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Cloud Nine C9 The O Ultimate Set: The O Pod + Rollers + Clips + Case

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Cloud Nine C9 The O Ultimate Set: The O Pod + Rollers + Clips + Case by Cloud Nine

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Cloud Nine's The O is a groundbreaking innovation in professional styling, creating incredible volume in an instant. The O is unlike any heated roller system you've ever seen before.  


The O Pod

Cloud Nine The O Pod heats up the soft-grip rollers in less than four seconds with the system's unique heat induction technology, and rollers are heated from their core ... so they’re hot in your hair, not in your hand! This allows you to place each roller precisely and effortlessly where you want it. As the rollers cool in your hair, they give fantastic shine, hold and definition.


The O Rollers

Cloud Nine The O Rollers range from 20mm to 60mm, so you can choose sizes that best suit your hair length and style. The different sizes allow you to style va-va-voom! volume to effortless, loose curls. 


How it works

For most hair, the grip on Cloud Nine O Rollers paired with innovative heat induction technology mean mounds of pins and hairnets are things of the past! If you have longer locks or thick tresses that need a little extra support, The O Set includes 12 Cloud Nine Perfect Fit Clips to keep each roller extra secure whilst they work their magic. How do you know how long to leave them in? Cloud Nine has you covered! Each roller has its own heat indicator spot, so you'll always know exactly when they’re ready to take out. 



Cloud Nine The O Ultimate Set contains:

- The O Pod

- 4 x 30mm rollers

- 4 x 40mm rollers

- 4 x 50mm rollers

- 12 x Perfect Fit Clips

- Luxury Case in Black

- 1 Year Warranty



This brilliant innovation from Cloud Nine allows you to create your perfect style, and leaves you with hair that’s full of body, volume and movement.


All you have to do is decide how much volume you can handle!

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If you can justify the price, do it! - 16-10-2018 by

Getting volume into my hair is a real challenge. I love heat styling with wands, etc. but with fine, coloured hair, it can be damaging. A good set of hot rollers is the perfect solution, as they don't reach anywhere near the temp of a curling wand, but I found choosing a set to be tricky.
As I have long hair, the problem with a lot of the sets is that you end up not using half of the rollers, just the largest ones - and then you don't have enough of those to do your whole head at once. One of the key benefits of the Cloud Nine system is that it's modular - you can customise it completely to suit you. And the big cost is really in the pod - the additional rollers and clips are pretty reasonably priced.
I agonised over what to get and I don't know quite how I managed to justify it, but I took the plunge and bought the Ultimate Set and packs of additional 30, 40 and 50mm rollers plus clips. Yep - I went the whole hog - enough to be able to do a whole head in each size if I want or mix them up. In for a penny...!
The marketing material sings the benefits pretty well - 4 sec heating time (which is actually accurate), indicators on the rollers, cool touch straight out of the pod, etc. It's pretty nifty. Beyond that, I find this to be the perfect system for silky hair, which can be hard to roll onto the smooth surface of hot ceramic rollers of other brands. Velcro is so much easier and faster as my hair doesn't slip off. The Ultimate Set comes with enough clips for the rollers (8 x size 1 for 20/30/40mm, 4 x size 2 for 50/60mm) - you don't strictly need them if you've wrapped tightly onto the rollers, unless you plan on walking around a lot while they cool. If you're sitting still, the velcro rollers stay in place pretty well.
As expected, you get gorgeous bouncy curls and a salon-style blow wave finish - and you'd want that for the price! You can definitely get the same finish from far cheaper roller sets - what you're paying for here is the fast-heating innovation, the brand name and the benefits of the modular system. If those things don't interest you, I wouldn't recommend this system because there are so many cheaper options. Also, the Ultimate Set is geared towards long hair (the 50mm rollers are pretty big) - if you have short hair, you might think about getting the pod and more of the 20mm rollers, which aren't included in this set.

Great Looking Hair with Minimal Effort! - 09-07-2018 by

I have NO talent or skill when it comes to styling hair, let alone my own. I can't even blow-dry it well. The 'O' saves me every time I have a big occasion or event on, because my hair looks blowdried perfectly and curled (depending on the size of the rollers used). It is SO easy to use and I have piece of mind that I am not damaging my hair beyond repair to get the results I want at home. Sure the up front cost is a lot - but considering the money and time you save either by not going to the hairdressers for a blow dry time to time or from other heat styling you might be trying at home, there's no going back! It's great technology that's MUCH better for your hair than any other hot rollers on the market.

Looking fab within a budget - 11-06-2018 by

When I was single my hair blow wave just because I want to. Now that I am a mother of two with bills to pay the budget just doesn’t allow frivolous luxury. But I still want to look like I’ve stepped out of a salon. And I’ve been searching for a product that can help me. Well I found it. Cloud Nine C9 The O gives the luscious volume and curl. I know the price tag put people off but if your get about 5 blow waves at a salon you will pay for this product and you will have the appliance forever because it’s so well built.

A great alternative to a blow wave. - 08-01-2018 by

I love the bounce & body I get from a Salon blow wave, but not only do I not like using a blow wave to excess at home, my hair is long & I have a lot of it so its also a long & muscle taxing exercise.

The O Pod gives me a Salon blowout in a shorter time, no bicep training required.

Its easy, safe & I love how my hair looks afterwards.

It also allows me to put less heat on my hair by skipping the home blow wave & using the gentle but effective heat from the rollers instead.

Great product - 27-07-2014 by

Great product. It doesn't give me curls but volume and waves. The case is a lot bigger then I expected but overall I love this product.

Cloud Nine for VS style volume - 05-11-2013 by

For those of you who remember the old velcro rollers - this fantastic package combines heated rollers with velcro rollers but in about 1/8 time. Pop them in, do your face and they are ready to come out. I have really long thick hair so I just get fantastic body and flicks on the end. I got more of a set curl look when my hair was shoulder length and I didn't really like that. Twas a wee bit retro for me but some people may like that. The packaging was awesome but sadly the container broke after about a year or so. Now I just store in old handbag bags - 1 for the O and another for rollers and clips. So easy and quick to use - I love it!

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