Ponytail Styling Tips With Cloud Nine

Which Cloud Nine Styling tools are best to use?

The ponytail is an effortless way to instantly pull your look together—just look at Gwen Stefani and Ariana Grande! But when done wrong, a pony can easily wind up looking more gym rat than glamourpuss. Luckily, Cloud Nine’s revolutionary styling irons make it easy to create any look you’re after, ponytail included. We’ve broken down the best ways to build a perfect ponytail with each of Cloud Nine’s styling tools. So sit back, relax, and let us teach you how to get your perfectly on-point pony in minutes.

How to style a Ponytail with a Cloud Nine's best styling tools?

Cloud Nine’s first major innovation in hot tools, the Cloud Nine Hair Straightening Iron is a perfect choice for smoothing out your locks. This easy-to-use iron is lightweight and features adjustable temperature controls. The classic Hair Straightening Iron brings hair to new heights of shine and smoothness in an instant, making it an ideal tool for building the perfect pony.

  1. To start, section hair and apply a heat protector like Aveda heat relief thermal protector & conditioning mist 100ml before styling.

  2. Straighten hair in 1-inch or 2-inch sections, minimising the number of passes by taking your time on each to cut down on damage.

  3. Once hair is entirely straight and styled, gather the mid lengths and ends in one hand while brushing the crown smooth with the other.

  4. Once the base of your ponytail is smooth and even, secure the mid lengths and ends with a hair tie for a perfectly sleek pony.

Wrangling thick, naturally wild hair can be a chore. But Cloud Nine makes it a chore you’re happy to complete with its Cloud Nine C9 Wide Iron. Built with all the features of the original, groundbreaking Cloud Nine Hair Straightening Iron, this tool is constructed with significantly wider plates than its predecessor. This simple adjustment makes smoothing and evenly distributing heat through long or thick hair a breeze. The ultimate tool for whipping difficult hair into shape in a snap, the versatile C9 Wide Iron will have you rocking a silky-smooth pony in no time.

  1. For the perfect tamed, thick pony, apply a smoothing styling cream like R+Co Waterfall Moisture + Shine Lotion to damp hair.

  2. After drying, section hair into 2-inch or 3-inch sections and take your time with each pass to avoid burning or breakage.

  3. Brush through gently when styling is complete.

  4. Gather hair at the back of the head, brushing through the top until completely smooth.

  5. When smooth, secure the mid lengths and ends with a hair tie for a sleek, controlled look, no matter how wild your mane really is.

Professional Curls, Whatever Your Hair Type

Create a look entirely of your own design with Cloud Nine’s versatile, multitasking C9 Wand, built with no clip for easy, intuitive styling. You’re welcome to create any number of looks with this tapered iron, a shape that provides a wide range of options for curl tightness and creating unique patterns in the hair. Ideal for a messy, undone pony, the Cloud Nine C9 Wand will have you crafting sexy, stunning looks in no time.

Professional Curls, Whatever Your Hair Type
  1. For a diffused, soft-glam ponytail, wrap hair around the barrel of the C9 Wand in sections varying from 1 to 3 inches.

  2. The variations will create dimension and light, soft, natural-looking waves and curls.

  3. Finish with a dry styling spray like the Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray for added texture throughout mid lengths and ends.

  4. Work a volumising spray or pomade like the Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray into roots before pulling all of your mane into one pony.

  5. Once hair is fully styled, gather mid lengths and ends with one hand while creating a soft, tousled look at the root.

  6. Once the roots are to your liking, secure mid lengths and ends with a hair tie at any height for a bombshell finish.

Get a vacation-ready style instantly no matter your location with the Cloud 9 C9 Waving Wand, built for leaving you with long, lustrous waves and diffused, beachy looks. This wide-barrelled wand adds a boost of volume and shine along with undone, sultry vibes with just a few wraps around the barrel. Start wrapping at the root for a seriously boosted, lifted look. Or wrap random strands for a more soft, subtle wave in moments—without ever stepping foot in the sand.

Looking for the ultimate mermaid hair moment? A soft, diffused, low pony sculpted with the C9 Waving Wand is just the look for you.

  1. Apply a soft texturiser like Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse while hair is damp, and dry with a diffuser.

  2. Style hair in 1-to-3 inch sections, putting less focus on ensuring the entire head is uniformly waved and more focus on creating dimension and movement.

  3. When styling is complete, gather mid lengths to ends and secure with a hair tie at the base of the neck.

Allow your ponytail to fall over one shoulder for a look even The Little Mermaid would envy.

Rock a Soft, Subtle Curl

Built for more uniform, streamlined curls than the C9 Waving Wand or C9 Wand can yield, this slightly daintier iron allows for softer, tighter waves and defined, silky curls that flow naturally without losing their shape throughout wear. The perfect choice for a tousled but secure pony, the Cloud Nine Curling Wand helps you achieve smoothness, shine, and curl that you—and your admirers!—will love.

Rock a Soft, Subtle Curl
  1. Before styling, apply a smoothing styling cream to damp hair to help curls maintain shape and resist frizz.

  2. Once hair is dry, curl it in uniform, 1-2 inch sections for more defined curls. Or curl 3-4 inch sections for looser but still structured curls.

  3. When curls are complete, boost volume before securing mid lengths and ends by gently working a volumising spray or powder into the roots.

  4. To finish, gather mid lengths and ends and secure at your desired height with a hair tie for a chic, practical, curly pony.

  5. A traditional pony can also always be spiced up by adding some curls in the mid lengths and ends.

Try it both ways to find the perfect pony for your curly tendrils.

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