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Clarins’ commitment to skincare was revolutionary when the company first came on the beauty scene. One of the first brands to take the beauty counter seriously, Clarins gave consumers the opposite of what they were used to: skincare, with just a bit of makeup.


However, as the brand has expanded, so has its makeup line. Still, each product maintains Clarins’ legendary commitment to providing customers with great skin. Clarins face products not only perfect the complexion in the moment but also offer treatment benefits over time.


Clarins brings skin treatment to complexion makeup by developing cosmetics that contain key ingredients from the top skincare lines. The brand's phenomenal Extra-Firming line does amazing things for the skin, and this is every bit as true of Extra-Firming Foundation.


HydraQuench tinted moisturiser brings lightweight hydration to drier skins. Of course, never forgetting the oily-complected, Clarins offers EverMatte liquid and powder foundations to maintain shine-free, but never dry-looking, skin throughout the day.


With a variety of amazing complexion products on hand that work treatment into makeup, why choose anyone else? Check out what Clarins has to offer and bring advanced skincare all the way through your beauty routine.


24 products found
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24 products found
per page

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover

I have been using this product for years and it works for me. It removes... read more >>

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Clarins Instant Concealer

This is a great full coverage concealer and it lasts good amount of time.

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Clarins Foundation Brush

Applies foundation flawlessly and is a good size. My makeup looked great all day.

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Clarins 3-Dot Liner: Easy Lining Eyeliner

This was the product I didn't know I needed! This has been a life saver... read more >>

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