Clarins Double Serum: The Latest Anti-Ageing Product from Clarins

The only anti-ageing treatment you’ll ever need. Two parts water and one part oil, the plant-based Clarins Double Serum 50ml eliminates the need for multiple products, by stimulating nutrition, hydration, protection, oxygenation and regeneration in just one pump.

Clarins Double Serum Clarins Double Serum

Studies show that 90% of women believe this Clarins product is more effective than their normal serum and that 87% find it boosts the efficacy of their other skincare items.  Brimming with nourishing fruit extracts, healing essential oils, moisturising hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants, you’ll soon see firmer, smoother, more radiant-looking skin!

Get the ultimate in anti-aging protection with the newest formulation of Clarins Double Serum. This unique 2-in-1 formula combines the weightlessness of a gel with the rich nourishing power of an oil. Double Serum provides skin with the best of both worlds: hydration plus a serious anti-aging punch.

What are the benefits of this Double Serum?

  • Unique 2-in-1 formula provides the nourishment of an oil with the weightless, instant absorption of a gel.

  • Smooths skin visibly, minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Antioxidants protect skin from free radical damage, protecting collagen and elastin in the skin and strengthening skin against environmental aggressors.

  • Brightens skin and minimises uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

  • Strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier, balancing hydration and preventing dehydration.

  • Boosts skin radiance in just 7 days.

 How to Apply Clarins Double Serum?

Cleanse skin and gently pat dry. Apply the Double Serum to the entire face and finish with a moisturiser. One pump per appliction of Clarins Double Serum is all you need to benefit from its anti-ageing properties. When you feel your skin is particularly stressed or tired, apply Clarins Double Serum as a 4 week intensive treatment morning and or evening before your moisturiser.


Clarins Double Serum Clarins Double Serum

Melissa's Expert Tip: Use Clarins Double Serum with Your Other Skincare Products!

No matter what your existing skincare routine is, Clarins Double Serum slips into it seamlessly. It’s designed to complement your favourite cleansermoisturiser or mask, helping to fast-track results and keep your complexion in tip-top condition. Clarins Double Serum mixes well with your other skincare products.



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