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Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

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Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is the modern, magic, make-up base that smoothes away lines, pores and imperfections instantly! Formulated with innovative line-filling technology to reveal a complexion thats practically perfect. Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is perfect for all skin types. Silky-smooth and oil-free, it virtually becomes one with the skin. Use alone or under foundation.

Beauty Benefits :
Smoothes away the appearance of lines, pores and imperfections.
Helps balance skins hydration.
Protects against harmful free radicals.

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Lovely product - 17-05-2018 by

This is a lovely, velvety, luxurious product. It works well under make up and tends to be a bit moisturising which is good as I have dry skin. It makes my skin look and feel silky and soft. A must have for my beauty bag.

By far the best - have tried many to date..Not greasy. - 07-04-2015 by

My mum bought me this one after listening to me complain about all the others I have wasted my money on. I have an oily T-zone and large pores across the nose and so many others make me feel like a grease pit by the end of the day. This one doesn't!
I only use it on the T-zone and it is non greasy. I don't have to keep applying powder to address the oil therefore avoiding looking like a cakey mess by 5pm.
Actually, I don't have to touch my face at all! Makeup stays put and looks reasonably fresh all day. It does help with the pore visibility but I am not sure if that because I've started a new face regime recently that is really working also.
A little goes a long way. I just wish it came in a tube rather than a pot. But totally worth the investment and cheaper than many others.

Magic - 07-07-2014 by

As a 60+ lady, we all of this age group see some wrinkles like it or not! Discovered this magical product and WOW ... no it doesn't remove wrinkles but by putting on just a small amount of Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch your face instantly takes on a beautiful smooth appearance!

I then apply a light coat of foundation which is all you need due to the magic of Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch ...I love this about this product. No caking on makeup to get a great finish because Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch instantly makes your face look younger. I first discovered this in USA but have to say Adore Beauty brings it to Australia at a totally affordable price and I know it's genuine and not near its use by. THANKYOU !!

flawless skin in a jar - 11-09-2013 by

When I fisrt got this I thought the jar was so small and way too expensive but I have been using this for a while now and really a little goes a long way!! I also notice a big difference in how my foundation looks without it. I don't think I will be able to do without now!

love this product - 09-06-2013 by

I only use it when I am going somewhere special. Gives your foundation a smooth surface toapply to and gives me a flawless coverage.

Best primer i know - 04-01-2013 by

Fabulous primer...fills in all those lines to give a smooth surface...pretty hard to do on this 52 yr old face...I can't live without it...a little bit goes a long for those gals who find it a little heavy it between your fingers before applying. I've used many products over the years...I'm a "first mover" when it comes to cosmetics and face creams always looking for the next miracle...But this one I''m addicted to and will search endlessly for a supplier which is how I came to this website as pharmacies are no longer stocking Clarins makeup ranges it seems. Great news for this website and another satisfied customer!

great smoothing affect - 25-10-2012 by

I use this primer OVER TOP of my makeup throughout the day for any skin flaking I may have due to dry skin - especially around my nose. Lasts forever. I love it!

Good - 21-10-2012 by

Great at making my makeup last all day!

Not good at all - 13-09-2012 by

This basically had no effect whatsoever. It glided on smoothly, but that's the extent of it's usefulness - my makeup didn't stay in place any longer than it normally does.
And in fact my skin broke out after the 2 times I used it! :( Biggest waste of money ever.

Heavy Product - 19-06-2012 by

First and foremost I find the jar to be awkward. I am usually applying my make up on the go, and find that a jar like this suits sitting on your bathroom counter rather than packed awkwardly in your make up case.

The consistency is a little thick for my liking, and as I have greasy skin I find the combination too rich for my skin. Having said that, I imagine this primer may be quite nourishing for drier skin types.

As I mentioned before, it ends up being too thick and greasy for my skin and I feel like my make up glides a little due to the consistency.

I feel that this is a quality product, but I think you may need to have the appropriate skin type for the application to be successful.

An average primer - 13-05-2011 by

I bought this an I''m a primer addict. It goes on well, a bit like spack filler - does the job. I think its a little too rich for my skin but perhaps would suit a dry complexion. I cannot past Benefit, Napolean and Smashbox as primers - however always willing to try other products.

- 07-08-2009 by

An extraordinary primer that lives up to it's name. Instant smooth perfecting touch (oil free) priming cream glides on like satin, leaving my skin feeling so soft and ready for the next step. This dream cream is an absolute must in your vanity draw, as it makes for easier application of your make up. My make up stays in place and keeps on looking fresh all day. A big thumbs up for this clever complexion perfecter.

- 14-05-2009 by

This is such an amazing primer. It does a wonderful job at helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores. Foundation glides on effortlessly over the top and stays put all day. Will definitely repurchase this primer again.

- 04-09-2008 by

This is the best primer on the market; it doesn't have the silicone-film like the others do, it smooths imperfections even if you don't use a foundation - another winner for Clarins!

- 13-08-2008 by

Great primer to fill in the gaps!!! It makes my skin go on so smooth because all the lines and other bumps are smoothed out. It is kinda Matte, i'd say depending on your skin type. I also like to use a nice liquid foundation over this one otherwise i feel like my face has gone hard and is gonne crack. I lvoe this primer also because a little goes a long way.

- 07-07-2008 by

I love this soft,silky paste,it fills in my horrid forehead frown line,makes the pores next to my nose disappear and allows my concealer to glide over it.I only wish it came in a bigger jar!!

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