Are There Natural Self-Tanners?

If you're into natural beauty products, you may be wondering if there are natural self-tanners. Lucky for you, there are plenty to choose from. We explain how they differ from regular self-tanners.

Even with the modern awareness of sun safety, many men and women still find a honeyed complexion attractive. Thankfully, self-tanners have made it possible to achieve that beautiful bronze glow without having to spend time under the scorching heat and damaging light of the sun.

Self-tanners contain ingredients that react with the skin to create the appearance of a sun-kissed tan without the UV exposure. If you're into natural beauty products, you may be wondering if there are natural self-tanners. Lucky for you, there are. We explain how they differ from regular self-tanners.


Are there natural self-tanners?


What Makes Natural Self-Tanners Different from Regular Self-Tanners?

Dihydroxyacetone is the active ingredient found in self-tanning products. DHA is a compound that reacts with the epidermis to cause a temporary darkening of the skin. This particular compound isn't a chemical dye, but a colourless sugar that changes colour when it interacts with the skin’s amino acids. Natural self-tanners feature plant-derived DHA.

Most natural self-tanners offer various additional skincare benefits due to their blends of premium botanical ingredients. You'll get superior moisture, nourishment, and protection from a natural tanning product. Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner and jane iredale Tantasia are both fabulous, giving natural looking results.


Are there natural self-tanners?


How Do I Choose the Best Natural-Self Tanner for My Skin?

A lot of self-tanners come in multiple shades and may even be formulated for specific skin types. Eco Tan Organic Winter Skin is ideal for fair-to-medium complexions. For best results, don't try to use a product that's not intended for your skin.

Although all self-tanners have DHA in common, different products feature very different base formulas. If you're interested in a specific brand, take time to go through the ingredients list and see if it includes ingredients that can help you with your current skin concern. For example, dry skin benefits from a natural self-tanner that contains exceptionally moisturising ingredients such as olive oil or avocado extract.

If you're not in dire need of an instant tan, gradual self-tanners can be a better option in terms of getting a natural-looking sun-kissed radiance. Daily-use tanning creams and lotions give your skin more time to adjust. This makes for a more natural bronze colour with less streaking.

If your face is a little too pale for your skin, give Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Concentrate a whirl. It can be used on its own for a seamless, glowy bronzed complexion, or added to foundation or moisturiser for that little extra oomph.

Achieving a stunning tropical tan doesn't have to endanger your health. With natural self-tanners, you can prevent UV-related skin problems while still flaunting a gorgeous coppery complexion.


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