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When you’re young, your skincare routine might not be the most important thing on your mind. New jobs, new relationships—there’s so much to worry about! So let Clarins take care of skincare for you. The Multi-Active range is the perfect choice for young people looking to slow ageing while living busy lives.


Featuring active ingredients teasel, ambiaty extract, and hesperidin, the Clarins Multi-Active range provides antioxidant protection and restorative measures that help counteract the effects of a busy lifestyle.


Teasel, sourced from California poppies, soothes and regenerates the skin. Ambiaty extract, a medicinal plant from Madagascar, supports the skin’s collagen and elastin and ensures it isn’t depleted by environmental aggressors. Hesperidin hydrates the skin in a time-release formula.


These ingredients combined provide the skin with structure, balance, and support to help minimise the the visible effects of stress on the skin, delaying the signs of ageing.


The Multi-Active range features day and night creams in varying consistencies to support all skin types. You'll also find creams that feature sun protection to further reduce environmental damage. If you’re looking for preventative anti-ageing and are too busy for a multi-step routine, Clarins Multi-Active is the way to go.


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7 products found
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Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream – Normal to Combination Skin

I purchased this when Adore Beauty was offering a Clarins 'goodie bag'... read more >>

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