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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild 200ml

4.2 of 77 reviews


4 instalments of $8.00


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4 instalments of $8.00


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Moisturize your dry combination skin with this gentle, liquid facial soap.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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GREAT - 76% recommend

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  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild

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Customer Reviews

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4.2 of 77 reviews

76% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

My must have


Very good skin cleanser, good value for money! Perfect if you have combination skin, I love this thick consistency and also this is fragrance free. Does not dry my skin. I am happy :)

Most Helpful Criticism

It works but is very basic


This cleanser does work however I find it really basic and there's nothing really special about it. It doesn't have a scent and it just like using liquid soap on your face. I prefer something that foams and has a nice fresh scent. Wouldn't repurchase personally
  1. Clean skin!


    I use this as part of my double cleansing routine and i'm always so happy with how clean it leaves my skin, I've been using it for around 7 years, i love that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or make me break out. Thanks Clinique!
  2. My must have


    Very good skin cleanser, good value for money! Perfect if you have combination skin, I love this thick consistency and also this is fragrance free. Does not dry my skin. I am happy :)
  3. It works but is very basic


    This cleanser does work however I find it really basic and there's nothing really special about it. It doesn't have a scent and it just like using liquid soap on your face. I prefer something that foams and has a nice fresh scent. Wouldn't repurchase personally
  4. Great


    A great face wash that cleanses deeply, doesn’t dry out my skin but still does a really deep, great job!
  5. Just okay


    I did enjoy using this cleanser for a while. I always feel refresh after using the cleansing gel. I find it a little drying for my skin, so i will always make sure to follow up with toner and moisturiser after using it.
  6. Very drying


    I found this very drying and leaves skin feeling tight and tired especially around the eyes
  7. Classic face wash


    This face was is great. Cleanses my skin well without feeling like it’s burning my face off. I’ve been using this face wash for a few years and it’s a classic
  8. Great for acne


    I had to take some medication temporarily (for 6 months) that threw my hormones into whack and was absolutely awful for my skin. My usually clear skin started getting awful acne, particularly around my chin as well as on my chest and back. But otherwise my skin was still very dry so I really struggled to deal with it. Tried a bunch of products. This soap (together with the clinique cleanser) was the only thing that worked because it helped address the acne without drying out the rest of my skin. Was an absolute saviour during that time
  9. It works


    I constantly rave about the Clinique products I use with the liquid facial soap being one. It and the 3 step program brought my skin back from disaster. If I could post a photo, I would. My face was flaking everywhere and honestly I was embarrassed. My makeup wouldn’t sit right and this completely changed all that two years ago and I haven’t used anything else since.
  10. Better than soap


    Gives a good proper clean and lather like soap, but my skin feels better afterwards. It's convenient to use in the shower and I'm seeing less dry patches where I shave.
  11. Gentle cleanser great for combo skin


    Another staple product as part of my cleansing regime. I have combo skin but tends to get drier in winter months. This mild cleanser really cleans well ( especially combined with Clinique Balm ) yet not at all harsh to make your skin dry. Most cleansers I have used in the past have made my skin drier even though it claims to be gentle.
  12. A bit drying but good


    Its quiet mild..didnt suit much on my dry skin..but suits my sister for her oily skin..a little goes long way...give nice hydrated feel for her skin
  13. Mild cleanser good for sensitive skin


    Love this cleanser great for my skin doesn’t leave it burning or feeling dry afterwards!
  14. Fabolous!


    The perfect cleanser for a combination the of skin.

    I feel like it cleans my face without drying it too much.

    I doesn't hurt your eyes and you can use it as a soap or as a make up remover.

    Love it!
  15. Everyday Staple


    I have used may skincare products in the past. My skin is combination- dry every where except for my T zone which can become quite oily. This product does the job- I spit it with a good vitamin E moisturiser. Love the size of the bottle. I use one pump each every morning and night. My current bottle has lasted me nearly 8 months and I am just running low now. $30 is a great price for this product. Love it!
  16. Fabulous


    This is a great gentle cleanser to have, very good price and gives a good clean and leaves no residue feeling. I like that it has no fragrance. Overall a great product for the price.
  17. very light


    it is very light on the skin yet gets rid of any excess oil and dirt from the face. i use it every night
  18. Simple, effective cleanser


    My 9 year old daughter has been getting some congestion and bumps on her face and I wanted to find her a very gentle cleanser that she could start to use. Within a week of starting using this cleanser once a day her skin had really improved. I can tell if she hasn’t been using it consistently because the bumps come back. She likes that it doesn’t sting her eyes and doesn’t have a strong smell.
  19. My old faithful


    I started using this product about 10 years ago when I was in early high school, and absolutely loved it. Since then I’ve experimented a lot, but as I’m getting married in October this year I’ve simplified my skincare routine and gone back to simple products that I know work for me. This cleanser doesn’t have a fragrance which I actually enjoy, and it leaves my skin clean and fresh without feeling stripped of moisture. I love to use this twice a day, and when I’m taking makeup off I cleanse twice. I would recommend this to all my friends and if you haven’t tried it yet you definitely should!
  20. Good price for size


    This is a good sized bottle for the price and lasts a long time but otherwise is nothing special, does what it is says, can feel a bit stripping in colder weather.
  21. good mild soap


    okay for sensitive skin! bottle lasts a while!
  22. Meh


    I don't have anything extraordinary to say about this cleanser sadly, it's a bit plain and ordinary in my books. While it does it's job, it has a weird chemical smell and the results are nothing extraordinary. It cleans like a drugstore cleanser, that's not to say there is something wrong with your usual cheapie cleansers - I love my drugstore / supermarket brands in fact for their affordability and quality but what i'm questioning is the the price tag? Sadly I just can't justify it.
  23. Sensitive skin


    Nice and gentle on sensitive skin. Not anything extraordinary - functions like any other basic soap.
  24. Mild cleanser


    Easy to apply and good for sensitive skin!
  25. So gentle, yet so clean!!


    I love this cleanser! I have combination skin and get the oily T zone but I am sensitive and can become dry around the chin and mouth. This cleanser is so gentle that it doesn’t dry my skin but cleans it effectively (make up and all!)
    I have been using this for years and I have no plans to stop!
  26. A great cleanser


    I've been using this for years and I love it. I have combination skin (oily T-zone, dry cheeks) and it always leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed. Even though you only need a small amount, it still feels luxurious when I massage it into my skin. For best results, massage gently into skin for about a minute before rinsing.
  27. A little goes a long way


    I've been using this facial soap for years. I love the pump bottle and find the tiniest pump is all that I need and the bottle lasts for many months.
    My skin tends to be a bit oily especially in the summer months but I still find the mild facial soap is all I need to keep my skin feeling clean and comfortable.
  28. A bit drying


    For a mild soap i find it fairly drying for my oily combination skin. I have switched to extra mild and the pep start scrub
  29. Great cleanser


    I have ageing, blemish prone skin (the jackpot, I know) and this cleanser is lovely. Not too harsh on my skin, but keeps the blemishes at bay. Removes makeup well.
  30. Best cleanser I have ever used


    I have been using this for years and highly recommend it. I have normal to oily skin and I find this cleanser mild enough that it’s cleans my skin thoroughly but doesn’t leave me feeling dry.
  31. Gentle but cleanses well


    This cleanser is super gentle but foams really cleanses your face! It is a little drying, so I make sure to immediately start my skincare routine before my face dries. A little goes a long way and the bottles lasts a long time. Great price point too
  32. A little goes a long way


    I got a mini version of this as part of a gift with another Clinique purchase. It's a gentle cleanser but take note that overdoing it can dry out your skin. A little bit goes a long way.
  33. Clinique does it again


    This is an easy cleanser that I use every day. It takes off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.
  34. Excellent daily cleanser


    I’ve used this cleanser every day until I just finished the bottle! It’s amazing, it didn’t at all break me out and it left my skin feeling beautiful and soft. I use this with a cleansing device and it lathers very nicely. I think this would be safe for all skin types
  35. Bit drying for a mild soap


    I was surprised by how drying this was for a 'mild' soap, I would think it's better suited to the more oily end of combination skin. I used after take the day off balm and found my skin was in need of a really hydrating mask/moisturiser afterwards. I got this as a gift with purchase and probably wouldn't purchase for myself.
  36. Good, solid product


    Good solid product, but nothing extraordinary.
  37. Clean, Clear and Lovely


    I’ve been using this cleanser for years. I have normal to oily skin and this cleanser never leaves my skin dry
  38. Not sold


    I know Clinique is a great brand but for my oily skin, this was just too stripping of my skin. My skin became very dehydrated and flaky. When I stopped and changed cleansers, my skin improved.
  39. Cleanses well


    Good cleanser but I find it a bit drying if I use too much, a little goes a long way!
  40. Simple no fuss


    This is a really good simple, no fuss cleanser for normal skin. I use it in the shower morning and night. It works well at night as a second cleanse after a balm cleanser. I like the pump dispenser for the shower.
  41. Mild but effective


    I have tried this as an alternative to the normal Liquid Facial Soap but can’t say I notice any discernable difference on my skin between the two products. I have mature combination skin and find either product suits me which I use In the shower with the Clarisonic Delicate brush.
  42. Harsh


    This contains sulfate as the second ingredient after water. So it is a drying stripping cleanser.
    I got a mini size of this and although it feels gentle and nice when using, over time this will most likely not be good for my skin.
    With all the better products out there I don't see a need to purchase a full size of this.
    I don't understand why Clinique will have such a basic, old style harsh cleanser when their brand is all about being good to the skin, dermatologist recommended etc.
    They're big on pushing no added fragrance message but still use sulfates.
  43. Use everyday


    This is an easy cleanser that I use every day. It takes off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.
  44. Good for everyday use


    Not overly drying and a good everyday wash for my oily/combination skin.
  45. Great!


    I’ve been using this cleanser for years. I have normal to oily skin and this cleanser never leaves my skin dry
  46. Love


    best cleanser, my skin is sensitive and this is great and gentle
  47. Not ideal for dry skin


    This is a nice cleanser but is possibly better suited to oily or normal skin. I feel my dry skin needs a more gentle cleanser however my sister is able to use this on her combination skin with no problems.
  48. Mild, gentle and effective


    Simple, fragrance free, no residue, not too drying yet effective
  49. Good for oily skin


    This cleanser in my opinion is perfect for oily skin because it strips skin of all oils and makes skin feel very clean. It foams up nicely and removes makeup. The pump is very efficient in dispensing just the right amount. Highly recommend.


    Don't get this unless you want dry skin thats stripped of its moisture. this was incredibly drying and had no benefits.
  51. Good staple


    This is a good staple face wash for most skin types. Worked well for my combination skin. I don’t like the 3 step system as the toners are too over drying but this product on its own is a good face wash
  52. Full of sulphates


    This is basically just soap in a bottle. It stripped all of the oils of my face and left me with tight dry skin. I wouldn't recommended this even for oily people as your skin will just freak out and over produce oils!
  53. Overly drying


    I loved this cleanser at first. I loved the smell and the foaming texture and loved the clean feeling it left me with until about a week later and I realised it had completely stripped my skin and I began experiencing dry flaky patched which I have never before experienced
  54. Good for dry skin


    I have oily combination skin. My T zone gets pretty oily and I find this to be too mild. Personally I like a cleanser that can clean away all the oils and impurities before my skin care regime. Still a good cleanser for sensitive skin, maybe better suited for dry skin.
  55. New user


    I decided to give Clinique a go as I have had terrible skin recently. I found initially this was quite drying even though my skin is combo/oily. I may need to change to another formulation. I used the 72 hour moisture and it seemed to counteract the dryness.
  56. Good for oily skin


    I like this product for taking my makeup off and giving a really good clean. I wash my face twice with it nightly, once to take makeup off, then again to clean my skin and pores. The pump ensures the right amount is dispensed.
  57. Too harsh


    This feels drying and scented and I don't like either of those things on my face
  58. Not for me


    I find it a bit weird that Clinique seems to be doubling down on the soap and sulphates in their skin care range. Needless to say, this is not my cup of tea. I gave it a go when I received a sample as a GWP, but sheesh - it's drying and very detergent-like. I would steer clear of this - particularly if you have oily or combination skin and are using this in the mistaken belief that it will help clear up the oil. Believe me: harsh, foaming cleansers will just make you produce more pore-clogging sebum!
  59. Very drying


    I love this cleanser however it does dry out my skin unless I use a heavy moisturiser post cleanse
  60. A good non-drying cleanser


    A good cleanser, in a handy dispenser. Easy to keep in the shower, dispenser releases the perfect amount to prevent wastage. The formular is gentle, non drying. Only complaint is that it is not great at removing all makeup.
  61. Gentle cleanser


    This is a great cleanser for sensitive skin it foams well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. I would recommend.
  62. Great cleanser


    I really like this facial soap. It's gentle but effective and foams so nicely. Would definitely recommend
  63. Excellent


    Excellent cleanser, skin feels clean but not left dry, I think this is excellent value for such a good cleanser
  64. Great cleanser at a good price


    Lovely cleanser. It's great for everyday use and a good price considering the bottle lasts for a long time. Would recommend
  65. Amazing


    I received a 30 ml sample of this product with another purchase and it lasted a whole month, a little bit goes a long way. This product is gentle but deep cleansing enough to get all the makeup out of my pores. All clinique products are great for those with sensitive skin as they are fragrance free.
  66. Really good


    This is really good - it works great with a clarisonic and foams nicely. It's not life changing but at the same time I don't have any complaints
  67. Good Cleanser


    I have combination skin and this is a cleanser that works well for me. I do find it a tad drying, but it is gentle and makes my skin feel clean and fresh.
  68. A safe choice and it does what it says


    I have combination skin, and I have used this cleanser many times when I don't have anything else available. It definitely doesn't cause any issues for me and is a safe choice (it won't dry out your skin unless you over wash your face with it, and it does cleanse it thoroughly). It does what it says, but it doesn't offer anything special.
  69. Have repurchased a number of times


    A great cleanser, but make sure you are coupling it with a solid hydrator.
  70. Gentle and effective


    This cleanser is gentle and doesn't strip the skin - really good for sensitive and dry skin like I have. A little also goes a long way, however I was concerned about some of the ingredients so haven't repurchased. A good option though if you're looking for a cheaper cleanser.
  71. Mild buy effective


    I love this cleanser! I've tried many different cleansers but this is the one I always go back to.

    It is mild and has never irritated my skin but effective enough to use twice a day. My skin feels cleansed and refreshed after using this.

    Love everything about this!
  72. Mild & Gentle


    I am in love with clinique products after I received samples. This wash is gentle yet does very good purpose of cleaning and removing makeup. love it!
  73. Clean without drying


    I love love love this cleanser. It removes makeup and oil and makes my skin feel so fresh and clean without being stripped or dry.
    I don't love how it smells but it's not offensive- no fragrance makes it perfect for sensitive skin.
    I find if I try another cleanser my pores aren't as clean and my skin doesn't look as bright. This does an amazing job!
  74. Holy Grail Cleanser


    I have used at least 5 bottles of this cleanser in mild and can't seem to find another cleanser that I prefer. Used in conjunction with my Foreo lunar, this cleanser truly does remove all oil and makeup from my skin without making my skin feel tight and stripped. Although it is expensive for a cleanser and doesn't last overly long, I notice a dramatic and negative difference in my skin when I don't use it. I will continue to buy this product.
  75. Cleans without irritating


    I am currently using this Clinique wash and love how gentle and soothing it is on my skin. It does not dry or irritate my face and it's perfect for everyday use. I love the pump bottle and a little bit goes a long way, Yeay!
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