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Previa Extra Life Purifying Scalp Cleanser 100 ML
Previa Extra Life Purifying Scalp Cleanser 100 ML

Love this

I love this to get rid of any build-up of products in my scalp, especially after dyeing my hair and inbetween washes.
KEVIN.MURPHY Un Dressed 100g
KEVIN.MURPHY Un Dressed 100g

Fun to use for my chin-length hair

This product was my first foray into Kevin Murphy as a brand and I really enjoy using it! I have short, boyish hair (not sure how to describe it because it isn’t a bob, but isn’t a pixie cut lol) that I’m still learning to style just the way I like it, and this paste helps. I literally only take teeny amounts on my fingertips and try to run it over the ends of my hair in the back. I wanted to use ...
R+Co Dart Pomade Stick
R+Co Dart Pomade Stick

it Works!

It works but It definitely feels as if you're just applying balm to your hair. I have the worst baby hairs and fly away and it definitely works but I don't tend to reach for it too much for some reason. Its not a convenient to use as i first thought. For the price i would hope to have used it more.