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O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm 100g
O&M Original & Mineral
O&M Project Sukuroi Gold Smoothing Balm 100g

Love it

My hair loves this balm; I have naturally wavy and at times dry hair. I only need a small amount and my hair just laps it up.
Note, my hairdresser put me in to it and recommends it only for thick, dry hair.
VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream 120ml
VIRTUE Un-Frizz Cream 120ml


Still working out the best amount to use however I’ve found a small amount mixed with hair oil has been great when blow drying my hair smooth or letting it air dry curly.
Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over
Kevin.Murphy Doo.Over

Smells beautiful

Great replacement for hairspray it holds pretty well for something that isn’t quite the same as hair spray, I do find I have to curl my hair a second time after spraying it with this, but I’m happy because it doesn’t leave that awful crunch.
The smell is lovely too!