Will Using Clarisonic Cause Me to Breakout?

Clarisonics cleanse the skin much better than manual surface cleansing does.

Clarisonics cleanse the skin much better than manual surface cleansing does. This is because the sonic technology helps to shake loose impurities that lie deep down in the skin €”something manual cleansing just isn’€™t very good at. Clarisonics work wonders for those with acne-prone skin, especially when used with the Sensitive or Acne cleansing brush head, since they cleanse the pores deeply to remove bacteria, dirt, excess oil and make-up.


Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing brush heads perfect for oily skin

If a sonic cleansing system is doing its job, there’€™s nothing left on the skin after cleansing that can cause a breakout. The product is gentle, and the brushes are very soft; the bristles should not irritate even the most sensitive or acne-prone skin. Any irritation is probably the result of pressing too hard. To use the Clarisonic correctly, just touch the brush head to the skin. Pressing is not necessary, and it’€™s likely that it damages the skin. Damaged skin is more likely to experience breakouts.

How often should I use my Clarisonic?

Another reason some users may experience breakouts (or don’€™t see an improvement in their current acne) is that they’€™re using the Clarisonic too frequently. The manufacturer recommends using the device twice a day, but this schedule may not work for everyone. Skin types are diverse, and consequently, everyone’s skin needs different treatment. If twice-daily use leads to more breakouts, or current acne does not clear up, cut back to once a day. If that doesn’€™t work, try a few times a week. It’€™s all about finding the right balance.


Clarisonic can last up to 20 uses before you need to recharge it

How long will it take before I see results from using my Clarisonic?

When the Clarisonic is used correctly and with the right frequency for your individual skin type, the Clarisonic is very effective at clearing up acne. The sonic cleansing method is gentle, yet it cleans so thoroughly and deeply that your skin will be too clean to suffer from breakouts. Furthermore, the Clarisonic won’€™t irritate your skin if you already suffer from bad breakouts. After continued use, you should notice a huge improvement in your skin. It is highly unlikely that the Clarisonic would be responsible for acne breakouts if used correctly. However, if you suffer from frequent breakouts, adding the Clarisonic to your current routine can be the boost you need to clear your skin up for good.


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