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Clarins Extra-Firming

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With age, skin naturally begins to lose elasticity and volume, causing your face to sit a bit lower than it used to. Looking to fend off that sag for as long as possible? The Clarins Extra-Firming line delivers the results you want with patented ingredients that do incredible work in firming and lifting the skin—no needles required.


Clarins uses everything from ingredient complexes such as Survixyl IS, which helps protect stem cells responsible for cell renewal, to organic green banana, which supports collagen fibres and reinforces them against environmental aggressors.


Clarins makes these ingredient formulations available to every skin type, from normal to incredibly dry. The Extra-Firming range also covers you 24/7 with both day and night creams.


Of course, the firming doesn’t stop at moisturisers. Other products in the line include the fantastic Extra-Firming Tightening Lifting Serum and top-selling Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. You can find a great way to work firming into every step of your routine—even your foundation.


If you're looking for firming below the neck, you’re all set with Extra-Firming Body Lotion. Your skin will be firm and flawless from head to toe!


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Clarins Extra-Firming Mask

I am in love with this mask!!! It has transformed my skin to be so smooth and healthy

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Clarins Extra-Firming Eye Wrinkle Smoothing Cream

This eye cream does everything you want an eye cream to do. It absorbs... read more >>

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Clarins Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream for dry skin

Tried everything, but this one tops them all! It smells great, feels great & it works.

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