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Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 15ml 15ml

4.5 of 66 reviews


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4 instalments of $5.00


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Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is an addictively refreshing gel-cream which helps skin create its own internal water source. This stunning formula keeps skin almost twice as hydrated at the end of the day than it did before.

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GREAT - 87% recommend

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Skin Concern:

  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin

Skin Type:

  • Dry
  • Normal to dry

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4.5 of 66 reviews

87% recommend this product

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Kept my skin moisturised linger then most products

Most Helpful Criticism

Not blown away


Just okay at hydrating - nothing too special about this. My skin isn’t left dewy or glowing which is always my goal- and for me I need a lot of product to really make a difference. Won’t repurchase.
  1. Sooo hydrating!


    Hydrated all day. The size is perfect for on the plane and keeps my skin from getting dry
  2. Cult fave


    I have bought this product time and time again and it never disappoints. Lovely to apply and my skin feels so soft afterwards. A little goes a long way and the jar lasts ages.
  3. Not blown away


    Just okay at hydrating - nothing too special about this. My skin isn’t left dewy or glowing which is always my goal- and for me I need a lot of product to really make a difference. Won’t repurchase.
  4. Not too thick, not too oily, just right


    I keep coming back to this moisturiser... It's nice and light and doesn't make my skin too oily which is great. It's still not a 'perfect fit' for me, but after trying a huge variety of moisturisers, this is still one of the best for my stubborn, oily skin.
  5. Nice texture, skin sucks it in!


    This moisturiser is very hydrating, and also doesn't exacerbate my acne. Absorbs really quickly, would recommend!
  6. Good for occasional usage


    Received it as a sample, its a bit too strong for everyday use i reckon but its good if you are doing outdoor activity which require you to be out all day.
  7. supple skin


    Finally purchased moisture surge after hearing rave reviews from friends and family. I was a little hesitant as my skin often breaks out when using new products, however, I’ve not had any problems with this!

    Beautiful packaging, although I’d love it in a bottle with a pump for easy, hygienic application. Love the gel consistency of the moisturiser. It absorbs into the skin almost immediately upon application without leaving any sticky residue behind. I can definitely notice a difference in my skin, it’s less dry and more supple.
  8. Cannot go without!!!


    this is my 4th re purchase I cant not have this now! especially now i'm doing IPL laser on my face as well this has absolutely saved my skin.
  9. Best for long haul flight


    This travel size moisturiser is the best for flying and it feels so great and locks in the moisture for hours!
  10. This product suprised me!


    I havent had a lot of experience with Clinique and was first exposed to this particular product as a super mini size version freebie! A few uses and the next mornings I began to notice my skin tone and overall feel of my skin was just insane- plump, soft, everything! I soon realised it was this little moisturiser- super great product!
    A little goes a long way and I've found I can really stretch the product using it every second night which is great considering how little you get for the $20 jar.

    But I love what this product is doing for my skin- healthy, glowing skin. I'm excited to try other clinique products!
  11. Very hydrating


    Very hydrating but bit thick for my like and leaves skin a bit sticky, takes a while to absorb into skin
  12. Favorite !


    Ive been searching for a great moisturiser and i can't stop using this one! Very hydrating and leaves the skin feeling smooth and moisturised
  13. Great for dry skin


    While working outside in windy conditions my skin would really dry out. Putting this on provided instant relief and my skin felt comfortable for days. I would recommend it over your normal moisturiser and sunscreen.
  14. Lovely


    this product is honestly amazing! It nourishes my skin and makes it feel so hydrated and soft! I definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone, especially if you have dry skin!
  15. Good light moisture boost


    This product is quite light and a gel like consistency however I find even though being a gel it moisturises like a cream. My skin always feels nice and soft and smooth in the mornings after using this product. I originally brought this in a small tub for a weekend away, a great little tester size as well. But I really quite enjoy using it and will purchase again. The only thing is I still have 2 very small dry patches in the morning after using this, it doesn't seem give enough hydration just to these areas, but everywhere else is amazing!
  16. Refreshing and hydrating


    I was after non comedogenic hydrating cream ..and then i find this..it feels so hydrating without grease..Already using it for many 1.5yrs and definitely be purchasing again.
  17. First love


    This is my most fav moisturiser..its always difficult to find gud moisturiser for combo skin..it hydrates well without being greasy..good on pocket too
  18. Travel buddy


    This is the best for flights, in fact I can't fly without it now. I love the feel on my skin and ensures I am all hydrated after a long flight
  19. Holy Grail


    This does exactly a described. It is amazing for long haul flights.
  20. Light and hydrating


    This product is a dream to use, great texture that sinks right into the skin. It’s light and hydrating, great under makeup. I need something stronger for the cooler months but will definitely reuse in summer!
  21. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator 15ml


    I loved the size of this packaging for a month travelling. The moisturiser is hydrating and smooth without causing make up to clump.
  22. Soothing and hydrating moisturiser.


    The soft pink coloured gel is fragrance free and easily absorbed into the skin leaving it feeling super soft, smooth and hydrated. A great moisturiser.
  23. Breaks me out


    Unfortunately like most clinique products, it broke me out. Not as bad as the yellow dramatically different moisturisers though. Hydration is good, but layer it up with thicker creams for retention in the skin
  24. Amazing!


    Really love this product - its super hydrating but without being greasy. Can use under make up too! I have super sensitive skin and had no reaction to this which I used nightly.
  25. Soft skin all day!


    I bought this when I first started using Clinique products, this moisturiser is so lightweight but effective. Within minutes of application it leaves dry skin soft supple and hydrated and it lasts a long time. It does everything it claims which I love!
  26. Clinique Moisture Surge 72 Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator


    it gives my skin just the perfect amount of moisture that lasts all day, doesn't feel greasy or oily and the lotion has great coverage for a small amount.
  27. Crowd favourite


    This is a great humectant and a great first layer (before moisturiser) for dry skin types and an amazing stand-alone option for oily skin types. I love that this is Non-Acnegenic and fragrance-free, so checks the box for troubled skin types like me.
  28. Perfect Consistency


    I was always so used to using such thick moisturisers from the drug store, that would never blend in and felt like I was applying thick molt to my skin. This product has shown me that you can still have hydrated beautiful skin, even by using such a thin hydrating formula!
  29. Light and hydrating


    This moisturiser sinks in and leaves skin with a healthy glow. I find this is best during the day and under make up while I need something heavier overnight to seal in moisturiser.
  30. I like having a little jar of this on hand


    I have dry skin that can sometimes have flaky patches. I like having a little jar of this on hand for times when my skin is feeling particularly parched. It leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. I don’t use it every day and normally still use my regular moisturiser underneath. It is great to use after an accidental sunburn too!
  31. Super hydrating


    My skin is on the dryer side and I love this moisturizer. Is a nice fell like consistency and feels great on my skin leaving glowing n hydrated. I only got a tester but will deffinately buying this when I run out
  32. simple moisturiser and perfect for whole year long


    this is just a good moisturiser. it just works. not too sticky and oily either.
  33. Simple and nice


    I like this moisturiser on my combination skin. Moisturises well without making the skin oily or shiny. Works well under makeup too.
  34. Non greasy moisturiser


    This moisturiser is very hydrating. I love the gel consistency. It does not feel oily on the skin, and is lightweight. I like how it is not heavily scented. You can use it as a makeup- primer before applying foundation, and as a night moisturiser after using a good face serum.
  35. In combination with a moisturiser


    Where people go wrong is when they start using this as a stand-alone product. Please note that its a humectant which helps lock-in skin moisture but will dry out if it is not sealed with a moisturizer. The right way to use gels is-
    1. Wash your face
    2. Apply humectant on damp skin
    3. Seal with a moisturiser.

    Other than that its a really good choice.
  36. Love it!


    I am savouring every last bit of the 15ml jar I bought as it is just divine! It is the super lightweight gel cream I've been waiting for. It comes in a pink hue and I use it every few days as it's meant to last get this, 72 hours! It helps tame the oil production in my skin while keeping my skin soft dewy and hydrated. It's a worthy investment.
  37. Not enough hydration


    I have very dry/dehydrated skin - unfortunately this did not provide enough hydration for me.
  38. Good for dry skin


    Hydrating and nourishing on dry skin, but the cost per ml in this size is very expensive. You'd be better off purchasing a larger size
  39. Good for oily skin


    Lovely gel-like consistency that sinks right into the skin. There is no greasy residue left behind, and I felt like it did a good job at hydrating oilier parts of my face. Doesn't do much for flakey dry patches though. The 15ml size is definitely not good value for money, but a nice way to try the formula out.
  40. not result driven


    This popular moisturizer is adequate but it doesn’t blow me away. Yes, it moisturizes my skin, but that’s it. For me, I want more from my moisturizer (I.e. radiance boosting, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, even texture, etc). This just doesn’t do enough for me. I prefer a multitasking moisturizer. If you just want moisture and nothing else, then this is a good option.
  41. the best


    This is such a great moisturiser for people with really dry skin. It’s the only moisturiser that I’ve found leaves my skin properly hydrated the next morning (I use it at night) rather than being dry again and having to reapply more. Leaves my skin so soft and smooth also, such a good product!
  42. Best trial product!


    This product is so light and easy to apply, sinks into your skin quickly, and doesn't leave that awful greasy feeling. My skin is pretty normal, but does dry out in my t-zone and there is noticeable improvement since using this product daily.
  43. Not as moisturising as expected


    Initially when applying this i loved it.. it smelled great and left my skin feeling incredible! But almost immediately my skin absorbed it all and it was like i applied nothing at all. :(

    i have normal skin for reference
  44. My Fav - Now travel friendly


    Such a moisturising cream that makes your skin feel luxurious without putting a greasy film over your face. Perfect for travel.
  45. nice overnight hydration boost


    I enjoyed the gel cream consistency of this product. I wear it overnight and wake with refreshed and hydrated skin. Although my skin is acne-prone, I haven't experienced any breakouts with this so far.
  46. It's great, would buy again


    This product is so light and easy to apply, sinks into your skin quickly, and doesn't leave that awful greasy feeling. My skin is pretty normal, but does dry out in my t-zone and there is noticeable improvement since using this product daily. It's also turned out to be wonderful for my daughter's eczema. It's not a cure, but it does help the skin to stay moist and eases the itchy feeling.
  47. So hydrating


    I love all the Moisture Surge products. But to be honest the moisturisers are quite similar.
    Like the others this is a very lightweight gel texture, it melts into the skin and absorbs almost immediately. My skin feels hydrated but not sticky or tacky.
    My skin feels moisturised all day. I don't think I would go 72 hours without reapplying skincare, but it's good to know it lasts that long.
    Like with all Clinique products I love how this has no added fragrance.
  48. So Hydrating!


    I got this as a sample to try and it is super hydrating! I love the texture of it and my skin feels so soft the next day when I wake up. I am acne prone but so far this moisturiser hasnt triggered any breakouts. I highly recommend for really dry, dull skin.
  49. perfect for normal/dry skin


    I wouldnt recommend this if you have highly sensitive or very dry skin as it isn't heavy duty but i like to put it on for flights or when my skin needs a quick hydration boost
  50. Felt cheap


    The gel itself was hydrating but it had a cheap chemical smell and felt tacky on the skin. I have very sensitive skin and did not react but I won’t be re purchasing and will go back to my Aesop hydrator.
  51. Love it!


    I received a sample of this product and loved it! I will be repurchasing for sure! My dehydrated, tired skin was transformed over night - it appeared plumper and had a healthy glow. The tight dry feeling of my skin went away and my skin softness returned!
  52. Wasn’t for me


    I bought this moisturiser because of the big buzz they made of it on tv and adds. I have acne prone skin and this really broke me out badly even though this claims to be non comenogenic it was really bad for my skin. If you have acne I would recommend not to use this product. I would also like to add that the consistency of the product is sticky and doesn’t feel nice on the skin. Waste of money if u ask me.
  53. a very fine product

    perfecting skin

    i got this as a sample but i really loved this product and i am looking forward to get it. it left my skin really hydrated and fresh and makeup goes on it flawlessly. i have dry and sensitive skin.
  54. Fantastic


    Such a moistusing cream that makes your skin feel luxurious without putting a greasy film over your face
  55. Great product


    I have normal skin and purchased this in the 20ml just to see of i liked it and i did and also it's a good size. I was worried that i would literally only get 2 uses out of it but it will last me a while.
    It felt really luxurious on my skin and felt very hydrated throughout the day. Will definitely purchase the lager size next.
  56. Great moisturiser


    I have combination skin but my skin can get very dry especially in winter. I love using this moisturiser, it really hydrates my skin making it so soft.
  57. Fantastic moisturiser


    This moisturiser feels so heavenly on the skin, absorbs quickly but leaves the skin looking soft and hydrated. I keep this in my bag as its such a good size, and a little goes a long way. Glad i found this.
  58. Lovely moisturiser


    I have very acne prone skin that is quite dry, this moisturiser is amazinggg. Feels so silky and soft on your skin, i bought the small size to test it but i really should have gone straight for the large size! In saying that you only need a small amount so this will still last me a while.
  59. Amazing


    This is a beautiful light hydrator. Helps with flakiness and overall dryness. Also helped calm my breakouts
  60. Perfect travel size. Great moisturiser


    Such a great size for travel. Fantastic moisturiser
  61. Amazing


    I got this with a gwp and boy is it amazing. I use it at night to boost my skins hydration. I wake up with lovely soft hydrated skin.


    Normal skin with dry patches, i apply this before i go to sleep at night and in the morning my skin feel hydrated and plump
  63. Great for overnight


    I have dry skin and used this to improve moisture overnight and it works! Plumps the skin nicely and has a nice scent. Would re purchase.
  64. Awesome


    Even though I've got big pots of this at home, I always buy these little containers for travel. Great moisturiser, and really handy to have in your bag at all times!
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