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Clean Reserve Sueded Oud Eau De Parfum 100ml

Clean Reserve Authentic
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Clean Reserve Sueded Oud Eau De Parfum 100ml by Clean Reserve


A soft breeze brings the forest indoors, a fresh green burst of life. A familiar and comforting space, polished wood and worn leather books.


This is a floral, woody musk. A truly gender-neutral perfume with accords of balsamic and leather. Incense opens this smoky, earthy fragrance, accompanied by Cypress, Birch and Pimento, for a natural, spicy aroma. Sweetness emerges as white floral notes develop, tempered by earthy Oud, resulting in a lighter, fresher take on Oud. As the fragrance settles, musky warmth emerges, accompanied by Amber and Suede for a masculine edge. With a soft to moderate sillage, expect this perfume to sit close to the skin, and for it to last a moderate amount of time.


Head: Incense. Cypress. Birch. Pimento.

Heart: Honeysuckle. Oud. Night Blooming Jasmine. White Magnolia. Balsam Fir. Cactus.

Base: Suede. Patchouli. Amber. Musk. Praline. Olibanum.


About Clean Reserve:

Clean Reserve is making a choice. To change the way you experience fragrance. To create a collection that highlights your individuality. To use the purest raw ingredients. To actively engage in eco-conscious sustainability. To remove the complexity, the clutter, the heaviness, so that all you’re left with is Clean.

Each fragrance in the Clean Reserve collection is created with sustainably sourced materials, and manufactured in a facility powered entirely by solar energy. With a recyclable glass bottle and a wooden lid made from certified sustainably managed forests, Clean is a pioneer in eco-conscious fragrance.


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vegan and nice smelling - 16-08-2018 by

This product smells great and is vegan, which is a bonus in my books.

My favourite Clean Reserve fragrance - 30-07-2018 by

I think of all the fragrances I've ever smelled, this is easily what I'd recommend as being a safe blind buy. This is like a clean, cuddly sweater to me.

If you've heard of the likes of Escentric Molecules, which more exists to enhance a fragrance, this is kind of similar but has a slightly sweet, slightly woodsier edge to it. While Escentric Molecules got boring to me, Sueded Oud is similarly linear but a lot more cosy - you could wear this with other fragrances to bring out an edge to them. I think this would work really well with white florals in particular, as it has that same clean, soft effect (but to be clear this isn't a floral!).

This isn't gourmand in my opinion, but it does have the idea of a soft caramel/burnt sugar on my skin - but this is normal for me, my skin turns everything super sweet! On others, I get notes that are more similar to old books, or fresh woods.

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