Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System - Opulence Collection - Crushed Velvet

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Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System - Opulence Collection - Crushed Velvet by Clarisonic


Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System - Opulence Collection - Crushed Velvet [Limited Edition] features 2 speed settings, a one minute pulsating T-Timer. Changing how we cleanse our skin, the sonic frequency moves Clarisonic's soft, gentle brush back and forth at more than 300 times per second, thoroughly clearing pores and skin surface.


Lightweight, compact and equipped with a travel case, Clarisonic Mia 2 gives you a gentle and effective cleanse at home or on the go.

- Two Speeds (Low, Normal)
- One-Minute Pulsing T-Timer
- Rechargeable
- Waterproof
- Made in the USA


Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System - Opulence Collection - Crushed Velvet Contents:
- Universal Voltage pLink Charger
- Sensitive Brush Head
- Sample Size Cleanser 30 ml

The results?
- Makeup is removed six times more effectively than traditional methods
- The appearance of pores are visibly reduced
- Cleanses so thoroughly that skincare products applied afterwards are absorbed better
- Skin appears brighter, healthier.

Clarisonic should be used as part of a daily skincare regimen to provide smoother feeling and looking skin. It is ideal for all skin types, and used and recommended by leading dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.

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Believe the hype! - 17-04-2015 by

My sister has the Mia 1 which i had tried previously but I definitely think the Mia 2 is better and worth the extra money! It is way more convenient to have the timer on it rather than trying to count the seconds yourself. Some days my skin feels a bit sensitive and it is great to have the option of the 2 speeds.

I thought at first it would feel like using an exfoliator, that 'scrubbed clean' feeling; but it's actually quite different. The brush doesn't 'scrub' as such, it pulsates so your skin feels really clean but not stripped or irritated. I used the Mia2 with Jurlique oil and cream cleansers and it worked fine with both types.

I definitely think where the Clarisonic really excels is in cleaning your face to allow your serums and moisturisers to penetrate better and work more effectively. I especially noticed that my moisturisers don't feel like they are sitting on top of the skin anymore but now are sinking right in; definitely a win-win situation as I feel like I am getting my moneys worth with the products I buy now. My skin texture now looks smoother and firmer, with a reduction in pore size and less pore blockages as well.

The holy grail of skincare! - 03-04-2015 by

I have really loved my Clarisonic! After a month, despite still getting hormonal breakouts, they go away much quicker than they normally would and my skin feels beautiful. The texture is really soft and smooth and my moisturiser soaks in so quickly. I use Egyptian Magic on my skin every night under my moisturiser and usually I look like an oil slick, however since using the Clarisonic, my skin has just soaked it in within minutes. Foundation goes on smoothly and I feel like my skin looks more elastic and tight - I'm 28 and the new guy at work guessed that I was 23 last week! My skin is so clean, beautiful and smooth and I have been recommending it to everyone as it's just magic!

It's definitely my new holy grail skin care product!

Loved it, really cleaned my skin well - 29-03-2015 by

I really loved using the Clarisonic Mia 2. My skin felt really clean after using it. What I also liked is that there is no risk of damaging your skin by pressing too hard (like you sometimes do when you exfoliate or cleanse your skin manually). With the Clarisonic, you just move it lightly over your skin (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) for the desired amount (timed by the Clarisonic) and then rinse the soap off, and your skin feels "squeaky clean". A good way of describing the difference you feel (between cleaning manually versus the Clarisonic) is like the difference between using a manual and electric toothbrush, you always get a better clean with an electric toothbrush. My skin feels soft, smooth and very clean. I love my Clarisonic :)

A huge improvement - 26-03-2015 by

After trying the original Clarisonic Mia, and finding that it didn't really work for my skin, I was a little iffy about trying the Mia 2. The original was too harsh on my skin, leaving it dried out and breaking out, even when I only used it a couple of times a week. The Mia 2 has 2 speeds, which is much better for my skin. I can use it on the lowest speed several times a week, and so far it's majorly reduced the blackheads that have near-permanent residence on my nose and the clogged up pores around my chin, without leaving the rest of my face overly dry and tight. The fact that it tells you when to move on to another area of your face is helpful too, especially for people prone to daydreaming in the shower like I am.

I'm also impressed with the fact that it reminds you to charge it, unlike the original which was forever going flat on me because I'd forget (not that I have actually had to charge it yet, the battery seems to last a long time).

As an aside, I loooove this colour. It makes it seem a bit more luxe and actually makes me look forward to using it more. Overall, I'm really happy with the Mia 2 and impressed with the improvements Clarisonic have made.

A-Mazing! This investment is totally worth it!! - 23-03-2015 by

I was sceptical when I first received my Clarisonic, I already had quite reasonable skin (with the occasional breakout) and I thought how much can a brush improve it? Can a face cleaning brush really be worth the $190 price tag? Well trust me when I say that it IS totally worth your hard earned dollars!! The first week my skin felt softer, and I was like, well this is kinda nice, but nothing my exfoliating cream doesn't do. The second week I had a large breakout, I freaked, oh no this is going to make my skin a complete mess! Then...... my pimples cleared up in record time, the red marks faded and all of a sudden I began to see a drastic improvement in my skin. A month later and my skin is honestly (almost) flawless! I swear to god my skin looks younger, brighter and more radiant! It feels amazing to touch! I can go without foundation for the first time EVER and my skin looks so good and I actually feel confident without make up! If I slap on a BB cream or tinted’s hello flawless face!!!! Foundations apply like a dream. I've seen a significant reduction in pores, acne scarring has lightened dramatically and there is a noticeable difference in the ‘age’ and the texture of my skin. If I have a pimple, it almost disappears the following day, when it used to take a week! I look fresh faced!!! The Clarisonic is A-mazing! I think the difference is attributed to (a) having MUCH cleaner skin and (b) the fact that my skin now absorbs my serums and products much more thoroughly. I highly recommend you try it for yourself, you honestly won’t look back! It is extremely simple and fast to use, I find it fantastic to use in the shower. Charging is super easy and you'll get about a month out of one full charge!!! Totally worth the price tag!!!

Smoother, Cleaner Skin - 13-03-2015 by

Mia 2 is definitely worth the fuss. One part of my face that bothers me is the pores on my nose which seem to be constantly blocked no matter what I do. These cleared up quite significantly - not all gone but definitely a lot clearer.
Overall my skin feels smoother & just all round cleaner/clearer/ brighter. I also noticed that my skin isn't as oily as it usually is.
It is simple to use and I love that it tells you when to change sections of your face for a more all over clean (it briefly stops pulsing). Battery seems to last for a long time, charged it when I first got it, have used it every day for about 4 weeks and haven't had to charge it since.
It came with a hard travel case to protect it, which is handy.
Overall I am definitely very happy with my new Mia 2!

A perfect start to your day! - 03-03-2015 by

I have been known to wake up in the morning with oily skin. I look forward to my morning routine of jumping in the shower with Mia 2 to brush out the oil that has built up overnight. Once the cleansing gel foams up in your fingertips and you lather it on your face and down your neck, you begin your morning feeling fresh and purified. The cleanser that is recommended to use with Mia 2 is beautiful and very easy to use. It only requires a small amount for a great coverage.

The best part........... Mia will become your new best friend. From the impressive LED light that allows you to change your setting from low to high to the soft, gentle bristles through the brush, the Sonic ensures your skin smoothness and anti ageing qualities. For the first time in a long time, my skin is feeling and looking healthy and young. The black heads that once existed on the pores of my nose and chin, are less prominent as the Sonic is great at removing unwanted dirt. When i first received my Sonic in the mail, i was worried that it would be once of those gadgets that i would experience poor battery life with. The Sonic is a rather large, bulky item that i thought would run out of gas very quickly. However, I have been using my Sonic for a few weeks now and have not yet experienced any low battery signals. One of it's most convenient attributes is its ability to go in the shower with you! You can clean the brush right after you have used it and it is ready to take off your makeup when you come home.

I wish i had come across Mia 2 as a teenager. However, i am very excited to experience great skin days with Clarisonic as i age gracefully! This is a very well made product that i would recommend to all my friends and family. Enjoy!!

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