Which Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head Should I Use?

No matter how involved or uninvolved you are in the beauty world, you’ve likely heard of the Clarisonic.

No matter how involved or uninvolved you are in the beauty world, you’ve likely heard of the Clarisonic. If you’€™ve paid any attention at all, by now you’ve probably seen the many glowing reviews about each brush in the Clarisonic line. Women with all types of skin have switched to the Clarisonic €”but should you?


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Can I use Clarisonic on my skin type?

Clarisonics are meant to be versatile; that’€™s why they are marketed toward women with all skin types and various complexion issues. The Clarisonic relies on sonic technology and its patented oscillating brush head to gently cleanse away dirt, oil, makeup, and the buildup of dead skin cells. These two aspects are what makes the Clarisonic suitable for everyone. It doesn’€™t matter if a user has sensitiveoilydrycombination, or normal skin; the Clarisonic cleans extremely gently. It’€™s very unlikely for anyone to have a sustained adverse reaction to this cleansing system.

Which Clarisonic brush head should I use?

Aside from the versatility of its design and technology, the Clarisonic offers several types of brush heads, so the device can be customised to fit anyone’€™s needs. Each was designed with a different type of skin or specific skin concern in mind. Those with normal skin and few skin issues can use the Normal brush head. For skin types that are more problematic, Clarisonic offers specialized brush heads. For oily skin, try the Deep Pore Cleansing brush. For dry skin, the Sensitive brush is the best match. Finally, the Delicate brush was designed for those who have extremely sensitive skin and normally react adversely to a lot of stimulation.

With so many different types of brush heads available, there’s something for everyone’€™s skin. Even though most of the brush heads are geared toward clearing up specific skin complaints, the Clarisonic isn’€™t just for people with lots of breakouts or oily skin. People with normal skin and few skin issues can see an improvement in their skin after using a Clarisonic €”most noticeably, an improvement in skin texture. Every complexion gets brighter and more youthful, and extra-clean skin is less likely to break out. Those blemishes that do pop up heal much more quickly with regular use of the Clarisonic.


Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing brush head perfect for oily skin

What Clarisonic speed should I use?

Another reason everyone should buy a Clarisonic is because several models offer different speed settings. For example, the Mia 2 has two different settings. One setting is the Universal setting, found on all Clarisonic models. This setting can work for anyone. The slower setting is the Delicate setting, which is best for those with sensitive skin. So if you’€™re worried that you can’t use a Clarisonic because you have sensitivities, don’t be! The Delicate speed, combined with the Delicate brush head, ensures a very gentle cleanse that won’t cause skin reactions.

Can I use Clarisonic everyday?

Finally, the Clarisonic is great for anyone because the frequency of use can be controlled. Although the manufacturer says that using it twice daily is safe for all skin types, you can deviate from these instructions. If twice-a-day use happens to be overstimulating, there’€™s nothing wrong with only using the Clarisonic once a day. You can even use it one to three times a week if daily use is still too much. There’€™s no rule that says you have to use it twice a day.


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Clarisonic Mia 2 perfect for sensitive skin

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