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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild 200ml

4.1 of 143 reviews


4 instalments of $8.50

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4 instalments of $8.50

Or 4 instalments of $8.50 with LEARN MORE

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Moisturize your dry combination skin with this gentle, liquid facial soap.

  • Artificial Fragrance Free

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GREAT - 78% recommend

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Skin Type:

  • Normal to dry
  • Normal to oily

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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild

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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap - Mild Reviews

4.1 of 143 reviews

78% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Positive

Great basic cleanser


This cleanser is great for everyday use. It has a good foam without being too drying and it is fragrance free so it won't irritate your skin. I've used this on and off for a few years. It is reliable, and has never dried me out.

Most Helpful Criticism

Very cleansing but a little drying


This cleanser foams up very well and does a great job at taking off makeup but leaves my skin much drier afterwards than other foaming cleansers I have used.
  1. Great basic cleanser


    This cleanser is great for everyday use. It has a good foam without being too drying and it is fragrance free so it won't irritate your skin. I've used this on and off for a few years. It is reliable, and has never dried me out.
  2. nice and mild


    this is a really nice wash, super mild and not irritating
  3. Not for me


    I have combination skin and this dries my skin and makes it feel tight and not in a good way.
  4. Takes off make up


    This is a great liquid non-drying facial soap. Rinses easily and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated and ready for exfoliation with Clinique's Clarifying Lotion. It feel luxurious I love that it has a pump dispenser and it takes off make up.
  5. Gentle for face


    It’s a gentle face cleanser, I use it twice a day, in the morning and at night, it never leave my face dry, always make my face clean and fresh, with moisture
  6. Very good face wash


    Its foams up nicely and does a good job at cleaning my face after a long day.
  7. Go to face wash


    verified purchaser
    I think this product is fairly priced, and does what it says it does! It isn't harsh on my skin so I always repurchase
  8. My go to cleanser


    I have oily skin and this cleanser does its job well. Although I don't prefer how it smells, but overall it is an affordable skin care item and best of to pair it with Clinique toner and moisturiser.
  9. My go to cleanser


    I have oily skin and this cleanser does its job well. Although I don't prefer how it smells, but overall it is an affordable skin care item and best of to pair it with Clinique toner and moisturiser.
  10. Not for me


    Gave this cleanser a good go but is too drying for my skin. A little too strong.
  11. Not a big fan - husband loves it


    I find this cleanser a bit drying and doesn't really feel like it does much compared to my normal cleanser but my husband is such a fan. He has slightly more oily skin and keeps asking me to repurchase.
  12. Drying for my non-dry skin


    I have combination skin and this stuff dries me out like nothing else. While it does the job, not something I could use daily.
  13. Great product.


    it is right one for me, It leaves my skin feeling clean without any dry squeaky feeling. I love it..
  14. Always have one


    I always have one of these on hand. It’s my go to cleanser when my skin is playing up. It’s safe for sensitive skin and does a great job of cleansing without any harshness
  15. Not mild enough


    This is an ok cleanser but it feels drying on sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate but it’s not soothing. There are better products for dry skin.
  16. reliable


    I would say this is a really reliable cleanser, I know it cleanses well and my skin doesn't react. I feel like lately I do need something stronger but this is one I know i could go back to.
  17. not too bad


    This liquid facial soap has been used for many years. It has a strong cleaning force and won't feel tight after washing.
  18. Great as a basic cleanser


    I use this as my first cleanser to wash off the majority of my makeup. To achieve the best results, I would suggest using a facial brush to really get into the pores. I have since found better facial cleansers, however this is great for the price mark and I would recommend it.
  19. Very cleansing but a little drying


    This cleanser foams up very well and does a great job at taking off makeup but leaves my skin much drier afterwards than other foaming cleansers I have used.
  20. Not sure


    Really not sure how i feel about this. It foams up really well but most of the time my skin feels dry after
  21. Favourite Cleanser


    I've tried s many cleansers of all price points and this is the one for me.I've now been using this cleanser for over two years and repurchased numerous times. It has a nonoffensive smell, leaves my skin feeling clean without any dry squeaky feeling and over time i noticed less break outs and a clear complexion.
  22. Best cleanser


    I have mild dry/oily skin with minor acne and this cleanser has been incredible for my skin. I have used this cleanser for the last 3 months and my skin has become a lot more clearer and I have notice the my oil levels have gone down without drying out my skin. I would recommend this cleanser to everyone as it is worth the price and a little bit of it goes a long way!
  23. Not worth it...


    Clinique Liquid facial soap claims it is for mild skin but i found this made my dryness even worse! It completely stripped away all of my natural oils and i find it not to be mild at all... would not recommend this product for normal to dry skin (i also have some greasiness around the t zone)
  24. Not worth it...


    Clinique Liquid facial soap claims it is for mild skin but i found this made my dryness even worse! It completely stripped away all of my natural oils and i find it not to be mild at all... would not recommend this product for normal to dry skin (i also have some greasiness around the t zone)
  25. Amazing


    When I bought this face wash I was really nervous because my skin is so sensitive and I have allergic reactions to almost all skincare products including break outs as well, but this one is not only one of the few products that I don't have a bad reaction to but my skin always feels so clean and fresh after every use, I would highly recommend this product to anyone! So greatly and amazing price p...
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  26. Practical


    I recently recommenced using this product as a daily facial cleanser after many years moving through numerous alternatives and now wonder why I ever changed away from it. The ease of the pump Bottle in the shower and the ease of use and great result of squeaky clean skin without residual dry areas of flaky skin. I am very happy with this product and will not move away ever again.
  27. mild facial cleanser


    Good facial cleanser, I have acne prone skin and I 've been using it more than two years ago.
  28. Good but not sure if I will buy again


    It is a pretty good product, my face feels amazing after I use it, but for the price, I could get other products much cheaper that do the same. My skin is normal to dry.
  29. Too drying


    I have combination/oily skin, and this product dried my skin riiiiight up. Very disappointing as it is marketed as a 'gentle' cleanser.
  30. Quite good


    This facial soap is rather ordinary, it doesn’t have anything special about it but sometimes that can be good if you just want something simple that’s going to remove everything.
  31. Nice feeling on the skin but a little drying


    I personally don't mind drying facials soaps and cleansers because I put on moisturiser after but if that's something you don't like it might not be for you.

    Other than that its a good product, I would buy again and I would recommend
  32. A good product for normal skin types


    I find myself leaning away from this product the older I am getting. My skin is still excessively oily - but it has also become dehydrated and sensitive so I now find this product a bit too stripping on my skin.
    It is a great product for younger skin and acne prone types.
  33. Love it


    I’ve used this product so many times! I have clear skin, sometimes a little on the dryer side. This never dries me out and a little goes a long way. Foams nicely, and feels good. I imagine it would work well for sensitive skin as well and it’s super light.
  34. Awesome. Will buy again


    Love clinque foaming face wash. This bottle goes a long way. Takes every bit of my make up off including eye make up. My skin feels refreshed after using this!
  35. Not for me


    I have combination skin that is sensitive and acne prone. I didn’t notice this help me much but my mum uses it daily and she likes it. She has dry skin and she’s in her early 60’s
  36. a classic


    This is a classic part of my routine. I've thought of branching out because some of the ingredients aren't the best but I never get around to it because this is my tried and true and the price is so good. Recently ive been using it with an oil based pre cleanse on days i wear makeup and I think it compliments it perfectly. I love how concentrated it is - you hardly need any! The packaging is sleek...
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  37. Good for normal skin


    This is a good regular get-to-foam cleanser but I think it is better for people with normal to oilier skin (even though its supposed to be mild). It still felt a bit stripping to my skin so I gave my bottle to my husband for whom I knew this would work well with. I still continue to buy this for him.
  38. Great product!


    I have been using this cleanser for years now and love it. It's very mild, unscented and not foamy. Leaves skin feeling clean and not dry. Very gentle and you do not have to use much at all.
  39. Great everyday cleanser


    I use this most nights with my spin brush and it cleanses my skin so well and keeps it super smooth.
  40. Great cleanser for everyday!


    This cleanser has been in my bathroom for quite a while because it lasts so long! I tend to use this after a night out or after the gym, to really get rid of any bacteria and to strip my face of any harmful germs that could cause more breakouts. I usually use this with an exfoliating mitt or cleansing brush. The only downside is that I feel like it really drys my skin out. So I would suggest pairi...
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  41. Gentle cleansing


    Love the pump top applicator, this cleanser is gentle on the skin and leaves skin feeling, fresh, clean, smooth and hydrated.Good for sensitive skin.
  42. squeaky clean


    this is such a great cleanser and very gentle on the skin. only need a small amount of cleanser!
  43. I like it


    This is my strongest facial cleanser and the only one I use that contains sulfates. I use it when I need a strong cleanse, usually at night when I want to remove my lotions and sunscreens from the day. It works really well with a Clarisonic and bubbles a lot whichever way you use it. It has a pleasant soapy scent as there is no fragrance added like all Clinique products.
  44. A decent cleanser


    It's not too drying, I just prefer other Clinique cleansers. The price is good though
  45. Not bad


    This cleanser foams up nicely and it's easy to rinse off and doesn't leave a residue on my skin.
    The main thing I dislike about this cleanser is the smell. It has a chemical type smell and I prefer a more fresh scent.
  46. my holy grail


    I have been using this face wash since my early teens and it never fails me. It cleanses my skin deeply without stripping its moisture. I love this face wash and I absolutely highly recommend it!
  47. Okay..


    Worked well with my skin, sort of became a watery consistency which i didn't like weather my bottle leaked or it became watered down. i found it cleaned my skin well, however with makeup on it didn't remove it very well.
  48. Great classic cleanser


    This is one I always keep in my cupboard, it lasts ages and provides a nice gentle clean for combination skin. Doesn’t dry my skin out.
  49. Eh


    Most cleansers break me out and this one did too.
  50. Underrated


    I feel like this is underrated. Every time I get it as a sample I love it and will go and buy a full size. Then I'll forget about it only to fall in love all over again a year or so later. Leaves my face feeling super clean and fresh.
  51. Classic cleanser!


    I use it since I was 20, it's very gentle, but it can clean my face very well and it doesn't have too much foam. I think it's really suitable for sensitive skin.
  52. long lasting


    it lasts for a long time cause its a big bottle and once its mixed with water it bubbles up a lot. however I find it doesn't give the best clean, I have to use this two or three times to remove any make up residue.
  53. one of my favourites

    Chele Pagno

    Mild and scentless cleanser.. it doesn't break me out and I don't feel tighten on my face after using it either.. this is great for those with sensitive and dry/combo skin.. not too recommended for oily skin as it might be too mild for you.
  54. Not bad


    This is actually not bad, takes off all the excessive oil and doesn't dry my skin out.
  55. not bad


    I accidentally bought the wrong one, I was trying to buy the hard one. So decided to give it a try. I dont like this one as much as the hard one. I like the hard one better
  56. An oldie but a goodie


    I've returned to this product because it is just so reliable. I never have to double cleanse when I use it which is such a bonus. I don't know why I stopped using it!
  57. good every day cleanser


    this is a good every day cleanser which I like to use in the mornings. Doesn't leave my face feeling too dry
  58. Easy, light everyday cleanser


    I use this twice a day every day and I like how easy and simple it is to use. I have quite sensitive skin which is prone to dryness and this always leaves me feeling clean and fresh afterwards with no irritation.
  59. Good mild cleanser


    this cleaner is good for sensitive skin! its mild so doesn't leave you feeling red or dry!
  60. Effective cleanser


    Love the pump dispenser packaging. Lightweight and fragrance free, love this for gentle, effective cleansing .
  61. Works well!


    I love the way this makes my skin feel! Works best if you use a makeup wipe to remove waterproof mascara first! Get the product super soapy and massage all over the face for the best results. Not the best for everyday use though as it can sometimes leave my skin a bit dry.
  62. A great gentle cleanser to clean skin at the end of the day


    A great gentle cleanser to clean skin at the end of the day. It's affordable too which is a big plus.
  63. Convenient and effective


    Good product for the shower. Lathers up really well and does not leave product residue on the skin. Refreshing and effective to use.
  64. Pretty good


    Gets a really good lather and is nice for use in the shower. Not overly drying but still leaves my face feeling clean.
  65. A suitable morning cleanser for combined dry skin


    As a morning cleanser, it works well. It can remove the excess oil and hydrate the skin, which is really gentle. But it cannot be used as a night cleanser, I don't think it can remove makeup or sunscreen. It worths the price, but I need to try other products to decide whether to buy it again or not. Cause it is not easy to wash.
  66. Clean skin!


    I use this as part of my double cleansing routine and i'm always so happy with how clean it leaves my skin, I've been using it for around 7 years, i love that it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin or make me break out. Thanks Clinique!
  67. My must have


    Very good skin cleanser, good value for money! Perfect if you have combination skin, I love this thick consistency and also this is fragrance free. Does not dry my skin. I am happy :)
  68. It works but is very basic


    This cleanser does work however I find it really basic and there's nothing really special about it. It doesn't have a scent and it just like using liquid soap on your face. I prefer something that foams and has a nice fresh scent. Wouldn't repurchase personally
  69. Great


    A great face wash that cleanses deeply, doesn’t dry out my skin but still does a really deep, great job!
  70. Just okay


    I did enjoy using this cleanser for a while. I always feel refresh after using the cleansing gel. I find it a little drying for my skin, so i will always make sure to follow up with toner and moisturiser after using it.
  71. Very drying


    I found this very drying and leaves skin feeling tight and tired especially around the eyes
  72. Classic face wash


    This face was is great. Cleanses my skin well without feeling like it’s burning my face off. I’ve been using this face wash for a few years and it’s a classic
  73. Great for acne


    I had to take some medication temporarily (for 6 months) that threw my hormones into whack and was absolutely awful for my skin. My usually clear skin started getting awful acne, particularly around my chin as well as on my chest and back. But otherwise my skin was still very dry so I really struggled to deal with it. Tried a bunch of products. This soap (together with the clinique cleanser) was t...
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  74. It works


    I constantly rave about the Clinique products I use with the liquid facial soap being one. It and the 3 step program brought my skin back from disaster. If I could post a photo, I would. My face was flaking everywhere and honestly I was embarrassed. My makeup wouldn’t sit right and this completely changed all that two years ago and I haven’t used anything else since.
  75. Better than soap


    Gives a good proper clean and lather like soap, but my skin feels better afterwards. It's convenient to use in the shower and I'm seeing less dry patches where I shave.
  76. Gentle cleanser great for combo skin


    Another staple product as part of my cleansing regime. I have combo skin but tends to get drier in winter months. This mild cleanser really cleans well ( especially combined with Clinique Balm ) yet not at all harsh to make your skin dry. Most cleansers I have used in the past have made my skin drier even though it claims to be gentle.
  77. A bit drying but good


    Its quiet mild..didnt suit much on my dry skin..but suits my sister for her oily skin..a little goes long way...give nice hydrated feel for her skin
  78. Great


    Deep clean and really gentle, great price too.
  79. Mild cleanser good for sensitive skin


    Love this cleanser great for my skin doesn’t leave it burning or feeling dry afterwards!
  80. Fabolous!


    The perfect cleanser for a combination the of skin.

    I feel like it cleans my face without drying it too much.

    I doesn't hurt your eyes and you can use it as a soap or as a make up remover.

    Love it!
  81. Everyday Staple


    I have used may skincare products in the past. My skin is combination- dry every where except for my T zone which can become quite oily. This product does the job- I spit it with a good vitamin E moisturiser. Love the size of the bottle. I use one pump each every morning and night. My current bottle has lasted me nearly 8 months and I am just running low now. $30 is a great price for this product....
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  82. Fabulous


    This is a great gentle cleanser to have, very good price and gives a good clean and leaves no residue feeling. I like that it has no fragrance. Overall a great product for the price.
  83. very light


    it is very light on the skin yet gets rid of any excess oil and dirt from the face. i use it every night
  84. Simple, effective cleanser


    My 9 year old daughter has been getting some congestion and bumps on her face and I wanted to find her a very gentle cleanser that she could start to use. Within a week of starting using this cleanser once a day her skin had really improved. I can tell if she hasn’t been using it consistently because the bumps come back. She likes that it doesn’t sting her eyes and doesn’t have a strong smell.
  85. My old faithful


    I started using this product about 10 years ago when I was in early high school, and absolutely loved it. Since then I’ve experimented a lot, but as I’m getting married in October this year I’ve simplified my skincare routine and gone back to simple products that I know work for me. This cleanser doesn’t have a fragrance which I actually enjoy, and it leaves my skin clean and fresh without feeling...
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  86. Good price for size


    This is a good sized bottle for the price and lasts a long time but otherwise is nothing special, does what it is says, can feel a bit stripping in colder weather.
  87. good mild soap


    okay for sensitive skin! bottle lasts a while!
  88. Meh


    I don't have anything extraordinary to say about this cleanser sadly, it's a bit plain and ordinary in my books. While it does it's job, it has a weird chemical smell and the results are nothing extraordinary. It cleans like a drugstore cleanser, that's not to say there is something wrong with your usual cheapie cleansers - I love my drugstore / supermarket brands in fact for their affordability a...
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  89. Sensitive skin


    Nice and gentle on sensitive skin. Not anything extraordinary - functions like any other basic soap.
  90. Mild cleanser


    Easy to apply and good for sensitive skin!
  91. So gentle, yet so clean!!


    I love this cleanser! I have combination skin and get the oily T zone but I am sensitive and can become dry around the chin and mouth. This cleanser is so gentle that it doesn’t dry my skin but cleans it effectively (make up and all!)
    I have been using this for years and I have no plans to stop!
  92. A great cleanser


    I've been using this for years and I love it. I have combination skin (oily T-zone, dry cheeks) and it always leaves my skin feeling super clean and refreshed. Even though you only need a small amount, it still feels luxurious when I massage it into my skin. For best results, massage gently into skin for about a minute before rinsing.
  93. Mild


    Very mild, does a good job when my skins doing well
  94. A little goes a long way


    I've been using this facial soap for years. I love the pump bottle and find the tiniest pump is all that I need and the bottle lasts for many months.
    My skin tends to be a bit oily especially in the summer months but I still find the mild facial soap is all I need to keep my skin feeling clean and comfortable.
  95. A bit drying


    For a mild soap i find it fairly drying for my oily combination skin. I have switched to extra mild and the pep start scrub
  96. Great cleanser


    I have ageing, blemish prone skin (the jackpot, I know) and this cleanser is lovely. Not too harsh on my skin, but keeps the blemishes at bay. Removes makeup well.
  97. Best cleanser I have ever used


    I have been using this for years and highly recommend it. I have normal to oily skin and I find this cleanser mild enough that it’s cleans my skin thoroughly but doesn’t leave me feeling dry.
  98. Gentle but cleanses well


    This cleanser is super gentle but foams really cleanses your face! It is a little drying, so I make sure to immediately start my skincare routine before my face dries. A little goes a long way and the bottles lasts a long time. Great price point too
  99. A little goes a long way


    I got a mini version of this as part of a gift with another Clinique purchase. It's a gentle cleanser but take note that overdoing it can dry out your skin. A little bit goes a long way.
  100. Clinique does it again


    This is an easy cleanser that I use every day. It takes off my makeup and leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh.
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