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Our skin will absorb most of the things we put on it, which is why is important to use a moisturiser that contains natural ingredients that are healthy for the skin.

Cruelty-free and natural moisturisers are animal-friendly, environmentally friendly and skin-friendly. They keep skin hydrated and protected and help to create a glowing, healthy complexion.

Natural moisturisers

Adore Beauty sells cruelty-free, natural facial moisturisers that are made of the highest-quality natural ingredients including skin-loving essential oils, aloe vera, antioxidants, and natural butters to create healthy, radiant, soft, supple, glowing skin.

The cruelty-free and natural facial moisturisers Adore Beauty stocks are designed for all skin types and skin concerns. They include night creams, day creams with sun protection or moisturisers suitable for use at any time, be it day or night. Have ultra-specific needs? There's an organic oil free face moisturiser for you! They are also:


  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • Mineral Oil-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Phthalate-free
  • Artificial fragrance-free and
  • Alcohol-free

Adore Beauty has a wide selection of cruelty-free, natural moisturisers from trustworthy brands to help you shop with confidence. We're proud to be the authority on natural and organic face creams and moisturisers. Check them out!

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Weleda Sensitive Beauty Basics by WeledaWeleda Sensitive Beauty Basics by Weleda



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Recent reviews on Moisturiser products

Weleda Skin Food Light 30ml
Weleda Skin Food Light 30ml

Rich moisturiser

This is a great multi-use product. I occasionally use it on my face when I'm feeling really dry but also often use it on my hands at night before I go to bed and on other areas like elbows and knees to keep them moisturised. Lovely scent, very rich heavy consistency, have also used it along my cheekbone underneath makeup to give that area a nice dewy natural looking highlight.
Weleda Skin Food Light 30ml
Weleda Skin Food Light 30ml

Great moisturiser and all around salve

I have been using the original SkinFood a couple of years now for everything, from face to cuticles and lip balm. I thought I’d give the Light version a go for this days I needed some extra hydration on my face but not the Original hydration. I don’t love it and I won’t repurchase simply because it’s not moisturise enough for my taste. Overall, good product, its just not for me. Might be suit...
Mukti Organics Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml
Mukti Organics
Mukti Organics Hydrating Moisturiser 50ml

Great moisturiser for autumn

As the weather started to change to cooler and dryer my usual moisturiser just wasn’t doing it for me. I looked around and found Mukti Hydrating Moisturiser and decided to try it.
From the first few days I noticed the difference. My skin feels hydrated without being grease.

The bottle is half the size and double the price of my usual moisturiser but I really think it’s worth it....