Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System - White

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Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing System - White


The Clarisonic Mia is a travel-friendly, professional-quality skincare brush.


Mia is a handy to-go sized version of the original, groundbreaking Clarisonic Brush. Sonic technology first changed the way we clean our teeth, now it's changing how we cleanse our skin. The sonic frequency moves Clarisonic's soft, gentle brush back and forth at more than 300 times per second, thoroughly clearing pores and skin surface.


Here are some of the benefits this revolutionary skincare tool delivers:

- Removes makeup six times better than traditional methods

- Clears pores and reduces the appearance of pore size

- Cleanses so thoroughly that skincare products absorb better

- Creates noticeably healthier looking skin

This set contains:

- Clarisonic Mia One Speed Brush (white)

- Universal Voltage pLink Charger

- Sensitive Brush Head

- Travel-sized Gentle Hydro Cleanser


Clarisonic should be used as part of a daily skincare regimen to provide smoother feeling and looking skin. It is ideal for all skin types, and used and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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Brilliant - 22-04-2015 by

I saw a few U.S. YouTubers reviewing this and months later decided to invest and see how it works for me. I really think it's a great investment for my skin. I have sensitive, combination skin and the Clarisonic really helps me. I normally do a manual cleanse first (using Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser), then I do another cleanse with my Mia. I feel this really does give a deeper and more thorough clean, but doesn't hurt my sensitive face in any way. I don't use the Mia daily, but every other day and I also generally only use it at night to really clear the gunk from my face at the end of the day. I think it's expensive to say the least, but worth it.

Great cleansing system - 25-10-2014 by

I love this cleanser system. I find it really helps my skin products work and gives me a deep clean without overdrying. Also one full charge lasts long.

so fresh & clean! - 19-07-2014 by

The buzzing brush gives your skin such a satisfying clean! Gets rid of winter dry skin, all my make up (I even use it to get off my waterproof mascara although they say not to use it around your eyes) while being gentle on sensitive areas due to the soft bristles. A bit expensive but you can tell its quality made, waterproof, the charge lasts ages and don't need to use as much cleanser with it.

Massive gone - 24-06-2014 by

For ever I have suffered from large pimples on my chest, enter the Mia. Since buying it 10 months ago, I have had 1 pimple on my chest since! I have always exfoliated, cleansed, toned and moisturised from forehead to chest, but the results from the Mia have been very surprising. I love it and don't holiday (even for one night) without it.

May not be so great for older skin ... - 17-04-2014 by

I've been using my Mia for 10 days now. I have normal/combination skin -my skin has not improved and has become quite dry. I quickly realised I could not use the cleanser supplied with the Mia but my usual cleanser (which I have used for over a year) isn't working so well either. I have been using AHAs and serums for years and was looking forward to maximising the effects of these with the MIA. Very disappointed.

Clarisonic changed my skin - 02-04-2014 by

My Clarisonic is my Holy Grail of skin products. Before I started using it, I had no idea how much makeup I was leaving on my face every night when I washed it. Now I've seen the difference, I could never go back to washing it normally.

I use my Clarisonic with the Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Face Wash, and only at night because my skin is quite sensitive.

Holy grail of all skin products! - 18-11-2013 by

I have had my clarisonic for 1 month now. I don't have enough good things to say about it. I'm 25 and my whole life I have suffered from extremely oily and very acne prone skin. My skin is now smooth and imperfection free. I never thought I would say that! My skin has been my biggest struggle! I can now say thanks to the clarisonic for evening out my imperfections and also helping in refining my pores and reducing the oil.

Skin responded beautifully - 13-09-2013 by

After reading the reviews of the Clarisonic Mia I finally got one. After using it for nearly 2 months my skin is clearer that it has been for years. My pores are more refined and my skin feels so clean. I had those little small white bumps here and there on my skin and even they have been disappearing. I've been complemented on the appearance of my skin with several people saying how young I am looking. As I have just turned 41 I love to hear that. I have had no hesitation in recommending the Clarisonic Mia to anyone.

Does what it says it will. - 11-08-2013 by

Great to use , skin really does look great. Exceptionally clean & shiny.

Buy one!! - 14-07-2013 by

I am fortunate enough to have pretty good skin but after reading so many reviews about the Mia I thought I would give it a try. I've been using this once a day (usually at night) for about a month and my skin is softer and my make-up is looking better too, almost glowy. I love that I can use it in the shower and I use it to apply my cleanser for my second nightly cleanse (after my make-up remover). Love it!

Love it! - 03-07-2013 by

This has been fantastic for my skin (combination/open pores). I'm finding my pores are becoming more refined and my skin clearer. I love how after using this your skin feels incredibly clean without being traumatised.

The only down side is that I found it quite addictive! I wanted to use it morning and night! I spoke to my beauty therapist about it and she told me to ease off to once a day. She was right - as fun as it was, overdoing it wasn't helping and I was finding small patches of flaky skin. It wasn't anything major, but it wasn't happy either.

It's just a fantastic product that's easy to use and quick...which is great when you're time challenged. And great results! What more could you want!

Skin evening out - 29-06-2013 by

After using this for 2 weeks I am noticing that my skin is evening out (I have oily combination skin with hyperpigmentation). I have had some purging of the skin and any purging that happens now will be due to hormonal changes. My face feels cleaner and I need to remaining patient for the Mia to charge overnight. I only use this once a day in the shower.

Excellent deep cleanser - 23-06-2013 by

Love the Clarisonic. I feel like it gives a deep clean and exfoliation compared to when I don't use it. I didn't get too bad of a purge that I was wary of before using it. I thought using it twice a day as I did at first was too much for my skin so I've cut it down to just using it at night and also now trying to cut it down to maybe 2-3x a week now that I've introduced an exfoliating toner in my routine.

Clarisonic Mia - 06-06-2013 by

After reading the reviews I had to try the Clarisonic and have not been disappointed. 3 weeks in and my skin has never been clearer...or cleaner feeling! Love it.

Great product - 04-06-2013 by

So easy to use. Gives the results it says.

Very happy customer! - 04-06-2013 by

I have been using the Mia Clarisonic daily for 3 weeks now - from the first time I used the Mia I noticed a difference! My skin is softer, smoother and 'salon facial' clean. I highly recommend this product. How have I lived without it all these years?!

Acne Cure - 14-05-2013 by

Once you start using this it is something you defiantly cant live without!! Great product, worth the money, although it is expensive. Has dramatically improved the appearance of my skin including acne scarring which I have had for over 6 years!

My skin just come alive - 07-05-2013 by

I start using mia for the past 1 month and I can see the differences in my getting my sister one too :)

Cleansing Ritual - 06-05-2013 by

Clarisonic Mia is a cleansing machine! Literally... it cleanses like a dream, leaving skin soft, polished and fresher than before. Added bonus: the 60 second burst feels like a mini-facial

Will never live without one again!! - 23-04-2013 by

After all the hype I decided to order one with adorebeauty because of their great deal, free samples and free shipping! I received my package within the week and put it to use straight away.

The first day after using it I was really disappointed because I started breaking out and getting redness around my nose but a friend suggested that I may have been pressing down on my skin too hard with it so I tried again this time just letting the brush "sit" on my face without applying any pressure-

I'm not sure whether it was my technique that caused me to break out or if it was just the Clarisonic bringing all the oil and grime to the surface but the next day I woke up with AMAZING skin. Within a week all the bumps on my cheeks and chin had disappeared and the blackheads and breakouts on and around my T-zone were cleared away.

I use it once daily and my skin has never looked fresher! I'm so glad I bought it !!

Brilliant! - 23-04-2013 by

I love my new Clarisonic! I would definitely recommend this product to others (in fact, I insist!). After the first use my skin felt and looked like I had just had a facial! I have used it every morning for two weeks and my skin is much clearer, and I have noticed that it is very much smoother.

Clarisonic - 02-04-2013 by

A great produce, I read about it on and liked the sound of it.
My skin has never felt cleaner, I use it once a day at night but will try and use more often, my skin is clearer and feels soft and smooth.

Not a fad it's mandatory for skin - 01-04-2013 by

In my 40th year and my skin looks feels & it the best it has been stop reading reviews & purchase your Clarisonic is for the skin like a toothbrush is for teeth

Changed my skin - 26-03-2013 by

I have been using my Mia twice a day for almost six months and it has completely changed my skin for the better. I can't believe how super smooth and clear my skin is. I don't care if it's scientifically impossible or whatever, my products DO sink into my skin better!! It hasn't completely cleared up all my breakouts but it has made a HUGE difference. I'm still in shock!

I use the "normal" brush head at night after wearing makeup all day and the "sensitive" in the morning.

It's super easy to use (especially in the shower) and travel sized (I cart mine everywhere) and only needs to be charged once a week or so. Perfect. I've recommended it to almost everyone I know!!

Deep cleaning for your skin - 25-03-2013 by

I read about this in a magazine, checked out review online (which were all very positive) and immediately bought one. I love how clean it makes my skin feel. I use it twice a day some days with no problems. You don't need much pressure, just let the super-fast spinning brush do its work. it has definitely made my skin feel cleaner, softer and I wake up with a lovely "matte" finish in the morning.

Quite happy. - 09-01-2013 by

I purchased the Mia a few weeks ago, and although I think it's a great idea I really haven't seen much of a difference in my skin. It does make your skin feel really soft and I like the fact that I can use it in the shower. Perhaps I'm just not using it often enough. I'll stick it out and see how I go.

Goodbye dull skin! - 06-11-2012 by

I had only been using the clarisonic for ONE WEEK before someone told me that I had radiant skin like porcelain! It works a treat at sloughing away dead skin and revealing a much smoother visage :) Now, I read a lot of reviews talking about the skin purging after using the clarisonic but i haven't experienced any large spots or breakouts. Just tiny little things here and there that arent very noticable. I had quite bad cystic acne around my chin area and while this isn't a miracle solution it is slowly bringing them to the surface and they're easily removed now. I have quite large pores and this works really well at bringing up any gunk in them to be cleansed. My skin just feels so much softer and more pleasant to work with. Bottom Line: It works.

If you are still thinking about purchasing one, DON'T THINK JUST BUY!! It really works I love it!! - 31-10-2012 by

After reading so many good reviews about this product, I decided to buy one myself! I was looking for a good exfoliator that would clean my face from all impurities while at the same time make my skin feel and look great! When I received it, I quickly rushed to the bathroom to try it. My first impression was 'mmm so what's the fuss about? It's only a brush!' and while I was using it I also thought to myself, is this even doing anything?!
I used the exfoliating cream that it came with, and after following their very simple instructions... the results were AMAZING!!! Instantly, my face looked so clean!! I could never have had the same results if I were to exfoliate manually!
My face looked and felt great the whole day! It looked like my face was polished because it was glowing so much.
I definitely recommend this to everyone!! And the great thing about it is that you can buy separate brush heads with different levels. My husband also wants one now (after witnessing the results on me) so I will simply buy him a brush head and when he wants to use it, he can just use my machine with his brush! Easy!

Love the Mia - 27-10-2012 by

Love it - easy to use. It's great that it's water proof - I leave it in my shower so I just use it as part of my daily cleansing routine. Much better clean than the old face washer!

Great product - 09-10-2012 by

I love the Mia my daughter brought it for me, she has one and also love it until I used it I couldn't understand what she was going on about but after using mine I just love it

Mama Mia! - 27-09-2012 by

My skin has completely changed since using the Mia.
It's perfect if you want to try Clarisonic but really only want to use it for your face.
After the first use my skin was so smooth and clean without feeling like it had been 'scrubbed', the brush is so gentle! My moisturisers soak into my skin now and it feels like they're finally doing the job they were made to do!

This is amazing - 23-09-2012 by

This is such a great product. I have never been so impressed with a skincare device in my whole life. Expensive but really worth the price!

What an excellent product for acne - 19-09-2012 by

My daughter has suffered with terrible acne for the past 7 years since she was 8. No treatment has made any significant difference including tablets, lotions, creams, washes etc

Within a few days of using the clarisonic, her acne had started to clear straight away. Painful, inflamed pustules were disappearing before our eyes.

Now a couple of weeks later, her pimples have all but gone. The only sign of her terrible acne are the scars which are also starting to fade and will do so over time. She has about 3 small pimples today compared to about 50-60 at any given time before. These pimples are just small 'normal' pimples-nothing to worry about and will not leave more scars.

I know this sounds like an infomercial, but honestly, I've never reviewed anything before, but this has been amazing. My daughter is using the product once per day in the shower with a gentle (non acne) cleanser for sensitive skin

Love the Mia - 31-08-2012 by

I got this around 2 weeks ago now and have been using it once a day at night time. I was a bit worried about using it at first because my skin is quite sensitive. However when I started using it I found that it's not harsh at all for my sensitive skin.

I really love the Mia. It's so compact and portable. I love that it's waterproof. I now love cleansing because I look forward to using my Mia every night now. It's so easy to cleanse, just wet your face with warm water, squeeze some cleanser on the Mia and off you go!

I find the Mia really deep cleanse your skins. Although my skin wasn't bad to start with I did have some blocked pores and blackheads and these have improved. also I found my products absorb quicker now and my skin feels nice and smooth.

Overall I love the Mia. The only drawback is the price. It is quite expensive but I think this will save me getting facials so I'm sure the costs will be recouped back easily.

truly worth the outlay - 28-08-2012 by

I love a good cleanse, and at the age of 45 am convinced more than ever that it's an essential part of any attempt to stay looking as good as possible with the advancing years. The cleaner your skin, the better it absorbs all the other stuff you put on it. My friends who slather on the moisturiser but don't taking cleansing seriously are developing skin which looks dull and kind of 'thick', rather than smooth and glowing. So I invested in this, and it's fabulous! Afterwards, my skin looks and feels incredibly smooth and clean. And it's a very relaxing sensation as well!

great product - 18-08-2012 by

Great product. Sadly a bit too expensive for what you get. Travel and shower friendly.

Great product! - 13-08-2012 by

Love love love it! Use it twice a day everyday! Wouldnt go back!

Loving my mia! - 02-04-2012 by

Day five of using the Mia and I really love it. I justified the purchase by thinking if I need to go for less facials as a result, it will pay for itself. It's a really unique sensation; you can feel the brush whirring, but the sonic pulsing almost feel like a current through your skin. After the minute is up, it stops automatically and you'll have the healthy pink glow of a swedish milkmaid. Immediately my skin feels softer, some stubborn blocked pores are reducing, and my makeup goes on so much better. The Mia came with a little trial sized tube of Clarisonic non foaming cleanser. This was gratefully received because I realised that if you use a foaming cleanser, the brush will foam it up so much you'll get it in your eyes. Overall I'm super impressed with this little gadget and have raved about it to all and sundry already. Looking forward to Adore restocking the deep pore brush heads so I can really get in there!

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