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Clarins, an industry leader in skincare and cosmetics, aims to create products that do double duty, bringing proper skincare into every formulation. Clarins' innovative approach to self-care provides options for body care that not only smell amazing but also provide incredible benefits to the skin.


The Eau Ressourcante line is no exception! This fragrance is not just a fragrance but a body care product as well, providing skincare benefits whilst scenting the skin with a light, soothing aroma. Utilising aromatherapy and ingredients beneficial to the skin, the Eau Ressourcante line calms both the senses and the skin.


Perfect for sensitive skins and minds in need of relaxation, Eau Ressourcante includes a number of proven soothing ingredients. Sarsaparilla and hibiscus relax and moisturise the skin whilst providing a pleasant, light fragrance. Robinia soothes and softens to nourish the skin, keeping it looking plump and hydrated whilst smelling lovely and calming.


Eau Ressourcante is available in a number of forms, including body splash, cream, and even a deodorant. For a scent that soothes the mind as well as the body, Eau Ressourcante is a fantastic choice.

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