!

Great, long lasting, easy to remove. Dies nit damage nails, however, some tacky colours. - 28-08-2014 by

Much better than Shellac! When I tried the Shellac nail polish it dried my nails terribly and they all split and broke. The new CND nail polish lasts about a week and us easy to remove, unlike shellac. It doesn't damage the nails at all either! I have been looking for something likecthis for ages! My only complaint would be the colour range. There are not many really nice colurs, some of them are a little tacky.

long wearing and effective at home - 18-08-2014 by

I like the longer wearing idea. I am hard on nail polish and used to have my nails done professionally on a weekly basis. I can use this very successfully at home

7-Days wear? - 29-07-2014 by

Maybe I am just a little bit boisterous, more so than other women. The 7-day wear factor is what attracted me, however after two days, it is showing signs of wear on me, not unlike normal nail polish. I like it for its quicker drying properties, this is a real plus.

It is somewhere between normal nail polish and shellac, but still, despite the bother of application and removal, I prefer shellac.

Endurance - 25-07-2014 by

It's been 2 weeks since I applied my CND Vinylux Nail Polish and it's only now showing it's time to redo! Much better than gel or shellac!!

Great polish - 24-06-2014 by

I get 5 days from this polish and I'm quite hard on my nails. Also like that it dries quickly so I can do my nails quickly. I use the clear Vinylux top coat as well. I've just purchased my 4th and 5th colours!

Longest Lasting Polish Ever! - 29-05-2014 by

I have two colours now and they are great, finger polish easily lasts 5-6 days and everyday work. Doing dishes, general housework, office work the lot. I won't use anything else now.

It's lovely! - 20-05-2014 by

This is the best nail polish I've ever used. Lasts much longer, easy to apply and seems a bit gentler on my nails than others I've tried.

Fantasitc - 02-04-2014 by

Normally I can't keep nail polish on for more than an hour before it's chipped or rubbing off. This stayed on, without a single chip for six days.
Even with the odd chip, I still got comments ten days later. This is magical for me!!!!!

Fantastic product - 15-12-2013 by

Definitely recommend this product to anyone. I used it whilst on holiday, was in and out of water all day and chips did not appear until 6th day. Was extremely impressed.

Does what it says - 10-10-2013 by

This nail Polish is fantastic, it really last like it says it does. Easy to apply, no uv lamps. Remove it just like normal nail polish. Huge range of colours.

Revolutionary New Nail Polish - 02-09-2013 by

This nail polish definitely does what it claims to do. I thought I would get a few days wear but my nail polish lasted upto six days and I do quite abit of housework ! I diont have the time to get my nails done at the salon but love the look of polished nails. I was also concerned about the exposure of UV light to cure shellac. CND Vinylux is the perfect solution. I have recommended this this product to everyone I know. I will be buying more of the gorgeous colours.

Great Product - 21-07-2013 by

Found this nail polish ( with top coat) to be the longest wearing polish I have purchased. I won't be wasting my money on anything else, I have only noticed small chips on the ends after about four days but with a quick touch up on the ends I get about eight days out of it. I work in a supermarket so it does get some knocking around. I have several family members using this as well, great alternative to shellac.

A discovery! - 08-07-2013 by

The benefits of shellac without having to go to a salon and EASY to take off (this is the main thing I don't like about shellac). Applies like normal polish, comes off like normal polish, but lasts longer and doesn't chip as easily as normal polish. Doesn't last me 7 days but I have two kids and an active life so a manicure that lasts more than a day is long lasting for me! I get about 5 days before it needs to come off

Love it! - 30-06-2013 by

Really great polish that doest chip as quickly as standard nail polish! I'm a chronic nail chipper and pick at polish as nicks start to appear. Vinylux is great though and doest chip as easily and has helped strengthen my nails, preventing them from getting nicks, and the polish peeling.

Convinced! - 23-06-2013 by

As a devoted OPI user, and constant nail chipper I was sceptical about this one - usually anything that lasts is also rather damaging and hard to remove! This nail polish is great though! It dried well and quickly (use the top coat) and this is usually the time I do some sort of smudge damage so the speed was great.
Most importantly, it REALLY lasts! I don't do anything particularly labour intensive but I always get chips inside a few days but this seems to stand up quite well.
The ONLY fault (although to me it's quite a big one) - it isn't very shiny

Will definitely re purchase in other colours

Positive - 10-06-2013 by

Wow! A product that actually does what it claims. I've ditched the shellac for Vinylux. Long lasting, shiny and so easy to apply. A great product from CND.

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