Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion

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Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion

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Formulated with Sorbier Bud, the Clarins Satin-Smooth Body Lotion moisturises and softens, leaving skin with a luminous glow.  

Clarins exclusive Katafay Extract and Hyaluronic Acid help to improve skin texture and elasticity, smoothinh out fine lines and wrinkles.

Absorbing instantly, you can get dressed with no frustrating wait - and feel comfortable and smooth all day long.

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- 13-10-2009 by

The box says: - Sorbier Bud provides a satiny smooth luminosity and fresh healthy looking glow - Katafray extract and Peach tree milk encourage optimal hydration, the key to incredibly soft skin - Hyaluronic acid improves skin texture and elasticity, restoring it's smooth youthful looking supple qualities Also contains glycerin, silica, shea butter, vitamin e and tea extract. THIS CREAMY LOTION DOES EVERYTHING IT SAYS IT DOES! The scent is lovely too - reminds me of Dove silk beauty body cream but nicer and lighter. It may seem strong and bitterish at first true to Clarins' scent style but by the next day you'll love it.

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