The Benefits of a CLOUD NINE The O Heated Roller Set

Our Secret Hair Styling Weapon- Why The CLOUD NINE The O Heated Roller Set Is An Easy Must Have

Looking for the ultimate in voluminous styles? The CLOUD NINE The O Heated Roller Set is sure to be your new favourite way of achieving bouncy, bombshell looks without the drawbacks of traditional rollers.

This unique system, built to provide salon-quality looks right at home, has officially changed the roller game forever. In no time, you’ll be creating gorgeous looks with little effort—and isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Cloud Nine C9 The O Ultimate Set: The O Pod - long blonde styled wavy hair - The Benefits of a Cloud Nine O Pod - 500 x 500Cloud Nine C9 The O Ultimate Set: The O Pod - long blonde styled wavy hair - The Benefits of a Cloud Nine O Pod - 500 x 500

What Makes CLOUD NINE The O Heated Roller Set Special?

So what sets the CLOUD NINE O Rollers apart from your standard set of hot rollers? To put it simply: everything. This unique system pairs each The O Roller with The O Pod, a unique technology that ensures maximum ease and comfort while styling.

The O Pod heats the soft-grip rollers from the inside out in less than 4 seconds, thanks to the unique heat induction technology. Rollers heat from the centre, so they’re hot in your hair but not your hands, allowing for precise and effortless placement. The O Rollers, which come in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 60 mm, allow you to create any look with ease.

Great Looking Hair with Minimal Effort!

Beauty Bee

I have NO talent or skill when it comes to styling hair, let alone my own. I can't even blow-dry it well. The 'O' saves me every time I have a big occasion or event on, because my hair looks blowdried perfectly and curled (depending on the size of the rollers used). It is SO easy to use and I have piece of mind that I am not damaging my hair beyond repair to get the results I want at home. Sure th...
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Once applied to the hair, The O Rollers lets you know it’s ready to be removed with its heat-indicator spot, saving your fingers and strands from burning and discomfort. The soft-touch rollers do grip to hair, but clips are available for added support. Once rollers are removed, hair is bouncy, shiny, and full of hold, with a silky-smooth finish you’ll absolutely love.

How To Get A Perfect Curl For Every Occasion

Place rollers closer to the root for more height and volume, or roll up mid-lengths to ends on each side of the hair for a softer, subtler look. The wide range of roller sizes allows you to create exactly the right look for your length, texture, and style, so be sure to play around with placement and roller size for a truly personalised finish.

Amazing for everything from day-to-day blowouts to special occasions, these versatile rollers make creating your desired style easy, intuitive, and comfortable, no matter what the situation calls for.

You may wish to buy CLOUD NINE The O Heated Roller Set, but you can also buy The O-Roller components separately. Whether you’re looking for slimmer, more controlled curls or wild, bouncy waves, you’re set to impress with the unique, volume-boosting power of the CLOUD NINE O-Rollers.

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