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Clarins Super Restorative

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When you’re looking for a miracle, shopping for skincare can seem incredibly daunting. Why is it so difficult to find a line that provides not only instant glow but also long-term treatment? Enter the Clarins Super Restorative line to bring you the treatment creams of your skincare dreams.


Super Restorative products offer a comprehensive approach to caring for mature skin, minimising the signs of ageing instantly whilst also fighting them over the long-term. Dehydrated vegetal micro-pearls are blended into the creams to smooth and fill in lines, absorbing moisture and creating a silky, seamless surface. Pueraria lobata isoflavones maintain and support the function of the skin, helping to restore youth and vitality over time.


The Clarins Super Restorative line includes formulas for every skin type, catering to dry, mature complexions as well as those that are more normal. This line extends past the face by featuring a neck cream and concentrate, a hand cream, ultra-concentrated serums, and a nourishing mask to fully round out your routine and revitalise your skin.


The Super Restorative line doesn’t claim to work miracles, but it comes pretty close with its revolutionary ability to provide instant results and long-term treatment. With Clarins, you expect the best. And with the brand's Super Restorative line, the best is what you’ll get!

Super Restorative

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