How To Clean Your Clarisonic

No matter which Clarisonic model you have, the disposable brush head needs to be replaced when it wears out.

No matter which Clarisonic model you have, the disposable brush head needs to be replaced when it wears out. Replacing the brush head also ensures that your device stays hygienic; you don’€™t want a dirty brush head to touch the skin you’€™re supposed to be cleaning!

How often should I change my Clarisonic brush head?

Clarisonic recommends discarding the brush head every three months (when used twice daily). Usually, you can purchase replacement heads in packs of two, so two packs would get you through a year. However, depending on how often you use the Clarisonic, you may be able to change the brush head less frequently. If you use it once a day, you should be able to get six months’ life out of your brush heads.

Another thing to take into account is how many types of brush heads you use. If you’€™re the type to switch up the brush heads (for example, using the sensitive head one day and the deep pore head the next time), then you won’t have to replace the heads every three months. When you should switch the heads in this case depends on how often you use each type of brush.

Which Clarisonic brush head should I use next?

When you do replace the brush head, keep in mind that any Clarisonic brush head will fit any Clarisonic model. So even if you upgrade your device, you can still use the same brush heads. Also, if you find that your current brush head isn’€™t working out for you, you can switch to a different type. The available brush heads are Sensitive,DelicateDeep PoreNormal, and Luxe.

How do I take care of my Clarisonic brush?

In order to make your brush heads last longer, consider storing your Clarisonic somewhere other than the shower. In fact, it’s best to store the device outside of the bathroom entirely. While the Clarisonic is waterproof (so you won’€™t damage it by leaving it in the shower or bathroom), it’s more hygienic to keep it away from constant exposure to water and humidity. Always allow the device to dry after use, and then store it in a dry location.
Another way to make brush heads last longer is to wash the brushes once a week. Use an antibacterial soap and gently massage it into the bristles. Rinse the brush clean, and let it air dry. You should, of course, rinse the brush head off after each cleansing session, but cleaning it once a week like this will keep it in much nicer condition.


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