What are the Best Vegan Foundations?

You shouldn't have to sacrifice flawless coverage for a vegan lifestyle. You deserve to have both, so we searched high and low to be able to offer you these certified vegan foundations.

So you've chucked out all your non-vegan cosmetics, only to realise you've no idea what to replace them with. Sacrificing efficacy for conscious living shouldn't be a necessity. If you're vegan, you deserve both, and that's exactly what our two favourite brands of certified vegan makeup deliver.

What are the best vegan foundations?

Certified Vegan Foundations by Inika

Australian-based beauty brand Inika was just a whisper in 2006. Inika has since become a cult go-to for natural and organic cosmetics. All Inika products are:

  • Vegan Society certified
  • Choose Cruelty Free certified
  • Certified halal by Australia’s peak halal-certifying body
  • Organic Food Chain certified

Tick, tick, tick, and tick. The quality of Inika's credentials is matched only by the quality of the brand's products, including its foundations.

We always recommend that you prepare your skin with sun protection and primer before applying foundation. Luckily, Inika offers an excellent primer to pair with one of its foundations. Inika Pure Primer contains shea, aloe, and avocado amongst a host of other hydrating naturals to extend makeup wear.

Once skin is prepped, it's time for vegan-friendly foundation. Inika offers two formulas:

We recommend Inika Mineral Foundation for normal-to-oily skin. This lightweight powder is a 2-in-1 foundation and concealer that doesn't clog pores. Simply apply with light, broad strokes for sheer coverage, or buff with small, circular motions for concealing power.

If you have normal-to-dry skin, we recommend Inika Certified Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation. This formula combines coverage and hydration to benefit ageing skin.


What are the best vegan foundations?

Certified Vegan Foundations by Designer Brands

A sister company to Inika, Designer Brands was founded out of a desire to bring high-street fashion to the makeup world. Frustrated with cheap formulas that delivered poor results, husband and wife Tony and Sharon wanted to sell luxury products at pharmacy prices. We think you'll agree they over-delivered with their line of high-quality, purse-friendly, not-to-be-hidden cosmetics.

All Designer Brands products are:

  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Society certified

For flawless coverage, we first recommend application of Designer Brands Foundation Primer – Moisturising Primer. This primer smooths imperfections, creating a diffused and flawless base whilst also defending against sunlight and pollution with an antioxidant complex.

Once skin has been prepped, follow with Designer Brands LongWear 24 Hour Foundation. Lightweight and breathable, this long-lasting makeup also features an SPF of 15 to protect skin against sun-induced damage.

We understand that shopping for foundation online can feel like guesswork. How can you know which shade is best matched to your colouring if you can't test the product on your skin? Rest assured our skin specialists are well trained in the art of foundation-matching.

Just contact us by email at service@adorebeauty.com.au or give us a call on 03 9486 7179. You can also visit Findation to cross-match your current brand and shade with a vegan substitute. Now you have no excuses for buying foundation that contains animal ingredients!


What are the best vegan foundations?