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Eye Of Horus Liquid Define LinerEye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Liquid Define Liner

Not the best

I really truly wanted to love this liquid liner, as much as I love their mascara and pencil liner. Unfortunately the applicator barely gives forth any product unless you shake the pen very very hard, even then the product distributes everywhete except the tip. When I did get product out finally,it dried up way to quickly go work with. I will be sticking to the Kat Vin D tattoo liner instead
Mirenesse Forbidden Ink EyelinerMirenesse Forbidden Ink Eyeliner
Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Eyeliner

Smudges... and not in a pretty way

The brown is a lovely colour, but it smudges on my lower lid, my upper lid... everywhere. I have tried setting it with a matte eyeshadow powder and it still smudged. Tried not wearing eye cream. Still smudged. With and without mascara. Nope. Really bad on the waterline. Smudges in twenty minutes. Thankfully I think I got this in a promo pack, but I wouldn't waste your money. :-(
Eye Of Horus Goddess PencilEye Of Horus Goddess Pencil
Eye Of Horus
Eye Of Horus Goddess Pencil


This pencil is lovely to apply. Really lightweight and soft, just glides on. Great staying power and doesn't smudge. The colour is rich and vibrant.