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Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian by Clarins


A cleansing treatment for combination/oily skin that gently "wakes up" skin radiance. The very first step to beautiful skin. Formulated with pure vegetal extracts, this milky lotion purifies skin, eliminating excess oils and maintaing moisture level. Leaves skin feeling fresh and comfortable, softer and more radiant.

Beauty Benefits :
- Cleanses thoroughly; lifts make-up, surface impurities and excess oil.
- Improve skins suppleness.
- Neutralises the drying effects of hard water.
- Promotes a radiant, fresh, clear complexion.

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Nanna smell - 27-06-2018 by

Nice cleanser, lasts for ages, but hate the old floral granny smell. That said, this is much better suited to my skin type than the "alpine herbs" milk cleanser. You definitely need to remove it with a flannel or face wash, though, as it leaves a bit of a residue behind. I've used this in the past as a makeup remover, following up with a more hard-core cleanser to get rid of the excess film that seems to linger after I use this.

Excellent gentle cleanser - 08-05-2018 by

I bought this on Caroline Hiirons recommendation. It is such a nice smelling gentle cleanser that is effective and cleansing but does not strip the skin at all.
My skin feels clean and soft after.

Lush - 11-04-2018 by

I love this milk cleanser for my morning cleanse.
This is labeled as for oily skin And I have normal dehydrated skin and yet it's not stripping or drying.
It's lovely and gentle.
AND it smells heavenly.

Cleanses very well without drying at all - 03-04-2018 by

I've recently repurchased this after a couple of years without it and I am so glad it's in my bathroom again!

I use this as my morning cleanser (I use a cleansing oil followed by a gel cleanser at night). I like it in the morning because I massage a few pumps in (using the major rule of milk cleansers - dry hands/dry face) and then I hop into the shower and rinse it off. It rinses super clean with no residue. My skin feels soft and plump, and never tight. I have combo/oily skin (not breakout-prone though) and it gives me a really good cleanse.

I adore the smell - it's a signature Clarins fragrance, just divine. The texture is nice too - it's a thick milk, and when it is massaged into the skin (again, dry hands/dry face) it sort of turns into an oily texture and I really feel like it's pulling the oil off my face. I don't do that Clarins "press/pull/suck" cleansing technique because ain't nobody got time for that. I also don't use a cloth or anything, I just rinse. I really look forward to using this in the mornings, it's one of my favourite items in my (very extensive) skin routine. I'm a beauty therapist and I have access to cosmeceutical products at wholesale, and I still happily pay full retail for this. It's that good.

Nice cleanser - 23-06-2014 by

First clarins product I've tried. I have sensitive skin that manages to be dry and oily so am wary of cleansers. This one has been great. Smells great, feels great and is pretty good at removing makeup though not perfect. Wasn't sure at first how effective it would be as it is so thick and creamy but it doesn't make your face feel like you've sucked all the moisture out just to remove makeup like some do

Very Happy - 04-10-2012 by

I have been buying Clarins products for years, and I was very happy to purchase this cleanser through Adore Beauty. The cleanser turned up within a couple of days, in complete packaging, and the product was exactly as it is when bought in a store. Very happy with Adore Beauty and I would order from them again.

- 23-11-2010 by

I really don't like the smell of this. Most Clarins products smell similar - that floral/herbal Clarins signature but this smells like Areoguard to me? It does a fine job as a milk cleanser.

- 04-10-2009 by

This a nice treat before you go to bed and when you wake up. Its so luxurious from the packaging to the scent to the consistency. Better in the winter for combination skin. It is not greasy and not too drying and is a pleasure to use. Make sure you complete the cleansing with the matching toner your skin will feel supple and refreshed.

- 12-05-2009 by

i have used a couple of bottles of this one . it feels like it may be too rich for a combo skin , but it isn't , i have used it in the shower as my morning cleanser & also at night over the basin . It works well either way . It is gentle yet effective [once you get used to the texture] . It helped balance out my combo skin & i would happily repurchase it .

- 06-07-2008 by

Love this and have repurchased many times over the years. Once you get used to using this it does wonders for lifting oil, grime and really cleaning the skin yet leaving it soft and not at all tight or dry. Long-term use seemed to lessen congestion and breakouts. Smells amazing too.

- 05-07-2008 by

A great, light cleanser that won't dry you out. Have re-purchased a number of times, though you only need a little bit so the bottle will last a while. Do go by the instructions, you can almost feel the dirt lifting off!

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